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  1. 8 Fun Gifts for Gamers You Can Purchase Online

    Since most of us are indoors during these times, social distancing has birthed new bakers, gardeners, fitness enthusiasts, as well as gamers. The experts, on the other hand, have leveled up their game.

    But whether your recipient is a newbie or a pro, they’ll appreciate the gifts on this list. It doesn’t contain the latest, most expensive gadget, but it’s fun enough to win the heart of a gamer no matter the level they’re in. From gamer treats to gaming accessories, we’ve rounded up 10 fun game-inspired gifts you can buy online. read more

  2. Internet became popular for gamers – Different types of casino games you can play online

    Before the internet became popular, gamers used to play their game on board. It is a top-rated game that both players and spectators use to make money and catch a lot of fun. However, since the advent of the internet in 1990, playing casino became easier as people do not necessarily need to visit any shop to play the game. It became so easy that people don’t only have access to play it comfortably on their system but play it on their phones too. read more

  3. How gamers can benefit from a VPN

    Online gaming has proved its existence in a very short span of time. Before it is like playing with friends or with the spare controllers but now, the players can’t be in the same country. Future is the place where players live. Online gaming is a video game which is played primarily through the internet. They are Numerous modern gaming platforms, which includes personal computers, mobile devices or any other devices. By playing this there are many cyber technicalities involved, of course not anymore with VPN. read more

  4. Essential Tech For Gamers In 2016

    People who love to play computer games are in for a real treat this year. Industry experts say new technology could ultimately revolutionize the gaming experience. We’re going to take a look at some of the most anticipated advancements in this post today. Hopefully, it will help to set the record straight and highlight where your savings should go in 2016. read more

  5. How The Future of Gaming Will Look

    Gaming has continued to improve over the last decade. Other industries have started taking these tremendous changes in gaming as a threat. For example, in 2019, Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, didn’t consider Amazon, Disney, or HBO competitors. In other words, it wasn’t movie theatres nor cable television that presented a threat to Netflix. But the biggest threat was video game entertainment like Fortnite.  read more

  6. How to Get into Gaming

    There is no doubting the fact that gaming is a worldwide phenomenon. This is impressive considering the relatively young age of the industry, and the fact that video games were not initially well-received. Today, they are widely embraced by many, and most households will likely have a device that can play video games on. Even traditional establishments such as universities have embraced the activity as some offer scholarships to those who demonstrate particular talent in gaming. The industry is constantly gaining new customers, but those who have never had a chance to play a video game might be wondering how they fit into the equation. Certainly, the size of the industry might be overwhelming to some, and they may not know where to start. read more

  7. Is There Something Challenging about Being an Esports Athlete?

    There are jobs of low and high-end classes, though each profession is necessary and valuable in this or that way. Luckily, this business situation is gradually changing, and less prejudice is forwarded to occupations of today. Once becoming an esports athlete was considered a waste of time and nonsense, but now there are student programs and scholarships around the globe, including Canada and the United States, offering their unique services to willing parties.  read more

  8. Surprising Benefits of Online Gaming 

    From providing entertainment to improving reflexes, hand-eye coordination, spontaneity, crisis management and building confidence in users, online games have come a very long way. Online games are now not only entitled as sources of entertainment and pleasure but also a way to personality development. With the internet making its way into almost all aspects of our lives, one of the major things that have been majorly influenced by the new age technologies and the internet is the swiftly evolving entertainment industry. This has led online games to become more engaging and immersive. The technology advancements and the increasing number of internet users made it possible for numerous gaming enthusiasts to virtual access conventional games and many such. Even the transition of conventional games like cards has made its way into the digital space enhancing the reach and joy of the gamers significantly. read more

  9. The rapid rise in Poker! What is the cause of that and how can you find the best online casino for you!

    Poker has always been a popular game, especially in physical casinos, however, the popularity poker being played in online casinos has skyrocketed due to the global COVID pandemic.

    The online poker market used to be relatively limited; there weren’t many websites dedicated to poker, and players didn’t have many choices. The casino industry has changed and improved very quickly in the recent years, there are now thousands of online casinos websites and over 1000+ poker websites to sign up on. As more online casinos are being developed, casino gamers are flocking to the websites trying to find the best casino that offers their consumers fantastic deposit bonuses, welcome packages, pay-out bonuses and more. read more

  10. Surprising Benefits of Online Gaming

    Online gaming, the one most children and young people of this generation are interested in these days is also something that the parents and teachers are concerned about. It is also common to hear someone go on and on about why one should not play games online. Usually, because it mostly includes sitting at one place in front of the screen or like someone might say that it facilitates violent behaviour in children and a lot of this and that. read more

