5 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft 365


There are very few people who know everything there is to know about the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest-growing product line, though.

It is excellent news for Microsoft and great news for Office 365 product line users. If you are on a boat with this product, you can rest assured that its continued growth and acceptance means that you will enjoy Microsoft’s ongoing support for the development and that there are not as many people out there yet that utilize Word 97.

There are also a ton of language packs available. These are cool language packs that translate commonly used features of Microsoft Office or Windows into another language!

For example, Microsoft Office in Canada is available in French and English; there is even one for our Maori friends in New Zealand! You do not have to be a master in math to use the Microsoft math plugin for Word and OneNote. 

This remarkable tool is free and helps you graph 2D and 3D plots and solve equations and algebraic structures!

It must’ve been a reasonably time-intensive job to computer users having to correct their own spelling mistakes and typos.

With Microsoft Word, the much-needed auto-correction feature came into play and helped Word users find and correct their spelling mistakes with the push of a button (F7 stands for this, guess what!).

Microsoft Office 365 is constantly evolving to meet your unique needs and requirements. For example, various Microsoft products are integrated into Office 365 to increase productivity and efficiency in your office. And that’s just the beginning of the evolution of Microsoft Office 365.

It is worth noting that by 1994 Microsoft Word had gained 90% of the word processing market, which is ridiculous. Here are the top five things you did not know about Microsoft 365.

1. Please see attached…

We’ve all been there. Your email and you forget the attachment. Nevertheless, in Outlook, if you create a new email and type the words attachment or attachments, try sending the email without adding an extension. Outlook will quit the process and remind you to attach your file.

2. Excel Can Read Your Mind

Flash Fill is Excel’s best-kept secret. Excel learns what you do and does the rest for you. For example, you are formatting a list of names of people that are not spread across two columns (first name, last name) in one column.

You cannot do it with Microsoft Excel because you cannot retrieve data that is lost, i.e., Microsoft is not providing us with a proper backup. There are numerous Office 365 backup solutions. And you do not want to get stuck with a provider that barely offers any live support.

Sometimes the issue must be resolved via chat or call, so mind this at first when choosing the proper backup for Office 365. The Office 365 backup software must be robust and unique.

3. Tell Me How

Are you stuck on how to do something in the Office program? The Tell Me help box lets you ask how to “insert a photo” or even “add a picture” and help you find the feature you are looking for without leaving your Google document.

4. Goodbye to Formatting Issues

In PowerPoint, insert an image into your presentation, and a feature called PowerPoint Designer will automatically give you a choice of the best way to show it. You can then choose from many options to help you create your presentation faster with less formatting time.

5. Streamline Your Team

With Planner, teams can assign and collaborate on tasks, set due dates, share files, and keep track of everything. What’s more, the Planner and the teams work well together. The Team Tasks app combines all of your Planner and Do tasks with a pair and teamwork.