4 Effective PR strategies for your tech-based start-up By Saumya Bhatnagar


Public Relations (PR) is one of the most undervalued industries out there. When it comes to PR tactics, I’ve noticed several start-ups being extremely calculative, many tech-based startups don’t feel like investing their money in a partnership with PR firms. But the reality is that PR plays an important role in startups. According to the goddard company, Public Relations (PR) is proves to be more beneficial than advertising.

From establishing social media, traditional media networks and shaping positive public images, good PR plays a vital role.

Bill Gates once said: “If I had one dollar left, I would spend it on PR.” A good PR strategy not only helps in building a company’s reputation but also leads to increased sales and monetary growth. Below are the most effective strategies for your tech-based startup.


  1. Work with a PR Agency

When I started my business, I had a limited budget. I was just looking to invest in places that would yield profit. Hiring a PR agency seemed to be out of the question at the time. However, as I established my business, I realized that PR is the most important element I require to grow my business. It can save me from extra expenses and helps me build connections. When you work with a reliable PR agency, it understands your business and provides you with effective strategies that nudge your business towards flourishment.

  1. Storytelling

According to a report, 80% of PR professionals believe that digital storytelling is the future of communication. Connecting emotionally with the audience is one of the challenging aspects a business faces. For that, you need to understand the needs of your audience, what are they looking for? What are their concerns and queries? If you are a tech-based startup, it’s obvious that your topics will move around technology, innovation, gadgets, etc. Once you have the right topic in your mind, you need to create an outline as it allows you to focus on points that will draw the attention of a blogger or journalist.

  1. Look for the Right Tech Channels

One of the most effective PR strategies for your tech-based start-up is to search for the right tech channels to know your target audience. There are some businesses that will generate better results by posting on social media channels, while others appeal to the right audience using channels like LinkedIn or other tech forums. When you choose a PR agency for your tech-based start-up, you should have the peace of mind regarding the channels being chosen for building a reputation.

  1. Build a Relationship

The role of PR is to build trust with clients rather superficial professional relationships.

For instance, you can interact with journalists on social media and other groups and become a part of their discussion. You can also contribute to numerous helpful conversations and threads regarding your area of expertise. When connecting with journalists, avoid promoting your brand, instead, have a healthy discussion about your expertise and knowledge. Let them know you as a person, not just an entrepreneur who is trying to push his/her products for your interest.

Blog syndications and guest post contributions are essential, it portrays your salience as an entrepreneur that wishes to nudge similar aspiring leaders in the right direction.

Final words

When it comes to PR strategies for your tech-based startup, make sure you start with a substantial plan and execute accordingly. Gaining media attention is not easy for startups, but if you have leveraged powerful PR tactics, you can easily take your startup to the next level.

This Article written By Saumya , she is a strong advocate of more representation for women in tech and is the founder of a nonprofit in India for women empowerment