7 Must Have Apps for Your Tablet


With more than half a million apps available, someone new to the tablet scene may find the selection a bit dizzying. You might think that your best bet is simply to download the same apps that you have on your phone, but this would do you and your tablet a disservice.

While apps for both smartphones and tablets are sold in the same store, the devices serve different purposes, and thus best lend themselves to different apps. Below, you’ll find a list of seven best apps for your tablet that serve a host of functions from writing a report to polishing up a photo.


1. Flipboard

Many carriers offer Internet-ready tablets, such as Internet capable devices from T-Mobile, that allow quick access to the web. The problem is that many websites are not properly formatted for tablet viewing, and that’s where Flipboard comes in. Essentially, the app creates a custom magazine for the user, drawing content from social media, favorite blogs and other sites, and Flickr. The app presents the content in a beautiful, user-friendly format that allows the viewer to flip through organized pages easily.

2. Facebook

Facebook was a bit late coming up with an app dedicated to iPad tablets, but the final product was worth the wait. The app offers all the best features of Facebook, allowing users to connect with friends by tapping and swiping; to flip through larger, high-quality photos; and to chat through text, group conversations, or messaging. You can also enjoy games and Facebook apps in full-screen mode.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

This pared-down version of Photoshop allows tablet users to clean up their pictures with a few taps. The app features slide-bar adjustments, an auto one-touch fix option, pet-eye (aka green-eye) correction, and more. When your pictures are ready, you can then share them in the app via Facebook, Instagram, text message, or email. Although the Express version might not satisfy professional shutterbugs, it’s more than enough for amateurs.

4. OfficeSuite Pro 7

Life isn’t all fun and games: Sometimes tablet users need to get down to business, and OfficeSuite Pro 7 is the app for the job. Although word processing is not the easiest task on a tablet without a separate keyboard, this app makes it as painless as possible to edit or create documents, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets. Excel and PowerPoint lend themselves especially well to touch controls according to user reviews.

5. Netflix

The Netflix app lets you add tablets to the long list of devices on which you can stream the media service, including phones, computers, and televisions. The larger screens of tablets are much more conducive to streaming video than phones without losing the advantage of portability. Netflix has a constantly changing selection of instantly streaming content that offers something for everyone.

6. Amazon Kindle

After its debut in 2010, the iPad rapidly became the second most popular e-reader in the U.S. after the Amazon Kindle. With the Kindle app, users can access Amazon’s staggering selection of books and magazines without having to buy a Kindle device. The number of reading options available from Amazon far exceeds that offered by Apple’s iBook store app (it currently has 80% of the market), and the app is also free. Cool features include thousands of free books, such as Pride and Prejudice, and the ability to check out an e-book from your local library and have it delivered to your tablet through the Kindle app.

7. Epicurious

This free app is a godsend for those looking to make the chore of grocery shopping a bit more pleasant and embrace the art of cooking. Users can search 27,000 food and drink recipes, save favorite recipes, make and email shopping lists, and check out fun featured recipes. Aspiring chefs will appreciate the app’s “cookbook view,” which makes following a recipe step by step easier than ever.

These seven apps will help you make the most of your tablet, from planning next week’s dinners to finishing up charts for the big sales presentation. Whether in work or play, these apps will help you discover the endless wonders of tablet devices and have fun doing so.