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What are Cold Emails? A Beginners Guide to Cold Emailing Practices

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Though the definition of cold emails may seem obvious, it is important to understand what separates cold emails from other marketing tools

If you run a business or are in the professional world, it’s very likely that you’ve heard about cold emailing before. Though it’s a well known and common practice, there is still a lot of underlying confusion as to what cold emails are and are not. So, even if you’ve been considering integrating a cold email campaign into your sales plan — or are just plain curious — keep reading to find out what cold emails are and how they should be used. read more

11 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Still King for Every Business

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Great content makes a great business. As content is one of the vital reasons for web users to use the web, it has gained huge importance in businesses. Thus, content marketing has immense popularity and is said to be king for every business. 

Wondering what exactly is content marketing? It is a powerful marketing technique of creating, publishing, and distributing relevant, meaningful, engaging, and consistent content to captivate audiences and drive profitable action. Although content marketing has been there for a long time, it has never lost its importance. It is still a powerful marketing strategy to grow your business no matter how big or small it is.  read more

Tips to Improve UX Design for SEO

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Agreed, quality backlinks and powerful keywords are still important SEO factors. But what is more important for Google is user experience. According to search engines like Google SEO is far beyond just link building and keywords. Many significant evolutions have happened since the beginning of SEO. One of the most crucial ones is UX (User Experience). The search engine giant, Google has started to rank websites that provide better user experience on top a long time ago. So, improving your site’s UX is the most important step you should take in case you haven’t worked on it yet. read more

6 Can’t Miss Marketing Tips for Realtors

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The real estate market is interestingly competitive. Home buying and selling require top-tier expertise and professionalism. Research estimates that 87% of home buyers purchase property via a realtor.

As a real estate agent, drawing potential clients is primarily your responsibility. How you market yourself determines how far you go in closing successful transactions. An effective marketing strategy fundamentally dictates the business progress. read more

Why you should focus on SEO for your business

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There are plenty of methods of marketing your business. However, one could argue that there is no method more effective than SEO. We are going to assume that you already have a rough idea of how SEO works, so let us teach you why you should focus on SEO for your business. 

Most people will find you through the search engines read more

Importance Of Studying A Marketing Course

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Marketing is by far considered as one of the broadest fields. It’s a field where you have several career opportunities. Students may have the same qualification but are able to go into different professions. However, even though now you can simply go to the web, type, “help me do my homework,” and get your assignments done easily, business marketing is an intrusive course to study. Therefore, why should you study marketing? read more

Influencer Marketing Success

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Influencer marketing is social media marketing that takes advantage of product mentions, endorsements, and demos from influencers. These influencers tend to have dedicated social media followings and are seen as experts in their areas of focus. Influencer marketing is not the same as traditional marketing, since it evolves and grows far more quickly and demands more from the companies behind the social media promotions. Below we’ll detail the benefits of influencer marketing and how to use it successfully in the global marketplace.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has far more market advantages than more traditional forms of advertising. It increases the credibility of your brand in a personal and professional manner online. It showcases product usefulness and breaks through the myths about products that propagate on review board sites. The public sees it as a far more honest form of advertising than traditional commercials or online ads. It also increases company and brand visibility on search engines. All of these advantages come together to make influencer marketing an extremely useful tool for increasing a brand’s online footprint and sales.

Building an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

The first step toward putting together an effective influencer marketing strategy is the selection of influencers. The influencers you choose to work with will promote products on the most popular social media sites for your target audience. You won’t make much progress if your products, for example, are primarily for people 20 to 30 years old, and older and younger age groups are the ones that frequent the social media platforms your influencers use.

Make sure your influencers focus on recorded video and live video content since social media platforms tend to prioritize showing those sorts of posts above all others. Find out when activity on the relevant social media sites is at its peak, so your influencers can post when the largest possible number of users can see them.

Succeeding as a Social Media Influencer

The most successful social media influencers have a few things in common. They have a deep understanding of the products and brands they market, including their histories, advantages, and the customer groups they target. They use graphic design, video editing, and storytelling to create an emotional connection between would-be customers and the products they showcase. They also have strong public speaking skills and favor video posts.

Finally, they have a deep understanding of behavioral psychology. If an influencer understands why customers react the way they do to different forms of market stimuli, they can tailor their work to be far more effective than it could be otherwise. It is vital to diversify the social media platforms you operate on, so you can reach and influence the largest possible customer base.

Influencer marketing success is built through implementing effective strategies, like the ones listed above. Companies and influencers that following these guidelines are far more likely to succeed than those who do not. Take advantage of these tips, and you’ll find yourself in a stronger position in terms of market influencing than you would have been otherwise.

