10 Office Supplies Checklist for Starting a Business

Setting up a new office is going to be definitely a daunting task if you don’t have clarity about what are essential and non-essential items for your office. 

In fact, smart planning is needed when buying office supplies. They are a crucial factor that directly affects your employee productivity which in turn affects your business. Wondering how that affects your employee productivity? Well, minor things such as an uncomfortable chair or a poor internet connection or an unpleasant wall paint can minimize the productivity of your workforce, don’t you agree? Hence, you need to carefully buy the office supplies that help you and your workforce to get the job done easier and effective. After all, you need an effective office with happy employees to drive maximum productivity, right?

In contrast, overspending on unnecessary items not only transcends your budget but also overloads office space. So, buy the right and essential things for your office that fit both in your budget and room when starting a business. The best way to reduce your expenses when starting a business or new office is to shop the supplies during sale days such as Black Friday Sale. You can find amazing discounts on all office equipment during Black Friday. Hence, better savings.

If you are unable to decide what to buy or prepare a checklist to stock your new office. Here’s the 10 office supplies checklist you need to kick start your business in a healthy office. 

10 Office Supplies Checklist for Starting a Business


Furniture is the first basic thing that you need to add to your shopping list when buying office supplies. An adjustable desk and an ergonomic chair to sit and work effectively are what you need to start your office. After all, you are going to sit all day in your office to work. So, the seating has to be taken good care else your employees may end up being sick with back and neck pain.

Also, do not just settle with desks and chairs for you and your employees, you might need a sofa and extra chairs for visitors and laptop stands to compliment desks. So that laptops can be adjusted to any given height and prevents neck arthritis.

Telephone Systems

Though smartphones have replaced telephones in many aspects, each one has its own advantages. Telephones let you connect with your customers and clients without any interruptions. So, it is good to have a telephone connection in your office depending on the business you do.

Having said that, you also need smartphones to make your job faster and easier with the plentiful options they offer. The only downside is that you might face network problems when conveying some important information to your clients. Hence have both smartphones and telephones within your reach so that you will have seamless communication with your customers and clients.

Computers & Software

No office completes without computers or laptops in this digital era. You need laptops or PCs whichever you prefer based on the number of employees in your office. 

If yours is a business that demands your workforce to travel on work purpose, then laptops would be the best option. In the same way, if your employees need to sit in your office to work all the day, then order PCs that fit in your budget. Moreover, computers are a good fit and can tolerate long working hours.

Additionally, you need reliable software to protect data transferred within and outside your business and secure your systems.

Internet Connection

Machines with no internet connection are of no use. You need to transmit the data with your clients, customers, generate bills, and share them to run your business. And you could do it no other way than through the internet for better efficiency. Many things have changed over time, right? So, get proper and fast internet connection from a trusted internet service provider. You will need an Ethernet cable, routers and a modem to virtually connect your office to the world.

Scanner & Printer

True, the technology can’t replace a few things. One such thing that is hard to replace is paper. Still, most of the confidential information is printed and transmitted through the paperwork. Hence, to make the paperwork easy you might need a scanner and a printer. Fortunately, you can find multifunctional printers that do both the functions on a single device. Do some research and buy the best one that fits your needs.

Shredder & Waste Bins

You can’t simply throw papers that contain sensitive information of your clients or customers in a dustbin. Doing so might end you in some legal troubles. So, if you are a business that deals with paperwork often, then you better get a paper shredder that cuts papers into fine pieces and destroys confidential data. Also, get waste bins to keep your workspace neat and clean after shredding papers. 


Every business, no matter small or large, deals with a ton of documents and files that need to be protected for a long period of time. Hence, capacious storage space is the other thing you need to have in your office. So, get document holders, folders and cabinets to protect all important files in one place.

First Aid

First aid is a mandatory in every office to keep employees safe. So, get one for your office because you don’t know when someone can get sick, right? Keep all essential medicines available to your workforce in a first aid kit. Doing so shows that you value your employees and their health.

Power Backup

Power backup is the other essential thing you need for running your business smoothly. If you don’t want all the work your staff has done to go to waste, then you should have power back up. This not only saves all the unsaved work and keeps your business on a smooth flow but also protects the hardware that might get damaged due to frequent on and off of power.

Office Decor

Well, this might seem unessential and out of budget to you but office decor plays one of the key roles in the productivity of your employees. Here the decor means a pleasant and motivating wall color, an attractive landscape painting and proper lighting to keep your employees active all the time. As they spend most of their time in the office, you need to make them feel energized with these rewards to improve their productivity.

Desk Supplies

Now that you know all the major things you need to start a business. It’s time looking into little things that make big differences. Confused? Well, now you need basic stationery supplies such as pens, pencils, A4 papers, marker, stamps, ink, hole punch, stapler etc. Without these supplies, you don’t have any work with a shredder, printer and storage space right?

You need to stock your employee’s desk with such useful supplies to make their job easier. Also, get scribbling pads and notepads to provide your employees so that they can carry them to meetings and note down important points.

The other essentials such as a projector, whiteboard are needed to discuss your agenda and ideas effectively. So, prepare to purchase one for your office. Also, you need kitchen supplies such as a kettle, coffee machine and mugs for your office kitchen to help your employees refresh their minds from their work stress.

Bottom Line

Starting a new office for your business need not be frustrating as it was before. Take this office supplies checklist handy and stock up your office with all essential supplies needed to run your business efficiently.

Spend smartly on equipment that is only needed during sales and cut down your expenses. Hope this checklist will help you in setting up a successful office for your business.