10 Reasons To Hide Your IP

Nowadays, using a VPN is almost a necessity, rather than a simple extra measure of security. The privacy and security on the Internet is something that we often take lightly when in reality they are essential things that we should worry about. If we do not want someone to be spying on us through the window of our house, for example, why are we going to allow someone to monitor our browsing activity, or to read the messages or emails we send?

Safer and more secure Internet browsing is possible thanks to these tips to hide your IP address. And although it seems that we do not need it, there are several reasons why we should start using a VPN right now. Here we tell you, read on still.


#1. Surf Securely Over The Internet Using A VPN

VPNs encrypt your web traffic so that the data you send from your computer is protected from other people’s eyes. Enter your accounts and perform banking transactions or online purchases with total security. The personal information you send over the network is secure thanks to the encryption of the VPN you use.

If a hacker intercepts your data, you cannot do anything since they are encrypted. This is thanks to the Virtual Private Networks creating a private virtual tunnel through which all your data pass before reaching your destination.


#2. Connect To Public Wifi Networks Without Risk

When you’re away from home, you’ll probably find public WiFi networks in airports, hotels, or anywhere else. People usually connect to these networks to check their mail, social networks or to navigate through any website. However, they are not aware of the dangers that this implies.

When you connect to a public WiFi network without using a VPN, your browsing is not encrypted, so anyone connected to the same network could capture your data, such as Facebook users or passwords or your email.

Also, the WiFi network could be a trap created by a third party to connect you and thus obtain your data. Therefore, always use a VPN to connect to a public WiFi, this way your traffic will be encrypted.


#3. Access Websites Without Location Restrictions

There are many sites that are inaccessible from certain locations. Services such as Netflix or Hulu show their content according to the user’s location. Even some YouTube videos are restricted to a certain location.

Because the Virtual Private Networks have servers in several countries around the world; you can connect to any of these and thus surf the Internet as if you were in another country, skipping the location restrictions.


#4. Avoid Censorship And Surveillance Of The Government

It was learned that the United States was spying on computers as well as cell phones all over the world, with the excuse of security. Like the U.S, several countries are constantly spying on users and censoring content on the Internet, blocking some sites that their content is not liked by the current government, making it impossible for Citizens to access these websites.

To bypass this censorship and avoid mass surveillance, activists and journalists around the world use VPNs to protect their identity. And you should also do it.


#5. Surfing The Internet Privately Using A VPN

Privacy is a right that every individual has, no person or government should watch over you. However, it’s not always like that. With a good VPN, you could make sure that your ISP or third parties cannot see your browsing activity, your online communications, or know your location.

Your ISP is going only to see the encrypted traffic that passes through the servers of the Virtual Private Network. However, you will not be able to decipher them, so you will not be able to know the sites you visit. While you are connected to the Internet, you will never be 100% anonymous. However, you can keep your privacy safe with the use of a VPN.


#6. Hide Your IP, Replacing It With Another

This has to do with the previous point. When you connect to a VPN server, your IP and your virtual location, change. This way you make sure that the sites you visit do not know your real IP. On the contrary, they will see the IP of the server to which you have connected.

This is so useful while you want to access download sites or streaming video sites, which show you content based on your location.


#7. Download Torrents Or P2P Files Without Being Tracked

Downloading files by torrent is one of the best options. However, every time you download by this means, your IP is registered. In some countries, sharing certain types of files, such as movies or music, is prohibited. Services akin to the ItrustWhatIDownload show you everything that has been downloaded, via torrent, from your IP.

Therefore, if you usually download these P2P networks, you should protect yourself to avoid problems. Many VPNs support downloading files by torrent, so all the downloads that you make will be related to the IP of the server and not to your real IP.


#8. Skip The Blocks Of Work / University / College Network

Whether you are connected to the school network, the university, or work, in most cases these networks have filters that prevent access to certain websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. If you need to connect to these blocked sites, a VPN is the best option. You can skip the filters of the restrictive network and connect to any site.

To make matters worse, the VPN encrypts your navigation. The network administrator will not know the sites you visit, and will not have any evidence. In any case, you must be aware of what this implies, and if this is prohibited in your company, you could be sanctioned. Use the VPN responsibly.


#9. Protect Your Voip Calls

VoIP technology, used by services such as Skype, is what allows voice signals to travel over the Internet. The problem is that VoIP services do not have encryption, so someone could hack these communications and listen to your conversations online. With a VPN you can keep your VoIP calls secure, and no one can spy on you.


#10. Improve The Speed And Reduce The Lag Of Your Online Games

Some ISPs limit the speed of the Internet for online games: Something totally unfair for lovers of video games. With a VPN you can reduce the lag of online games, significantly improving the speed of the game. You must choose a good server to connect to and be able to handle the load. If you choose a busy server, the speed will be impaired, and the great performance of the game will not be as expected.

Lastly, it is advisable to use a VPN to mask your real IP address effectively, If you have finally decided to use this service, there exists a list of VPN to protect your privacy and surf safely, and you can use both your computer and your mobile device.