What Can A Digital Marketing Consultant Do For Your Business?

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When it comes to digital marketing and seeking help, there are a number of different options.

You may want to work with an agency, where you pay for professionals to manage and implement part or all of your online strategy for you.

Or, you may prefer to opt for digital marketing consultancy, whereby you work with the professional to devise and implement your strategy effectively. You might be thinking ‘oh but that involves more work’, but actually, the value you receive from the service is far greater. You can use the knowledge and expertise you have gained from your consultancy to positively influence your future strategies and overall success!

What’s more, you may not need support in every aspect of managing your online presence, but that’s fine – you can use your time with a digital marketing consultant as you wish.

If you find a skilled and experienced digital marketing consultant, every penny you invest in their time will no doubt be completely worth it.

Let’s see how consultancy can help you to improve every aspect of your business’ digital strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

 SEO is arguably the most important part of any digital marketing strategy. You might have a beautiful and easy-to-use site, but if no one knows you exist, what’s the point?

Unfortunately, the SERPs these days are like a minefield, it takes serious hard work, time and patience to get yourself noticed. On top of this, even once you have reached a top position, Google’s algorithms change practically every day, so rankings will fluctuate all the time.

Having a professional who is trained in SEO and clued up on all the strategies and tasks involved in improving your rankings will take a lot of the pressure and worry away. As well as helping you to gain an understanding of how Google rankings work, what to do to boost your position and what not to do, they can put your mind at ease about any delays in ranking or sudden fluctuations. Plus, the great thing about consultancy is you can take on board everything they know and use it to benefit your future strategies.

When considering investing in consultancy services, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Bigfoot Digital offer a professional digital marketing and SEO consultancy service, where they share their years of experience and a plethora of expertise with a wide range of clients. Their methods always prioritise ROI and are completely results-focused, so you know your money is going to bring you conversions.

 Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

 CRO should go hand in hand with your SEO strategy, as if your site is not converting, all your other efforts go to waste. A digital marketing consultant can use their experience and knowledge of how to optimise conversions to analyse your site and provide valuable advice on any potential improvements/changes that need to be made.

It is highly useful to have an external perspective for this part of your online strategy, as you and your employees will have a deep knowledge of your desired customer journey already, meaning you may not spot any obstacles as easily. It is all well and good having a site that looks the part, but usability is essential. A consultant will be able to identify any potential issues and you can learn how to do the same, as you should always have a CRO strategy on the go.

 Social Media Marketing

 Online marketing consultancy can also help you to develop and implement an effective Social Media Marketing strategy. Practically everyone is on social media these days, and businesses are utilising it to engage with potential clients and build their brand reputation. Don’t miss out!

Work with a consultant to identify your brand persona and get started. Do you want your brand to be seen as light-hearted and fun? Or does your service require a more mysterious and formal aesthetic? Social media marketing professionals can use and share their skills to help you pinpoint who your brand is and what you will offer people through your engagement. You should always stay consistent when planning and putting into action your social media marketing.

 Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

 What more can a digital marketing consultant do, you may ask? Well, if you find the right one, a lot more. PPC ads are a great way to boost your online presence by allowing you to place ads on social media or Google itself.

Having a digital marketing consultant to assist you with the process of planning, writing and putting into action your ads is a surefire way to ensure that they bring you success. This way, you hopefully won’t waste any money on your ads and you can learn tips and tricks for your future ad campaigns! When it comes to Facebook, in particular, can be picky with the types of ads that they allow, so it is worth working with a professional to make sure that your content doesn’t go to waste. Plus, if your ads are repeatedly rejected it can harm the likelihood of them targeting the right people in the future.

 Content Marketing

 What else can they do to help? You may have members of staff that produce high-quality and valuable content for your site, but a digital marketing consultant can advise you on writing content that ranks on Google and really sells.

To help you tackle this, a good consultancy service should guide you to gain a deep understanding of what it is that your target market really want to see online and assist you in producing content that delivers just that. A consultant can also benefit you by advising how to improve and optimise your existing content for SEO and CRO purposes.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what a digital marketing consultant can do for your business. However, as you can hopefully see, it is worthwhile investing in some time with a professional to benefit your existing and future digital marketing strategies.


