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Today’s smartphones have become little computers, able to do everything from surfing the internet, playing games to taking pictures and communicating with others. This past decade, smartphones have been advancing at a rapid pace but as time progressed, innovations seemed to be slowing down.

The first smartphone ever created was the IBM Simon back in 1992 and it is considered the first smartphone to ever be produced. Technically the device is a PDA with included telephony features. It was bulky and the battery lasted for about an hour which was a major downside.  During the same time, flip phones where gaining popularity, dus led to the IBM Simon’s demise, just a few months after being released. read more


Are you running a small company without much marketing support?

No worries.

You can still run social media marketing campaigns, on your own, by reading up enough material on the same and ensuring its smooth execution.

But then, no matter what, try Facebook Marketing, first and foremost.


Because there are about 1.04 billion daily users on Facebook, I repeat, 1.04 billion daily users. read more


Running a business is a complex operation that requires owners and operators to keep many plates spinning all at once. In order for a business to meet with success, it’s vital for every aspect of the company to be working well together, communicating optimally, and doing what’s necessary to meet each other’s needs. Some of the most extreme problems in business that lead to devastating results come from a lack of organization, transparency, or open communication. Fortunately, these are all problems that can be resolved if you have the proper tools in your arsenal. read more


Time is considered to be the most precious element in our daily life. Agile projects also are in consent with this and took a stand to save time and deliver quality output. That is when the time-boxed iteration called sprint came into discussion.

The success of sprint lies just not in the hand of the developers but with all the stakeholders. Yes, proper planning is the key to success. One needs direction to start any process. Therefore it is important to plan the goal and discuss how to implement all backlogs in the Sprint Planning Meeting (SPM). read more

Top 7 Reasons Why Buy Case Studies from Experts

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Writing case studies requires not only some skills, but also an ability to create a business artwork. Of course, there are case studies not only in Business, but from our experience they are the most popular, among case studies in Marketing, Management, Human Relations and PR. We all know what it takes to write a stellar case study and there is no doubt that sometimes it is impossible due to the lack of time, energy, deep knowledge on the matter, emergencies, too stiff deadlines, etc. When it comes to such situations, it is a wise move to buy case studies online from specialized writing service. Get to know more about how you can benefit choosing this course of action. read more

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas: Going Paperless And More…

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Things that every business can do to reduce their environmental impact…

It is all too easy as a busy business owner or employee, especially when living in a sheltered environment, to pretend like global warming and extensive environmental damage isn’t going on around us.

Unfortunately though, it really is, and on a huge scale. If anything, people in business should be more aware of the impact on the environment with regards to the sourcing and manufacturing of their products, paper usage and more… read more

How To Choose The Right MRP System For A Small Business

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MRP is a system of production planning and stock management that answers the questions: “what?”, “how much?”, and “when?” in relation to manufacturing a product. In case you’re still asking what Is MRP, its main objective is to provide a more effective, sensitive and disciplined approach to determining the material requirements of a company, whether small or big size business. read more

10 ultimate Tips For an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

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Email marketing is one of the most influential marketing channels. It is the part of the whole marketing strategy and a business plan. It helps in marketing the products and services by using email channels for making the profit and reaching the objectives. Even research has shown that email marketing is useful in generating sales than any other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Because of this reason, it is better to follow the tips that are an ultimate email marketing toolkit for making email strategy useful. Moreover, 67% of marketing professionals say that producing high content is the key for every company who wants to attain the sales via email marketing. read more

Tips And Strategies To Win Online Slots

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online slots

Over the decades as technology continues to advance, more sites have advanced and preferred to set up online slot machines. People now find it easy playing casino only compared to those days when the online means for them to play slots was to use an offline casino machines. Despite the technological advancement that helps make slot playing easy, people still find it difficult to earn from slots. The reason is not hard to know, it’s simply because they don’t have the skills, strategies and tips that will guide them to success playing slots. At, we will be showing you some master techniques which is the best you can find online, if only you follow them your risk of losing becomes minimal. read more