  11. How Technology is Becoming the Game Changer

    Recent technological developments have affected most industries in the world. The current casino gaming industry is no exception. High-tech and stylish casinos are popular with consumers from all walks of life, professions and financial circles. With the rapid expansion of the Internet, online casino games are more available than ever. read more

  12. Why playing in a mobile casino is the future?

    Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a mobile? Of course nobody. Mobile is a device that has made almost everything reachable with a single touch. Mobiles are used for multiple purposes – communicate, play games, send emails, capture pictures, play music, keep a track of contact, book tickets and more. Simply put, mobiles have occupied a huge place in people’s lives.  read more

  13. Online vs Offline Games: Which Are Better?

    The gaming industry has millions of fans all over the world just because it can accommodate their needs. Various genres of games exist since players have different tastes. These genres include shooter, adventure, third-person, first-person, and other types of games. In general, all these games can be separated into online and offline games. read more

  14. How Mobile Apps Changed the gaming sphere

    Not so many years ago if you wanted to play video games you had two basic options. Option one – go out and buy a piracy games counsel or gaming PC. Option two – get off your bottom and head down to the nearest games arcade. 

    With the development of more advanced tech in the 1990s, the first option rapidly overtook the second and games arcades pretty much died out beyond seaside towns.  read more

  15. How to assemble the perfect gaming computer

    Gaming is something that is becoming increasingly popular. Once it was the domain of nerds and recluses who were seen as anti-social basement dwellers. But that is not the case anymore. Gaming has gone mainstream and it is now not just an activity that people participate in, it has become a spectator sport and a social activity as well. One of the keys to enjoying the whole gaming experience is having a powerful computer with high processing speeds and good graphics. You want to be able to compete based on your skills and acumen in the game, if your PC is too old or slow then you won’t stand a chance from eth outset – unless you think gaming is playing Tetris or Solitaire. Here are some key elements to the package that will help ensure that you can compete.

    Power Supply

    A great computer needs to be powered according to what it will be used for. In this instance, we are talking about gaming and you should look to install a 500w power supply for gaming. An average, shop-fitted machine will usually run on a 300w supply so the upgrade to 500w is a big boost. Yes, you can even go higher than this, but for most machines the 500w unit should be more than sufficient.


    Ask any gamer and he will tell you that the most important element of a gaming set-up is graphics. This is an area where you should not compromise. Do your research and invest in a top of the range graphics card. The benefits will be there for you to see and you will be the envy of your gaming mates.


    This stands for the central processing unit and this is another critical element in the whole set-up. Because you want to be fast and avoid lag or bottlenecking as it is sometimes called. The CPU is the nerve-centre of the machine and it processes all the computer’s operations. Make sure that yours has enough capacity.


    This stands for Random Access Memory and it is something that can be added to a machine. Most gamers will tell you that they can never have enough RAM, but the truth is around 8GB should be sufficient for most people. If you are low in eth Ram department you can buy more. And the reality is you will know if you need more or not – you will be able to tell quite easily.

    Keep it cool

    By adding all these components to the mix, the whole system can get very hot. And when it is hot then it doesn’t function as well as it should. So, you need to find ways to ensure that it stays cool. A fan is a good start as it helps to blow out the heat and circulate the air. A good computer case can also help facilitate the cooling process – and it can also look good and add an element of flair to the whole set-up.

  16. DreamHack Winter – The World’s Largest LAN-event

    It’s that time of the year again; the weather is getting colder, while houses and streets are getting filled with Christmas decorations. Well, that’s how most people would describe December, but for gamers there’s only one thing in mind; making sure that their energy drinks don’t run out while having their time of their life at the world’s largest LAN-event.

    These days DreamHack is an event that is taking place many times a year, in several parts of the world, with thousands of participants and the world’s best eSport teams competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was however not always like this. The first ever DreamHack event took place in 1994 in a local school cafeteria with only 40 people attending. After five years and five successful events, the number of participants had reached a stunning 3000 people. This is however nothing compared to these days 25,000 gamers battling it out during the year’s two major DreamHack events.

    The major events take place during the summer and winter in the Swedish town Jönköping. To no surprise many of the participants are Swedish themselves, but you also have several people travelling from all around the world to attend to this exciting LAN. This year’s winter event will take place between the 1st and 4th of December. For a lot of people who are bringing their computers, this means nonstop gaming. DreamHack is however more than just 24/7 of headshot practicing in CS:GO, strategic drafting in Dota 2 and staying alive in PUBG.

    DreamHack also features music performances, giveaways and cosplay competitions, which means that you’ll actually have the chance to hit on that sexy in game character in real life. You’ll also find some of the largest and innovative companies showcasing their latest hardware, gaming gear, games
    and gadgets, which usually includes some really fun activities.

