About the Domain Authority checker tool


When we searching for any products or services on Google, then we can see countless websites are available where some of the websites remains to be better than the other websites while some websites are still struggling to come forward. The main question is that how do we know about the website which are good and really doing well with valid reputation. Now we come to a solution how these websites are generally judge their domain value because of the well known tool called domain authority checker. In which this tool judges the websites on some criteria and provide the result whether it is a good status or not.

What is Domain Authority?

In general terms domain Authority is determined as DA is a statistical measure which is used to find the reputation of a particular website that is provided by the SEOMOZ or in the better way it is also known as MOZ. It does not remains same as like the domain authority page but it tells about the overall ranking potential of the entire domain or subdomain where the page authority is a non ranking potential of single web page. One can find their own domain authority of their website just by using the quality domain checker or Domain Authority checker tool.

Domain authority checker tool is one of the finest tool to identify their own domain authority among all other websites and here arises the next question how to use the domain authority checker in simple words it works are listed below

  •    It checks the authority of one’s website for their view
  •  It gives scores ranging from 0to 100.
  •  This tool is extremely user friendly to use.
  •  The user should enter the URL of the website to inspect its authority then let the tool to run in order to check the ranking.
  •  The result will be provided in fast manner which will share not only the domain authority but also with page authority.

Why people tend to use online domain checker?

Domain name is an identification which represents the authority of website there are several parts in the domain names which are technically meant as labels and dots. They also have several sub- ordinated levels such as TLAs or top level domain which consists of predominant domains like .info, .net and .org. Even this level includes different country also like .ca for Canada, .De for Germany and for Australia its .au. The online domain authority checker has several benefits to the user which are listed below.

  •  It ensure brand protection
  • It increases the visibility and traffic on online
  •  It helps customers to remember the websites with domain name because the IP address would be too different to remember

The online domain authority checker is the one that can check single domain or user can also check bulk domains up to 20 domain names in a single check in which the user can save the time.