Mitrefinch Helps To Empower Your Workforce With Solutions

It is no secret that labor costs consistently rank among the highest costs of running an order fulfillment center, without mentioning the efforts required to attract, train and retain qualified employees. If you are responsible for a facility, you are always looking for ways to mitigate those risks and keep labor costs to a minimum.

The Mitrefinch Workforce Management system has been designed to address the many challenges associated with workforce management by maximizing productivity and minimizing labor costs -d’œuvre. The Workforce Management software provides on-demand information to assess, manage and plan a company’s workforce and increase the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of distribution and manufacturing facilities.

With dynamic and versatile reports, analytics and management dashboards, the Mitrefinch workforce management software help to continually improve productivity and reduce labor costs. Our feature-rich workforce management software platform helps supervisors by equitably calculating performance awards based on accurate assessments of worker performance, labor standards, and training curves integrated.

The Mentoring Tools You Required

With Mitrefinch workforce management software, you’ll have the coaching and mentoring tools you need to improve the individual and overall performance of your organization while gaining the operational information you need to plan your workforce, thereby monitoring real-time order execution status.

With a set of easy-to-use tools, Mitrefinch workforce management software facilitates strategic, enterprise-wide decision-making to more effectively manage productivity, improve process quality, simplify training and ensure order accuracy in your establishment. When paired with Mitrefinch Intelligrated’s Momentum execution system, these tools become even more powerful.

Your workers are at the heart of the success of your company. It is essential to help them be as productive as possible while providing them with the tools they need to create a barrier-free work environment. The performance management modules of the Mitrefinch workforce management software features include:


Time And Attendance Software

The use of outdated methods, such as Watch Cards monitoring your workforce is likely to cost you money. The American Payroll Association estimates that the illegal practice of “stamping” costs US companies about $ 400 billion annually. The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance software will help you with the latest Time and Attendance solution.


Absence Management

The loss of employees is a problematic and costly challenge for all companies. The good news is that it is also easy to avoid it, thus the Mitrefinch Leave Management Solution is automatically updated in accordance with legal requirements. This saves you time and money on manual tracking.


HR Software

Human resources software based on the Mitrefinch cloud optimizes human resources. Easily access, analyze and report on human resources, including job applications and contract details. Mitrefinch’s performance tracking allows human resources to effectively track employee performance. Make sure your HR team is automatically notified when performance reviews are due


Mobile Workforce Management

Mitrefinch Mobile Workforce Management allows you to effectively manage your workforce anywhere. Allow your remote and some other staff to upload and download without problems from any device. Mitrefinch Mobile Workforce makes it easy to manage your business from the beginning. We offer the tools you need to serve a wide variety of people in all industries


Employee Self-Service

Mitrefinch Employee Self-Service saves your company valuable time and increases employee retention. Offer your local and external employees the flexibility to access their schedules and manage their vacations online. Real-time data is captured in the cloud and can be accessed instantly by employees and managers. Employees can see their profile and make requests out of time that managers can quickly accept or reject


Employee Scheduling Software

Are you looking to maximize productivity by ensuring the right combination of skills, education, and skills in each shift? With the manual systems that consume a lot of time, finding the perfect calculation of time and foresight was like trying to put together a very difficult puzzle. With the Mitrefinch tool, you are sure to have a hitch-free Scheduling business setting.


The Importance Of An Integrated Workforce Management Solution

In order to provide all the anticipated benefits, effective labor management solutions need to have a level of integration that allows for easy sharing of data between time and attendance, planning, human resources, and business applications. Standalone internal applications will not likely provide the full functionality and adaptability of comprehensive workforce management services, which are right now offered by many RSVs.

Nearly all workforce management providers can automatically alert a supervisor that a particular employee did not report based on the data in the planning application and that a replacement must be found. Integrated systems currently provide all of the business strategies needed to manage labor productivity and performance, and reduce costs through information on the availability of manpower continuously.

Before you make a choice on the system that best suits your organization, you should consider whether the integrated workforce management solution you are about to purchase will provide you with:

  • Real-time measures of outcome indicators
  • Just-in-time decision-making based on relevant information
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Automated notification process
  • Printing and automated tracking of correspondence for contact forms
  • Billing for use with a service software application

The Disadvantages Of Manual And Internal Scheduling

Vibrant scheduling, as well as robotic payroll entry, are intended to get rid of most of the drawbacks of manual procedures such as:

Double Planning and Mistakes one employee is sent to the wrong department, while another department has to deal with one less person.

The disparity in Skills and Responsibilities, an employee is assigned to a specific department but lacks the skills or training to do the job well. This usually causes customer frustration and wasted time.

Limited access to employee availability information access to employee availability information is often limited and is not always updated with the most recent changes in employee availability profiles.

Budget overruns in labor costs, managers cannot accurately predict whether labor costs will remain within budget constraints for any given day.


The software industry service has already proven that it has the ability to pick all of the necessary business strategies required to compete effectively for its products and services. There is no doubt that with the planning of software service schedules, small companies, as well as large companies, will no longer have to take into account the budget restrictions before they can use the software of which they need.