    Last but not least, DreamHack has several professional eSport competitions taking place in a wide range of eSport games. This means that you can meet your fans and enjoy the action packed matches live. Those who would like to take the experience to the next level will also be able to do some DreamHack betting on the matches and if skilled enough make an extra buck while the professional teams battle it out.

    This year’s winter event will feature two professional CS:GO tournaments with a $100,000.00 and $20,000.00 prize pool; one Dota 2 tournament with a stunning $1,000,000.00 up for grabs and one Quake Champions tournament where teams will battle it out for $350,000.00.

    It’s not only the pros that have a chance to make some big money, but if you’re skilled in H1Z1, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, Rainbow Six or Super Smash Bros Melee, this is the time to shine. Everyone will be able to qualify for a $150,000.00 team tournament and a $100,000.00 solo tournament in H1Z1. In Hearthstone it’s $25,000.00 up for grabs with a $1500.00 side event. With Rainbow Six and Super Smash Bros Melee you’ll find tournaments with $10,000.00 dollar prize pools and for Starcraft 2 there’s $5000.00 to be won.

    To find out more about the excitement and why tens of thousands of gamers attend to the largest LAN-event in the world..

  17. Online Slots Simple Guide – How To Play And Win Slots Online

    Over time, they have become a very popular and sought-after game, representing a very important part of the Casinos’ profits, with 80% of the profits generated on average.Thus appeared the online Casinos, in the 90s. The first online slots arrived in 1997 by Microgaming. They are strongly represented and account for 70% of the revenue generated from this market. Another way to realize how well the machines are played even today, whether, in real or online, a few years back, the number of rolls was increased, changing the design and format of online gaming machines.

    Some developers realized that it would be appropriate to offer themed machines, based on popular video games, at first. This is how the Tom Rider slot machine made its appearance with great success, followed by the Hulk and X-Men themes.

    Therefore the entertaining slot devices have made their entry, with the i-Slot of Rival as well as Party Gaming, to offer another dimension to the game enthusiasts who could project themselves in the form of various characters as well as to evolve in an intrigue.

    High Or Perhaps Low Betting Slots Does Not Really Matter! You Will Find Slots For All Budgets

    Another thing I love about online slots is usually that there are games for all budgets. It matters little if you have $ 20 or just $ 20,000, you have a lot of options to get a game that you really want. Gamers with a low limit can begin to play for as small as $ 0 .01. You could stretch the $ 10 or even $ 20 of cash available for a great time with that.

    I love to play dollar games employing all the lines to ensure that each run cost me between $ 0 .20 as well as $ 0 .50. I could typically stretch my existing $ 20 funds for half an hour of play if perhaps I take my time and then go well.

    High stakes online players have a lot of machines to select from. The highest bet on nearly all casinos is $ 5 per line or maybe $ 150 per roll. A few will allow higher bets, and also we are going to mention what they are in our analyzes.

    Play Slots For Real Cash, Win Fat Real Cash Prizes

    I do think lots of people like the concept that you could play online slots totally free. True, you may enjoy the mini-games along with the bonus rounds exactly like if you were playing for real cash.

    Nevertheless, what is the big difference? Well, you lose the chance to win substantial fat prizes.

    Undoubtedly, you are not sure to win a huge jackpot. Like the majority of us, you will win $ 1 here, $ 0 .20 there, as well as maybe an EPIC AWARD of $ 40. But, while you play with real cash, you are placing the means to obtain the chance to win a prize which will change your life.

    As an example, Georgios M of Greece walked away with about 8. 62 million taking advantage of Mega Moolah at River Belle Casino site in 2009. The year before, a person won 5 .5 million on the very same machine. The probability of winning a jackpot akin to these is over a million to 1.

    Of course, the odds might be against you. However, odds usually do not even exist while you play for free instead of trying to play for real cash. Do you genuinely wish to miss out on the possibility to earn tens of thousands or perhaps huge amounts of money? I truly do not think so. Therefore choose a real cash casino and then start playing now.

    Choose Slots With The Highest Payout Percentage

    As already mentioned, the slot machines are programmed so that 92-97% of the bets are not winning. This means that the odds of winning on each roll are low, but they can be even lower if you do not choose which machine to play with (it does not matter if it’s online or physically in a casino, bar, or game room).

    Now, the question is: how do I know what the payout percentage of each slot machine is? Online Slots: You can use the reports published by the websites of the casino, or you can even inform yourself in forums of casinos where the users share their experience and their knowledge.

    Physical slots (casinos, bars, game rooms): consult with staff and other players in the room. It is also useful to look at a particular slot machine to see if you pay many prizes a day or not.

    Read The Instructions Of The Games

    Well, this may seem very basic or unnecessary; but it is important. When playing an online slot, they usually have bonus stages that open on a different screen when 3 bonus symbols coincide online.

