Eco-Friendly Business Ideas: Going Paperless And More…


Things that every business can do to reduce their environmental impact…

It is all too easy as a busy business owner or employee, especially when living in a sheltered environment, to pretend like global warming and extensive environmental damage isn’t going on around us.

Unfortunately though, it really is, and on a huge scale. If anything, people in business should be more aware of the impact on the environment with regards to the sourcing and manufacturing of their products, paper usage and more…

By being aware of the negative effects that the running of a business may have on the environment, efforts can be made to minimise these.

When it comes to preventing global warming and people doing their bit for the environment, the saying ‘every little helps’ couldn’t be more relevant!

Usually, the lack of efforts made by businesses to minimise their environmental impact is due to a lack of education about what can actually be done.

If you are a business owner or an employee of a business that currently doesn’t do their bit for the environment, hopefully, these eco-friendly business ideas will give you some inspiration…

Go paperless

To kick off these eco-friendly business ideas, one valuable idea is to go paperless, or at least make an effort to largely reduce your business’ paper usage.

With so much technology and software available to businesses these days, it is simply unnecessary to print documents/files and store them physically when there is online storage software that can offer the exact same function – minus the clutter.

Think about how much paper your business may have wasted over the years, and then think about all the trees that were chopped down in order to produce that paper! It’s a guilty feeling, right?

Aside from the amazing environmental benefits that would come out of business’ going paperless, it can also do your company some favours too. By not using paper, you won’t need to purchase or print any, which would massively reduce costs and may leave you with enough money to invest elsewhere.

Yours and your clients’ confidential information will also be a lot safer and protected from potential theft if it is not printed and is secured by passwords etc. rather than in an office or worse, in the mail, where it can be intercepted easily.

ManSys are an amazing example of a company who have taken the plunge by going completely paperless in an effort to minimise their environmental footprint – they have been successfully paperless for six years. They provide a global trade management software, where clients can efficiently implement and monitor all that’s involved in trading internationally using their tool. If a large and successful company like ManSys can go completely paperless and still run their business effectively, why not take the plunge too?

Reduce plastic


We have all probably heard or seen the anti-plastic campaigns that are circulating recently. Quite frankly, seeing animals suffering because of the vast amounts of non-degradable plastic that is being chucked into the oceans is upsetting – don’t let your business be a part of contributing to that.

Reducing or, even better, completely eliminating the use of non-reusable plastic in your office or work environment is another of these eco-friendly business ideas that is easy to put into action. For example, making sure that there is the correct quantity of reusable utensils for staff to eat, drink etc. means that they will be less likely to use plastic items. You could even go as far as banning plastic cups, straws and more to implement this eco-friendly move.

Reduce power

To highlight further eco-friendly business ideas, there are small things that can be done to reduce power usage too. Small efforts can make a big difference to reducing your environmental impact and costs too.

For example, making sure that electronics like computers and printers are turned off overnight rather than just left on standby is a simple task but if enforced efficiently, can have some great long term effects. As well as turning things off, you could swap your bog-standard light bulbs to LEDs or power-saving bulbs too.

These days, you have no doubt seen houses with solar panels on the roof as a means to generate power, save money and help the environment. Why not incorporate these into your business premises too? Solar panels, unfortunately, cannot be relied on as a sole source of power, especially not in a corporate environment with ever-increasing technology, but they will definitely reduce your business’ environmental footprint.

Reduce waste

The last but by no means least of these eco-friendly business ideas is making an effort to reduce waste and/or aiming to recycle as much as possible.

If you run a large company or are a member of a big team, it may be difficult to ensure that everyone makes an effort to recycle – so it is recommendable to try and make the process as easy and clear as possible. For example, having designated and labelled bins is one way to stop people from getting confused and chucking all their plastics, metals etc. in one place.