8 Fun Gifts for Gamers You Can Purchase Online


Since most of us are indoors during these times, social distancing has birthed new bakers, gardeners, fitness enthusiasts, as well as gamers. The experts, on the other hand, have leveled up their game.

But whether your recipient is a newbie or a pro, they’ll appreciate the gifts on this list. It doesn’t contain the latest, most expensive gadget, but it’s fun enough to win the heart of a gamer no matter the level they’re in. From gamer treats to gaming accessories, we’ve rounded up 10 fun game-inspired gifts you can buy online.

1.   Candy & Snacks Gift Basket

 Gift them a huge box of assorted snacks to fuel their gaming and you’ll be their favorite loved one – at least until the supplies last. This candy gift box is packed with sweets, salty treats, and healthy snacks for gamers and even non-gamers to enjoy.

2.   100 Must-Play Video Games Scratch Off Poster

This beautifully designed poster exhibits a carefully crafted list of the 100 best video games of all time. It’s fun and educational and is a nice guideline for what to play next with their friends.

3.   Arcade Style Light Switches

If your recipient likes to incorporate bits of the game world to their daily life, then they’ll definitely love this old school retro arcade-style light switch. Anyone who knows how to DIY can simply add this over to any traditional light switch.

4.   Zelda Triforce Light

This warm light emits a captivating golden glow that projects the logo of Hyrule onto the nearby wall. Gift this to someone you know will love some triforce power to illuminate their personal space.

5.   Do Not Disturb/I’m Gaming Socks

If kicking back and a holding gaming controller isn’t enough for them not to be disturbed during their precious time, these socks will make sure no one takes them out of the zone.

6.   Super Mario Warp Pipe Drink Cooler

This creative drink holder is insulated to keep your cans cold, but the best part is its design. It looks like it came right out of Mario’s digital world with its pixelated green pipe design that Mario jumps into to warp.

7.   Retro Arcade Insert Coin Keychain

Bring them back to old school 80’s gaming with one of these retro arcade insert coin keychains. This replica features genuine diecast metal and even lights up!

8.   Nintendo Power Glove Oven Mitt

Here’s a must-have for any gamer who cooks. Their meal prep will level up as they feel invincible handling pots and pans with this Nintendo Power Glove oven mitt. It’s a fun and practical gamer gift.

Any of the gifts above will delight the gamer in your life. When in doubt, go for a snack basket with a sweet little note. Everyone loves food and a written sentiment.