    In these bonus games it is possible to recover enough money, but for this, it is important that you know what the instructions of the game to be prepared. You can also try them first by playing with no money on the web wherever possible.

    Do Not Be Fooled By False Tricks And Myths

    You hear things of all kinds. Since the temperature of the machines can indicate when they will pay, even legends about the situation of the slots in the room and false tricks on patterns that must be found on the machines to know when they will give the next jackpot.

    Play With Maximum Bet

    As we all know, when playing slots it is most likely that the losses will outweigh the winnings. You have to take this into account beforehand to accept it and not fall apart (or to choose another type of casino game). However, if you see a sure chance of winning, one trick is to do it with a maximum bet to make more money.

    The most common is that these cases occur with progressive slots since in them it’s imperative to play with a maximum bet to be able to request the pot in case of winning.   And they are available as you play slots online here

    Finally, the last trick to make money on slots is important: What you win you must put aside and not use it to follow your bets. If you are playing the online slots, you will have to take the accounts well, for example, if you have 50 dollars at the end of the game, those are the ones you have won, and you should not reinvest it.

  18. How to Play Online without Money


    The quiet and serene Berlin streets that we enjoy today were not always this glamorous. Such was a time far beyond the age of free online slots or in a broader perspective, online casino games for example People play these games for the main aim of clinching cash prizes; a factor which has to lead to an unhealthy behavioral addiction. Never the less, there are various players out there who take a rather professional approach to gambling online, not just depending on luck to win.

    As many players would attest to, there is usually an enormous amount of information to take from and to expect in online slots. Free spin slots are what most German citizens would enjoy, and there are various avenues on the web where you can enjoy playing without having to pay.

    Identify Free Spins Bonuses

    There is a host of methods on how gamers can enjoy free spins as they appear in games. Some of the key bonuses associated with free spins include:

    Bonuses of Deposit- as noted, one aspect of promoting a slot player is through using free spins accompanied with a deposit balance. Users should, however, take note of some key issues associated with this technique. Deposits increase wagering requirements, hence ensure the credibility of the situation.
    Bonuses with no Deposit- interestingly, these are more popular among most players because they are free of cash deposits accrued by the player. They are offered freely to new gamers, with no specification whatsoever on their wagering requirements.

    How to Win the Free Spins

    An important point to note about free spins slots is that they do not fall in the bracket of things you can control – a factor which makes it even more captivating to players as they strive to see how much they can win. If your main aim is to save up on money, then it is essential that you equip yourself with the various techniques of winning in online gaming.
    Many gamers today are losing a lot of money, resources that if used, would have led to more gains. It is important that before going into any battle, learn all there is to know about your enemy.
    Some of the tactics that you should especially learn are: how to choose an establishment or casino with a huge variation of payout rates, choose if you’re going to bet on a maximum basis or not, and lastly is to decide whether seeking a bonus does more harm than good to you.

    Pick the Right Casino

    Most casino players do not know that various casinos offer varying payout benefits or policies. As an experienced gamer looking to spare that little penny, look for the establishments with better offers.
    The more you win, the more you increase your chances of receiving a higher pay package. Such is called a ‘payback,’ and anything above ninety percent will prove to be quite advantageous.

    Maximum Betting or Not

    Some of the gaming machines today have much better payments for those who may opt to bet maximally. To better understand this, a good example is by mentioning that while playing some three reel games, you might win up to one thousand Euros while playing one credit line and this is by clinching the symbols likely to pay more.
    Therefore, to create a reason and a purpose for why you’re playing online, hit the top line likely to earn you more funds. Betting on maximum basis is what sets apart such games from others. On this, most video slots offer the same regardless of the number of credit lines you choose to play.
    Lastly, it is necessary to note that while playing maximum bet, you are more likely to incur more. However, the odds are much pleasing than most other games. An example of an online game which applies correctly with maximum betting is ‘The Wizard of Oz.’

    Taking A Bonus or Not

    While playing online slots, there are many instances when the game offers other benefits such as multipliers and bonuses. What happens with a cash bonus is simple, first what the casino will do is it will provide you with an extra one hundred Euros before you even begin to play. Which means if put in one hundred, you will commence playing with a total of two hundred Euros? Some bonuses vary from one casino to another.
    However, in cash bonuses, you have to play a couple of times. Mostly, online gaming centers will insist that you play up to twenty-five times before you can cash in your gains. A number that ensures you have played through the stipulated cash benefits. If the casino doesn’t put this measures in place, then nothing would stop people from taking the cashing in and leaving without even playing.


    It is true that the economy that exists today is quite unstable. Many in the UK and the world over therefore feel the need to save up accordingly and willingly. Necessity requires the practice of such measures. Similarly the same applies to online slots where gamers lose a lot of resources. By following these key guidelines, subscribers are likely to lose less and win more in return.