10 ultimate Tips For an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

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Email marketing is one of the most influential marketing channels. It is the part of the whole marketing strategy and a business plan. It helps in marketing the products and services by using email channels for making the profit and reaching the objectives. Even research has shown that email marketing is useful in generating sales than any other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Because of this reason, it is better to follow the tips that are an ultimate email marketing toolkit for making email strategy useful. Moreover, 67% of marketing professionals say that producing high content is the key for every company who wants to attain the sales via email marketing.

  • Organize the subscriber list
    Even though there is a long list of emails for the prospects and clients, never stop adding new members to this list. Make sure that the email list is growing passively where there is a sign-up functionality. There must always be a subscription form which directs to the blog, home page, and everywhere else where there should be relevant content. Few niches follow a great job of gathering email subscribers on to their homepage that comprises a sign-up box.
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    10 Reason Why PPC (Pay Per Click) is important for your Business

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    Pay Per Click(PPC) is one of the best processes of online advertising implemented on great platforms such as search engines- Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and by social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. As the name suggests that the cost to run an advertisement relies on the number of individuals who click on the advertisement. The more clicks, more the advertisement will cost.

    There is a great value for PPC in Digital marketing. Other than existing marketing tools, PPC stood as the best online marketing technique. It is a process of making the ad go online and is paid when a person clicks on it. For those people who use search engine regularly, PPC can be an easy and better way. PPC allows attracting the exact audience by mentioning the exact keywords and description. When someone clicks on the ad, then it is paid.

    Using Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising, there are several benefits. PPC is an added value of Google Adwords. Naturally, PPC is a quick process and works comfortably with other channels for marketing. It has a positive and major impact on any type of business. If any individual or business is not making use of PPC marketing, valuable traffic and profit will be lost.

    Here are some relevant benefits of PPC advertising for any business.

    1. The fastest approach for gaining targeted visitors

    For any online business, traffic is treated to be the first step, traffic here refers to the targeted traffic that means only potential customers are to be focused more on generating sales and leads to the business.

    For that SEO is one of the best processes in online marketing for targeting the traffic, but it takes a few time that could be revamped by using PPC.

    With Google AdWords, it is easy to select the most appropriate keywords to include in the ad and that ad should appear on the top list of Google search results. With many demographic features of Facebook, it is easy to reach the most targeted audience.

    But many businesses make a huge profit through online PPC. Their major success is gained by having quality products, highly optimized campaigns on PPC. Although, these terms cannot be maintained from the beginning of the business. SEO alone cannot help in increasing the business growth, so use instant PPC marketing for achieving organic results.

    1. Trackable and Measurable

    PPC is always easy to track and measure. With a combination of Google Analytics with Adwords tool, it is easy for the use by anyone who has some knowledge of both the tools. High-level impressions, conversions, and clicks are seen when PPC is used.

    With PPC, statistics are shown on how campaigns are performing and the type of traffic they are receiving and the expected results.  For analyzing the traffic to any dedicated pages on the website, it becomes easy to track clearly the conversion graph using Google Analytics. Sales happen easily and instantly with this type of marketing.

    1. Works comfortably with other channels

    PPC online advertising is treated as the best marketing strategy and it is comfortable to work with other marketing channels. While doing dynamic search ad campaigns, PPC enables to find the best keyword that targets the long-term SEO. For local SEO to drive customers to doorsteps or enable enquiries from the customers who are looking for services and products.

    PPC helps to strengthen the mobile marketing and helps to make more installs for mobile marketing. With PPC, it is easy to get a number of email signups and improve the email marketing campaigns.

    1. Suitable for any budget

    For all the small businesses, it is suggested to choose PPC online advertising for developing their brand and grow their business. Campaigns on PPC can be profitable because they remain within the budget of any small business. And they don’t have any cost controls over campaigns. For any financial situations, a PPC campaign can be varied accordingly with respect to the size of any business.

    1. Numerous targeting options

    For brand exposure, many advertisers involve multi-layered targeting approach in Adwords to ensure full coverage across the other targeting types.

    Targeting can be done through running ads, text ads, remarketing the past behavior, concentrating more on demographics over display network.

    By going back to the goal conversation for any business, it might be a best practice and can set expectations with respect to the cost-per-click per acquisition by comparing with various targeting methods. The best benefit of PPC is, reaching out to the people who aren’t in the audience can also be targeted and help in developing the brand awareness.

    1. It acts as an Integral part of any Marketing Campaign

    PPC acts as the base of a complete marketing campaign. It provides an insight into what will work fine while creating a website. It helps to optimize the website for many search engines and denotes which keyword is best to attract more customers. It pushes to collect email addresses for the future use. It also helps in retargeting the campaigns.

  • Efficient for Marketing Viability
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