5 Top Benefits of Cryptocurrency 

Are you familiar with cryptocurrencies? Who wouldn’t be right? Print and electronic media have been putting them in the spotlight, driving peoples attention from all over the world. Currency such as fiat currency is generated by financial institutions, So banks have control over your account. Giving control to third party authority is not always advantageous because the frauds and data scams are increasing alarmingly. 

The hackers are becoming highly intelligent and they are developing new methods to hack into systems. But with digital currencies, rest assured that your transactions are safe. These digital currencies are obtained through a process called mining, and transactions take place on a distributed ledger is known as the blockchain technology. Making it highly impossible for a third party to tamper with your transactions. Cryptocurrencies offer both security and transparency.

Wondering what other benefits cryptocurrencies offer? Stick till the end to know.

Here are a few benefits that cryptocurrencies offer.


People prefer cryptocurrency because it is decentralized. No central authority is controlling it. Did you know? Government has the power to take your money. When a customer is opening a bank account, they must provide banks with all their information and address proofs. Cryptocurrencies are not issued by the government or any central authorities. It produced through a process called mining. A network of computers across the globe are used to produce one cryptocurrency. All the transactions recorded on the blockchain are visible to everybody. These coins are managed across network and it works peer-to-peer basis.


More than 4.33 billion people around the world are using the internet on a daily basis. Since the cryptocurrencies are stored and generated digitally, they’re accessible to everybody. The cryptocurrency exchanges are also gaining popularity, people are investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, altcoins etc and are making huge profits. If you are also interested in investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin then make sure to conduct research for best bitcoin exchanges  in the market and then trade in them.  With its gaining popularity, cryptocurrency is now becoming more accessible.


Cryptocurrency is not bound by interest rates, exchange rates, transactional rates or any other charges. These currencies are recognised and valued internationally. Normally transferring money to other countries takes a lot of time and the transaction charges are also high. But with cryptocurrencies, your transaction is completed within minutes and the transaction fee is also low. 

In the case of cross-border transfers, you must worry about currency fluctuations etc. Because of blockchain technologies works on peer-to-peer mechanism, now cross-border transfers are also easy.

These currencies are easily traded as they have gained the attention of investors across the globe. As it offers security against hackers companies across various industries are taking an interest in them. 

Lower fees

The major concerns for any person while sending money is transaction charges. When a third party is involved in performing a transaction, fees will automatically be included. Credit cards or financial institutions charge high transaction fees.  In the case of cross-transfers, it is even higher. Cryptocurrencies are highly cost-effective and they reduce transaction fees also. It eliminates waiting time and allows you to transfer currency safer and quicker. 


One of the main concerns for people to transfer money nowadays is security. Sharing your financial information online is risky as there are many hackers waiting to barge into your system to steal your information. With blockchain, you can stop worrying about security. Wondering, how? Your information is shared using private and public keys.  Blockchain technology’s strong encryption techniques are safeguarding cryptocurrency transaction process against the account tampering, fraud and violation of privacy. 

Banks have complete control over your funds, which is not a great thing. Delegating management of your account to a third party is not always advantageous. But in blockchain technology, you’re the sole owner of your cryptocurrency address or identity. You don’t have to worry about hackers breaking into the system because manipulating a transaction in the blockchain is truly hard. Since these are digital currencies they cannot be reversed or counterfeited by others.


Cryptocurrencies have been gaining lots of attention over these past few years. If implemented Cryptocurrencies has the power to bring changes to many industries. Cryptocurrencies are normally generated through a series of computers across the globe and the process is called mining. Above mentioned are some of the advantages of cryptocurrencies and the future looks more promising too.