5 Tips to Make You a Better Freelance Writer


Writing is one of the most popular gigs for freelancers. There are millions of freelance writers across the globe. However, most of them are lost in the statistics; only a few ever rise to the top and make the most of the industry.

Freelance writing is convenient, and it can be even more lucrative if you start doing some things differently. Thus, here are five tips that will make you better at freelance writing jobs.

  1. Work On Your Grammar

Writers need to communicate with readers via the written word. Your vocabulary and grammar have to be perfect lest you give the wrong impression.

Virtually all clients insist that their writers possess impeccable grammar. Some go to great lengths to test new applicants’ grammar. Others don’t mind spending money, hiring professional editors so long as the final documents are flawless.

It will be challenging to get by in this industry with poor grammar. As such, revise your skills and work on them; there are many online resources and tutorials that you can use. Practice bit by bit, and you will eventually get it right. In the meantime, try working with grammar correction programs such as Grammarly, or seek the services of an editor.

  1. Choose A Suitable Niche

General freelance writers prefer juggling multiple niches. That increases their opportunities, but they do not enjoy the sort of stability that niche-based writers do.

One of the things you should do when you start as a freelance writer is to pick a niche. What do you love writing about the most? What brings out the passion in you? Experts recommend sticking on subjects that matter to you.

One common mistake that most writers make is going for niches that they consider advantageous. That is why there are more writers for the technology niche, as it is lucrative. However, any niche can prove to be somewhat profitable as long as you are good at it. As such, pick a niche and learn everything you can about it. Let your readers associate your chosen niche with you, and soon clients will come knocking, seeking to pick your brain.

  1. Market Yourself

Every freelance writer is out to make money; some freelance writers earn six-figure incomes. Since there are millions of writers on the internet, you need to shine out to get more clients.

It is easy to market yourself as a writer. You will need to make your presence felt online. Use your social media pages to reach out to like-minded people and post regularly about your work. You will also need a blog in your niche; the blog should feature your posts on different subjects in your field. Also, consider visiting other blogs in your niche and making guest posts, or simply leaving helpful comments.

There is also a quicker way to get clients. That involves pitching. You should keep an eye on the new job opportunities and pitch ads related to your niche. You will need a crafty cover paper and resume on hand to send to new clients – consider having samples on different topics.

You can even sign up on content mills such as Upwork before you become fully established as an independent freelance writer.

  1. Keep Up with Developments

The freelance writing industry is always moving forward. It is vital to keep up with developments, or new opportunities will pass by. As such, keep a close eye on the popular sites and forums, adored by freelance writers, and always stay in the loop.

You will also need to keep up to date with developments in your respective field. As a specialist in the niche, you should always be among the first people to break the news. Your posts should be up-to-date. Potential clients will be more impressed if you have the latest info in their niche. You can let everyone know that you are up to date with things by discussing new developments on your blog and social media pages.

Most importantly, however, you will need to look out for new writing opportunities. Keep a close watch on job boards and other online freelance writing forums.

  1. Balance Your Life

Freelance writers have the best job as they can work from home, or anywhere they wish. Unfortunately, this often goes to their head and blurs the lines between work and pleasure.

Freelance writing demands discipline and dedication. You need to concentrate on your work; otherwise, you will waste precious time. As such, you will need to make a rigid schedule and stick to it. Remember –  freelance writing can also limit your social life, so, balance both sides well. Also, remember to manage your money wisely and invest it in your new-found passion.

Very few freelance writers are notable for their craft. However, anyone can rise to the top by applying these tips, which have been tested and proven by successful freelance writers.