  19. Online Casino Games: What Computer Hardware Do You Need?

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    It’s no secret that there’s been an explosion in the number of online casino games sites these days. We find it more convenient and fun to play roulette, slots or blackjack from the comfort of our homes. Plus, those websites are open 24/7.

    As you can imagine, playing online casino games is something of a time-sensitive pastime. It’s important that you perform your actions in a timely way. Did you know that the computer you use could be hampering your efforts?

    Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that we seldom realise our systems have become “old”! In today’s blog post, I will share with you some handy tips to improve your chances of winning by beefing up your PC! Here is what you need to know:

    Four cores are better than one

    Most of today’s entry-level systems have single or dual-core processors. To speed up your system, you should invest in a quad-core CPU such as the Intel Core i5. In layman’s terms, a “core” is the computer equivalent of a highway lane.

    The more cores or “lanes” you have, the more information your computer can process at the same time. If you’re running several apps as well as your Web browser, your PC needs to do many things at once. A quad-core CPU will help speed up what it can do. As a result, this reduces any lag or jerkiness from playing online casino games.

    8GB RAM or more is ideal

    Even if you’re running the latest Windows 10 operating system, you should have no less than 8GB RAM. The thing about computer memory is that it’s cheap to buy these days. There isn’t an excuse to increase your system’s RAM.

    It’s unlikely you will benefit from having more than 8GB of RAM installed on your system. But, if you’ve got the cash spare and your motherboard supports it, the more RAM, the better!

    Install a dedicated video card

    Stop using the motherboard’s built-in graphics and fit a video card! Sites like Maria Casino will work fine with an integrated graphics module. But, other websites can be quite graphic-intensive.

    It makes sense to upgrade to a PCI-e video card that boasts at least 2GB RAM. When shopping around for a display card, choose one that gets good reviews by gamers.

    Why? Because they are the kind of people that use graphic-intensive apps and games the most! You can rely on a gamer to tell you if a video card is any good or not.

    A solid-state drive will supercharge your system

    Do you have a mechanical hard drive installed on your computer? If so, it’s time to upgrade to an SSD. In a nutshell, a solid-state drive is a large-capacity flash device, just like a USB memory stick. The only difference is, you can get SSDs that match the capacity of conventional drives.

    Prices have come down a lot in recent years, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade. This is an upgrade that you will notice a difference in immediately. For example, it’ll take less than ten seconds to boot into Windows rather than a minute!

  20. The Pros and Cons of Playing Games on Different Platforms

    It’s a good time to be a gamer. The industry is growing, and new technology is promising to revolutionize the way you game. Virtual reality headsets are hitting the market, and fiber optic broadband is more available to consumers than ever before. Fiber optic broadband promises a stronger Internet connection (no more freezing during crucial battles), which should increase the amount of online games people are playing. With all these advancements, the only real question is how will you choose to play? The following are some pros and cons for playing games on different platforms.

    The Pros and Cons of Computer Gaming

    Computer gaming is awesome, and it will remain a leading way to play games. Computers are more sophisticated with better graphics and more data storage. Consoles will never be able to match a computer’s movement and precision, especially when it comes to first-person shooters. Another obvious pro is the amount of games available to computer gamers. Computers have everything from shooters to casual games, such as the ever-popular The Sims.

    Computers are one of only a couple ways to visit an online casino; you could use your cell phone to download an app, or get a more immersive experience by playing on your computer or laptop. Overall, it’s this versatility that makes computer gaming the best way to game, but it’s not all roses. Here’s a few of the cons of online gaming:

  21. Computers can quickly become outdated and are expensive to replace
  22. Graphics cards are expensive
  23. Computers don’t always come with the specs needed to play popular new titles
  24. read more

  • Top tablets for gaming in 2015

    Top tablets for gaming in 2015

    When Apple introduced the world to their iPad years ago, this was the beginning of the tablet. Since its original inception, these devices have morphed considerably over the years to give users exactly what they want. Today, tablets have become portable computers which can do just about anything. A common use for them is for gaming from high end graphic games like Call of Duty to online casino games at sites like

    Nvidia Shield Tablet
    One of the best gaming tablets on the market today, the Shield comes equipped with a zippy quad core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor. The screen measures 8 inches which will satisfy gamers. However, unlike many other tablets, this one also can be transformed into a gaming console with the additional of an optional wireless controller. This unique feature makes this the ultimate in gaming tablets.

