10 ultimate Tips For an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most influential marketing channels. It is the part of the whole marketing strategy and a business plan. It helps in marketing the products and services by using email channels for making the profit and reaching the objectives. Even research has shown that email marketing is useful in generating sales than any other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Because of this reason, it is better to follow the tips that are an ultimate email marketing toolkit for making email strategy useful. Moreover, 67% of marketing professionals say that producing high content is the key for every company who wants to attain the sales via email marketing.

  1. Organize the subscriber list
    Even though there is a long list of emails for the prospects and clients, never stop adding new members to this list. Make sure that the email list is growing passively where there is a sign-up functionality. There must always be a subscription form which directs to the blog, home page, and everywhere else where there should be relevant content. Few niches follow a great job of gathering email subscribers on to their homepage that comprises a sign-up box.
  1. Use A/B test for open and click-through rates
    A/B testing, which is also called split testing, is a way to work out among the two campaign choices and knowing the efficient opens or clicks. Usually, A/B testing is used to create different variations in body content or subject line. Thus used for identifying which variation the highest conversion rate or engagement. In the real scenario, there will be A/B test for every email that has been sent out. For any e-commerce websites, a simple example is to experiment with various cross-sells and upsells in the transactional emails.
  1. Send regular emails
    How often should an organization send marketing emails? It is the organization’s responsible for building the company’s email schedules and handling the marketing calendar. Avoid being spammed and trying to be legitimate email marketing. It is always better to send emails to the targeted subscribers who have gladly accepted to be in the email list. Put together a drip email campaign to stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis. So don’t delay to send out emails and be consistent always to maximize the sales.
  1. Reward the customers There is always an 80/20 relationship between total revenue and the customers. That means a large proportion of revenue is inversely proportionate to the small number of customers. According to the study conducted by Howards Storage, business customers can be grouped into five categories regarding their engagement and loyalty. And rewarding these targeted categories with incentives increases the short-term revenue. Most of the loyal group clients can be given a gift card redemption.


  1. Should have CTA’s
    There should always be a call-to-action in the emails and an e-blast mentality. If followed this feature, there is less risk of forgetting the emails and inspires customers for a response. Draft the emails creatively and interactively so that the customers know about the next steps taken. Always the actions should be categorised under
    Whether the article should be read on the site?
    They should purchase the service or the product?
    RSVP to the event organized? etc.
    The emails drafted should have a clear focused objective with every element supporting the aim of the message.
  1. The tone of the emails
    Wherever possible, draft the email and add the personal element to it. Most of the emails tools provide the shortcodes which are superseded with the recipient’s name. Ad the fun factor to the email when it is possible. Make the subject lines attractive and creative and even the content. Besides, segmentation is also essential for the targeted audience. If the business is from the various industries, then provide the information which targets only to that particular niche.
  1. Keep the emails short and crisp
    Keep the readers attention span in view while sending the emails. The email messages which are written should be concise and clear so that the subscribers can easily understand. Make sure the information provided should be actionable. Keeping the emails short and straightforward aids in getting a better response from the campaign. The idea behind the email should be clear of the offers the company provides to their audience. If the offer provide is interesting then there are more chances of them visiting the websites.
  1. Write captivating subject lines
    One of the most vital email marketing tips is to write a compelling subject line. It should be transparent and convey the topic. The more simple it is, the better and avoid being too gimmicky. The ultimate goal of email marketing should be only to open it and build the trust. Keep in mind that the open rate of the email depends on the subject line. How good the content is not a matter unless the email is opened. SO investing time in writing a beautiful subject line matters a lot. connect and craft the email based on the emotional quotient and read the emails. Questions and facts are proven to yield large click-through rates if done correctly. So, use them amidst the other subject lines.
  1. Provide value
    Nowadays, customers expect more from the organizations they communication through online or offline. With so many brands cropping up each day, and places to visit like through TV, email or social media customers have better options to filter out the information. They can choose the information which is relevant and interest them a lot. If the customers have to remain for a longer time, then there should be something valuable. It may be a discount or any promotional activity form the email list. For others, it is just a how-to article from the company’s blog. It may also be a content which is useful to increase the sales. Make the email valuable, relevant and something where the customers can thank for.
  1. Have a lot of white space
    keep in mind that the customers and prospects are busy people. They are giving the attention and the marketers should make the maximum use of the emails scannable. So, the format of the email emails should have a plenty of white space. There should be short paragraphs and use bullet points and subheadings wherever necessary. There should also be any mentionable facts. This is how an undivided action of the customer’s increases and there are more chances of converting them into loyal buyers.


Email marketing is a dominant medium for every business in the market. The email list which is built becomes a pillar for the business. It continues to drive the repeated and new visitors for the products which are there in the store. There are no real limits on how far the business can segment the audience or customers, and personalize the communication channel. However, the potentiality for maximizing the sales through email marketing should never be underestimated. Start gathering the visitor’s email and identify the segmentation opportunity and always provide them with the highest value.