10 Tips To Use Digital Signage Software In Customer Retention


More and more companies embrace digital signage and find it to be a highly effective tool for customer retention. Keeping loyal customers on board is always less costly, than acquiring new ones. Research and find digital signage software partner that’ll work for you, and then give our list of 10 Tips to Use Digital Signage Software in Customer Retention a read.

Tip 1: Bring digital signage into your store

Customer retention is impossible without well thought-out and proper customer care. Digital signage software is the hands-down best way to improve customer experience. Studies show, that practical things are greatly appreciated: in-store navigation, dynamic shelf displays, answering customer questions about any product in the store without a need to look for the floor staff, repurposing strong online content (good customer reviews and shout-outs for viewing in your shop, price comparison tables, etc.).

 Tip 2:  Remind people about your store and increase foot traffic

The benefits of proper digital signage software begin before customers even set foot inside. Reminding your customers what they are missing with an engaging interactive window display might just be the best investment for customer retention. Showcase whatever is happening in your store and with displays facing the street you are creating a movement that is sure to not only attract customers attention but ultimately draw them in.

 Tip 3. Establish your brand’s identity with digital signage software

People tend to stick to the brans that (no surprise here) similar to them, so to speak, with the same values. Use digital signage to communicate your core values, to remind customers why they are with you. Ad displays are a perfect platform to keep your customers informed about your brand and keep their attention focused on you.

 Tip 4: Be thirsty for attention

Grab your customer’s attention with powerful visuals and interactive content. All of your text, images, and videos have to be dynamic, attention-seeking. In high-traffic areas. Incorporating a video is a game-changer – by far the most effective way to produce attention-grabbing and attention-keeping communications. Digital signage software is a bold way to grab attention, though the main recommendation is: as far as the DS Software goes – look for the very best. The software has to be up to par. We work with one of the market leaders – Kitcast.

 Tip 5. Find a way to make it unforgettable

If you’ll be able to create an interactive experience with digital signage, client retention won’t be on the list of your worries. Have you seen Sephoras ModiFace digital displays? Customers can virtually try on Sephora products just having taken a selfie. Virtual dressing rooms or digital POP displays are all the rage these days. People want new ways of experiencing products and services; DS software gives brands the tools to do that.

Tip 6: Use digital signage software to obtain analytics

The evolution of DS software has brought us screens that can help conduct proper in-depth research, analyze the data and to actually report on the needs of your customers. Nowadays it is increasingly common to use digital signage and analytics to collect customer data, analyze and have a report on customer behavior for marketing strategy optimization.

Tip 7: Content is everything

For steady customer retention, you have to respect your customers and produce

thoughtful content. Find a way to bring your customers information, entertainment and education through your messaging.  Keep the message clear and concise, and keep the screen views long enough so that the message can be read and absorbed. Any form of insight into your audience’s behavior can help you as you’ll learn the trace of the thought and what influences them.

Tip 8: Always think about the proper placement

Digital signage is a great way to correct ad placement. Within seconds you can have different messages reaching different clients. You can adjust your messaging according to the physical placement of the screens, cultural preferences, discounts, etc. You can divide your client base into groups and advertise accordingly, without being forced to choose one static ad.

 Tip 9. Use the KISS principle, a.k.a. “Keep It Simple, Stupid”

It’s hard to add something to this famous US Navy principle, just keep it simple. Keep text simple. Don’t write in all CAPS. Don’t use pink text on the purple background. Use contrast backgrounds and fonts made for digital displays.

 Tip 10: Place a call-to-action on your screens

Just do it.