Gaming has continued to improve over the last decade. Other industries have started taking these tremendous changes in gaming as a threat. For example, in 2019, Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, didn’t consider Amazon, Disney, or HBO competitors. In other words, it wasn’t movie theatres nor cable television that presented a threat to Netflix. But the biggest threat was video game entertainment like Fortnite.  read more

What are Cold Emails? A Beginners Guide to Cold Emailing Practices

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Though the definition of cold emails may seem obvious, it is important to understand what separates cold emails from other marketing tools

If you run a business or are in the professional world, it’s very likely that you’ve heard about cold emailing before. Though it’s a well known and common practice, there is still a lot of underlying confusion as to what cold emails are and are not. So, even if you’ve been considering integrating a cold email campaign into your sales plan — or are just plain curious — keep reading to find out what cold emails are and how they should be used. read more

3 Things Every Gamer Needs For Their Setup

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If you are a big gamer, then you must have a dream setup that you hope to achieve one day. Gaming setups can be very personal. It is something that has been visualised and put together over hours of researching through tech forums. 

Discovering which products are best suited for your preferences can be challenging at times. You might also be starting out as a streamer which makes a great gaming setup even more important. Having not only an attractive gaming setup but also a top quality one can help benefit your growth in the gaming industry. We specifically chose to speak to some IT Support Companies in the UK to get their take on how best to arrange your gaming setup. Below is a list of items that will certainly upgrade your gaming setup.  read more

How to Get into Gaming

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There is no doubting the fact that gaming is a worldwide phenomenon. This is impressive considering the relatively young age of the industry, and the fact that video games were not initially well-received. Today, they are widely embraced by many, and most households will likely have a device that can play video games on. Even traditional establishments such as universities have embraced the activity as some offer scholarships to those who demonstrate particular talent in gaming. The industry is constantly gaining new customers, but those who have never had a chance to play a video game might be wondering how they fit into the equation. Certainly, the size of the industry might be overwhelming to some, and they may not know where to start. read more

8 Fun Gifts for Gamers You Can Purchase Online

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Since most of us are indoors during these times, social distancing has birthed new bakers, gardeners, fitness enthusiasts, as well as gamers. The experts, on the other hand, have leveled up their game.

But whether your recipient is a newbie or a pro, they’ll appreciate the gifts on this list. It doesn’t contain the latest, most expensive gadget, but it’s fun enough to win the heart of a gamer no matter the level they’re in. From gamer treats to gaming accessories, we’ve rounded up 10 fun game-inspired gifts you can buy online. read more

How Card Games Can Improve Math, Memory and Competitive Skills

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Card games are a great source of entertainment for people of all ages. Apart from being a great way to have fun, card games also can help you improve your cognitive skills. They can help you in improving both your short term and long term memory, your competitive skills, math and many more. Just like the brain games such as sudoku and crossword puzzles, card games can also help you put your brain at work. There are plenty of popular card games that we are well aware of like Blackjack, Bridge, Solitaire, Rummy etc that proved themselves to be way more helpful to boost our brain functions than what we are aware of. Let us go ahead and find for ourselves, how all the card games which most people just look to as a source of entertainment could improve our cognitive skills. read more

Is There Something Challenging about Being an Esports Athlete?

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There are jobs of low and high-end classes, though each profession is necessary and valuable in this or that way. Luckily, this business situation is gradually changing, and less prejudice is forwarded to occupations of today. Once becoming an esports athlete was considered a waste of time and nonsense, but now there are student programs and scholarships around the globe, including Canada and the United States, offering their unique services to willing parties.  read more

How to install ClearOS on a VPS, step by step guide

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Without a functioning operating system, your computer, mobile phone and tablet are just mechanical hardware pieces that have no method of communicating with you or the outside world. Your virtual private server is no different! Just like your physical devices, your VPS is essentially a machine, though virtual, that requires a medium to communicate with the user. read more

Surprising Benefits of Online Gaming 

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From providing entertainment to improving reflexes, hand-eye coordination, spontaneity, crisis management and building confidence in users, online games have come a very long way. Online games are now not only entitled as sources of entertainment and pleasure but also a way to personality development. With the internet making its way into almost all aspects of our lives, one of the major things that have been majorly influenced by the new age technologies and the internet is the swiftly evolving entertainment industry. This has led online games to become more engaging and immersive. The technology advancements and the increasing number of internet users made it possible for numerous gaming enthusiasts to virtual access conventional games and many such. Even the transition of conventional games like cards has made its way into the digital space enhancing the reach and joy of the gamers significantly. read more