    Tesco Hudl
    While not a well known name in tablets, the Hudl is an excellent choice for gamers that don’t have as much to spend on a high end tablet. The tablet is well designed and is a great option for gaming. The screen size is seven inches which makes it smaller than some other models. However, for gaming on the go many prefer these dimensions.

    iPad Mini 2
    With a screen of almost 8 inches, the resolution is sharp at 2048 x 1536 pixels. While there is a newer version of the iPad mini out, the 2 is still the better model for gaming with a cheaper price. The upgrades to the iPad mini 3 aren’t significant enough to warrant the

    While these are all super gaming tablets, the Nvidia Shield definitely outshines the others because it was designed with gaming in mind. With unique gaming capabilities, you will find it easy to play your favorite online casino games no matter where you may be.

  • The unstoppable rise of Blizzard over the last two decades

    The unstoppable rise of Blizzard over the last two decades

    For those involved in the gaming industry and dedicated gamers, Blizzard Entertainment has been a driving force in the sector for the last 20 years. The company came from humble beginnings, but went on to create the legendary World of Warcraft series. The company has been responsible for revolutionizing how we play games online and has turned PC gaming into a truly global phenomenon.

    The starting point

    Activision Blizzard, as the company is now known, is one of the biggest video games companies, but they didn’t start that way. The original founders formed the company as Silicon and Synapse in 1991 and their initial work was simple coding games with basic designs. They continued to develop their formats and launched their first original games, The Lost Vikings and Rock and Roll Racing in 1993.

    Following this, the company focused on traditional strategy games combined with platform puzzles and in 1994 changed their name to Blizzard. That year saw the launch of the first version of Warcraft. This game utilized the ideas of Tolkien’s stories, bringing in strategy tactics with a fantasy theme. The Warcraft series not only appealed to traditional gamers, but also brought in new ones.

    The development of Blizzard

    Blizzard continued to develop their technical capabilities with the aim of creating games that real life gamers want to play. They released Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness at the end of 1995. Another of their successful formats was Diabolo, which offered gamers simple combat moves but became completely addictive. Starcraft became 1998’s most successful game and sold more than 1.5 million copies.

    When Blizzard came to develop Warcraft III they wanted to bring the players and characters closer by introducing new elements and taking the game into a third dimension. By 2004, Blizzard had taken the Warcraft concept to a new level by introducing World of Warcraft, opening up the possibilities for new versions. The World of Warcraft family continues to grow, introducing new gamers to the platform and keeping in touch with the hard-core fans.

    One of the driving forces behind Blizzard’s success has been Bobby Kotick who is the current President and CEO. He has decades of experience in the technology sector and has been involved in some of the most influential game launches, including World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Call of Duty. He has been central in driving the business forward and creating teams that have the creative vision to develop these innovative and exciting games.

    Growth of online

    Blizzard was one of the founders of the online gaming format as we know it now. This element helped to boost the success of the Warcraft series, which originally used LAN and modems. These real time strategy games are now one of the most popular PC formats.

    By the time Blizzard launched Warcraft II, the game didn’t just allow players to have two or eight player matches, but it also worked with Kali so players could go online. This element of the game went on to become more influential in future Blizzard projects. When they launched Diablo it came with a free online platform,, which extended the reach of the game online without gamers having to go through a third party platform.

    As the World of Warcraft genre has developed, Blizzard’s use of the online platform has increased. This has enabled gamers to interact with others across the globe and turn the brand into a worldwide phenomenon that doesn’t show any signs of waning.

    As the gaming industry has developed and become more technologically advanced, Blizzard has continued to grow alongside it. This has enabled the company to keep in touch with their fans and produce games that are popular the world over.

  • 4 Awesome Tips For Online Gaming Newbies

    Are you new to the gaming world? Do you want to learn more about what it takes to be an amazing online gamer? Yes – then you are in the right place.

    Today, online gaming is one of the world’s most popular hobbies. As technology has advanced, and different types of games have been introduced, gaming has become more and more popular.

    While a lucky few use gaming to earn a living, for most gamers, gaming is simply a way to let loose and have fun. Either way, you are in the right place.

    Regardless of whether you are aiming to build a career in gaming or have simply taken up gaming as a new hobby, these awesome tips will put you on the right track to where you want to be.

    1. Start off with free gaming sites

    There are so many fantastic gaming sites online that as a newbie to the gaming world, it can be a little overwhelming choosing the best site to start off on. To help narrow your choice of sites down, our top tip would be to start off using free gaming sites like Playberry and Addicting Games.

    While you can choose to use sites that require a fee, why waste your money? Start off using free sites and then over time as your gaming skills improve, you can then start using paid sites. When choosing a paid site, make sure to choose one that offers a months free membership, as this will allow you to get an idea of whether the site is right for you and your gaming needs.

    1. Download Google Chrome

    Not every online game works well with all internet browsers. When you pick a game and go to start playing a message may pop up on your screen saying the game is not supported by your browser- this means you need to swap the internet browser you use.

    Each internet browser supports different online games, but one of the best to install is Google Chrome, as the browser can be used to play pretty much all online games. This will save time in the future and prevent you from having to download two or three different browsers.

    1. Update Java

    Before you start gaming, make sure to check that your computer’s Java is up to date. Otherwise, you will be unable to play certain games online.

    Java comes free on most computers and laptops and has regular updates that need to be done. If your Java is out of date, go online and download the newest update for it.

    1. Get super fast broadband

    To be able to play games online, you will need a superfast broadband connection. Otherwise, your games may take ages to buffer and then, as you play, may jump and get stuck.

    For the ultimate online gaming experience, a super fast broadband connection is crucial. To enjoy lag-free gaming, you will need a pretty good internet connection – ask your internet provider what the best internet speed they offer is.

    Top tip: If you are part of an online gaming team having fast internet is crucial – if your internet fails, you could mess everything up for your team.

    Picture link


  • Top 10 FREE Sports Games for iPhone 2014

    Get into the sporting mode, folks! iPhone has got some of the best and awesome Sports games in 2014. Without spending your time searching which games are the best; if you have a app you can submit here, see the list that will help you decide to start downloading the top 10 FREE Sports Games of this year.


    • FIFA 14 by EA SPORTSHaven’t got over with the FIFA World Cup yet? Try FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS, you are about to be thrilled by another level of gaming experience. From creating your own team, over 33 leagues around the world, to playing multiplayer you name it and they have it.Download it from here:
    • 8 Ball Pool™Kill that leisure time with 8 Ball Pool™! Various options of playing in the arcade mode or competing against rivals for the Pool Coins to keep you yearning for more. Earn coins to buy cues from the Pool Shop or use it to play against higher ranked opponents.Download it from here: 
    • Touch Hockey: FS5 (FREE)If fast paced sport is what you are looking for then Touch Hockey: FS5 (FREE) is your game. Quick response and great graphics is what sets this game apart from the rest. You can play with your friend via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and set different level on arcade mode.Download it from here: 
    • DartsWell Handcrafted Dart boards, 3D graphics and the games lets you put photos on the board to shoot the dart at; gives Darts game a delight to play. There is multiplayer option in the game in high level gaming experience.Download it from here: 
    • My Bowling 3DHow about having bowling alley in your pocket? Indeed, My Bowling 3D gives you the ultimate bowling experience and the game is designed very close to reality. The overall gaming takes you to another level of fun and enjoyment.Download it from here: 
    • My Golf 3DWhether the its raining or sunny day; My Golf 3D is the game for anytime and anywhere golf game. The golf course is designed with interactive obstacles to make it real. System rating from rookie to legend for your play.Download it from here: 
    • Downhill XtremeThe Downhill Xtreme comes very close real life is the word from the professional riders. Compete against top players across different locations and battle against crews to unlock advanced level features. Customize your character, hire coaches and upgrades in the thrilling career mode.Download it from here: 

    =&27=&=&1=&=&1=&Mountain Bike and BMX fans are in for treat! High end graphics, career mode along with new bikes and tracks is what makes =&30=&

  • Enjoy The Best Slots Games Online

    Enjoy The Best Slots Games Online 

    Of the various online casino games that people choose to play online, slots games are generally the most favorite. I love playing slots games on online casino websites, and have explored different websites that offer free casino video games, a perfect gaming destination for slots lovers. However, I personally like the best. I have compiled the following list of features that I think provided me great value for money.

  • Clean And Crisp Presentation: All the slots games are arranged in a clean and crisp manner on the website, which makes it really easy for me to find the game of my choice. The thumbnails for each game are appropriately sized to prevent any chances of confusion due to similar appearance. Moreover, the name of the game is also written below each thumbnail in large print which enables me to read it clearly.
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  • Fast Free Fun for All: Seven Online Game Sites You Probably Haven’t Heard of Yet

    Fast Free Fun for All

    The days of Mario Bros aren’t quite dead yet, but more and more gamers are moving online to play free video games. Innovative programming and graphics applications have made online gaming more accessible and better than ever. If you’re into gaming, but you’re tired of waiting for the newest release on your Xbox or Playstation, try online gaming.

    Of course, you can always surf sites like Vuze that offer a wealth of information on copyright free content. Always keep in mind that you are responsible for the games you download. Many users get on sites similar to this, and start sharing copyright-protected games. That’s going to land you in a lot of hot water if you’re caught. And, don’t think you have a lot of privacy on these sites. You don’t. Law enforcement and government agencies routinely scour torrent sites for illegal downloading. Fortunately, there are tons of free sites out there that are legal and free.

    Games For Brain

    Looking for games that will tease your brain? Exercise your mind on this site – full of puzzles, logic games, and various brainteasers. This site isn’t going to interest you if you’re more of an action junkie. Some of these games are really hard. But, if you’re aim is to keep your mind active, this site has a lot going for it.

    MiniClip Games

    This is one of the few places online where you can find free games for your kids, or games that will appeal to the kid in you. Popular games like Sudoku, Heli Attack 3 and Runescape are all here. It’s easy to get lost on this site – just a fair warning.


    It sounds fun, doesn’t it? This is the site to visit if you want to play multiplayer games. All games are web-based, and it’s pretty easy to navigate. Many of the games are ones you’ve probably not heard of before, but some of them are actually quite fun.


    This is one of the coolest places online for free web games. The best part about this site is the flash design and the cool background music. It might just make you feel nostalgic.

    PopCap Games

    PopCap Games are simple games that let you “get in and get out.” Don’t let that fool you though. They’re highly addictive, even with their simplistic design. Plants vs Zombies – admit it, you want to play it and you don’t know anything about the gameplay.

    As the name says, has games that are, well, addicting. This is honestly not a site you want to hang around if you have work to do. You’ll end up wasting the entire day. They have pretty much everything from racing games to action-adventure.

    Choose from shooting, strategy, cars, sports, action, puzzle games, funny games, and even games aimed specifically at girls.

    Atari Games

    Remember Atari? Now you can play your old favorites for free online. This sites houses all of the old Atari classics and some you might not have heard of.

    Julie Brunet is a web enthusiast with a passion for finding gems of online entertainment. She enjoys sharing her discoveries and their innovations on web and social blogs.


  • latest Top 10 paid action games for iphone 2014


    Games have been capable of delivering people with a blissful experience for generations. Their presence helps people to stay calm and relaxed in combination with hours and hours of enjoyment. Not only that but also mental development is also a benefit that a few might not know about them. The Game industries are also flourishing which ensures that there are going to be a lot of games coming up to keep the people busy for the upcoming years.

    You can find numerous consoles available in the market, but nowadays the portability and quality of the games have become so advanced that you can find them in your phones as well. For instance, you Iphone has a variety of games to play with; and numerous genres to choose from makes it hard for you to select the one that you can find worth paying for. If you prefer action genre then this list can help you figure out the top paid games suitable for your standards in the present year i.e. 2014.

    So our countdown list for the top paid action games for Iphone 2014 is:


    It has been a few years now since its arrival and still it has been a fan favourite. Angry Birds is one such games that truly defined the smart phone games present today.


    The game is an open world action-adventure games which comprises of a variety of elements similar to the popular game Minecraft but setup in a 2D world.


    For action RPG lovers, the game provides with the perfect tools to have hours and hours of fun in the open world of the game. With a multitude of weapons and armoury to choose from, it delivers the same RPG experience as preferred by all.


    We all loved the first, now the developers have brought up the second in the franchise giving you another fun filled, action-packed game play that you will surely love.


    Your favourite console games have been brought to the small screen as well. Get the same action-adventure drama that you loved on your console systems, ready to be enjoyed on your iphones.


    The game delivers an addictive approach towards protecting your territory against hordes of zombies. It has been quite popular among gamers and now is available at a lower price to give you a wonderful action filled experience


    Tower defence games have been quite popular among fans, and that is exactly what this latest part of Bloon is capable of exhibiting to the audience. The game delivers better gameplay and features than its predecessor ensuring a mesmerizing experience defending your region.


    The game was so popular that, it has now been released in this pocket version. People love Minecraft and are still into it. Its childish graphics might have fooled you to until you played the game yourself and realized how brilliant it was. This pocket edition delivers a similar experience like you had on your PCs.


    Get ready for some spook filled action as you keep track of the horrors of the Freddy Frazbear’s Pizza shop. You play as a guard and survive the five nights facing those monstrosity in the area.


    No doubt RPGs have something in them to deliver to all ages. You can have PVP action or fight to level up for performing better with a plethora of weapons and armours. Stay connected with your friends in this open world game full of action and a commendable story-line.


  • Games you should try for a good experience

    Mobile applications will give a great experience

    There are quite a number of mobile games are available in the market nowadays. After the launch of android operating system, suddenly there is a flood of mobile games in the market. Though there are so many available, most of them vanish without a trace. It is only some that stand the test of times. Some of them only capture a special place in the heart of gamers. Here are some of them that are bound to capture a place in your heart too.

    Sector Strike

  • Sector strike is one of the newly launched games which has changed the vocabulary of gaming shooters.  This game is specially designed for those who like shooting games and for all those who are confident about their reflexes. In this game, various deadly missiles are available using which you can destroy your enemies completely. As well as that there are different skins available for your aircraft which are designed for those who love to play in style.
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