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What can I do with Cloud Windows VM/VPS

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A Windows Virtual Machine (VM) or Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a program that emulates a computer system and offers the same functionality as a physical Windows server. VM performs and executes tasks exactly like an isolated standalone server, it can be rebooted independently and have its own administrator access, users, IP address, Memory process, etc. The cool thing about Windows VPS is you can use it for whatever you like exactly like your computer at home. Let’s explore some of the great uses of Windows VM/VPS: read more

What Is Copy Trading

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Forex is not rocket science, but learning to profit from currency values requires time and intellectual effort. Before engaging in real trading, it’s worth exploring all the educational opportunities the platform can offer. Aside from training with the risk-free demo account, newbies have another valuable option — copy trading. This article reveals the basics of copy trading with FXTM, one of the most prominent UK brokers.

The Basic Principle

The idea of copying trades is based on delegation, and it is also used in the realm of stocks. Rather than analysing currency trends and placing orders by yourself, you trust a finance expert with managing a portion of your money. Subsequently, all the operations they perform are replicated — or copied — into your account. Basically, it looks as if you were making identical decisions.

For a rookie, it is a good opportunity to improve their understanding of Forex trading. Fear of making costly mistakes is a common motivation. Confidence is not gained overnight. However, it is also used by exchange veterans when they are pushed for time.

By connecting traders, the phenomenon has essentially given rise to a social trading network. Since its emergence, it has fundamentally transfigured the realm of currency exchange. Copy trading saves time and effort while ensuring the funds are being managed by a professional.

How It Works

Any client of a reliable broker like FXTM can sign up for the service. This will connect a share of their personal funds with the account of a professional known as strategy manager. The actions taken on the market get replicated based on a pre-set proportion. This includes opened and closed positions, Stop Loss and Take Profit orders.

Once the accounts are linked, you will see the expert’s open trades and future actions copied. The process is automatic, with zero effort required on your part. The arrangement makes a trader’s life easier by helping to invest wisely — essentially, by proxy. Hence, it is not rendered free of charge.

The size of the commission varies from broker to broker. It is often paid as a fixed monthly subscription. In another existing scenario, it constitutes 10% of the profit. From $500 gained by investing $1000 of your funds, $50 goes to the copied trader.

Retain Full Control

Importantly, you still have the freedom to manage the copied trades as you see fit. Even though the scheme involves an experienced currency trader, it should not be perceived as completely risk-free. Therefore, credible brokers allow you to terminate the relationship when necessary.

Start small to test the waters. If the strategy manager’s behaviour is effective, you can increase the portion of funds to the maximum. Since no legal investment is completely risk-free, remember that higher amounts come with higher risks.

This also explains why diversifying makes sense. Connect to several traders and monitor their results closely. If you find some of the trades unacceptable, most platforms will allow you to cancel their replication.

Limitations That Apply

In most cases, certain restrictions are imposed on how much you can invest through a copied trader. For instance, this may be limited to 20% of your total funds. Hence, with $2,000 in your account, you may choose to trust the trader with $200, or 10%, increasing the share later.

What Traders to Copy

FXTM monitors the performance of all available experts and ranks them for your convenience. The rating is based on several performance indicators, including the length of experience, investment return, and more. This way, you can easily see how well a manager has been doing to understand their potential.

5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business

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So, you have an idea for a brand new business… congratulations! The first step of coming up with an entrepreneurial idea is sometimes the hardest one. Coming up with a business idea isn’t just a color scheme and logo; business ideas should convey a strong message and solve a problem. Before you start delving into business loans and nitty-gritty details, ask yourself these five questions.

1.Why Am I Doing This?

What is your goal with this business? Is it to simply have the title of an entrepreneur? Your reason for starting a business should be passionate. It’s no secret that many start-up companies fail within five years. Some reasons that businesses fail are bankruptcy, being unable to compete with other companies, or when other life events interrupt. So, if you want your business to be successful, you need to have a clear understanding of your motivation and the type of company you should start.

2.What’s My Vision for this Business?

Once you realize what you want to do, it becomes easier to envision the future of your business. As you brainstorm, write down your vision. These ideas can transition to your business plan. A business plan outlines the goals of your business, how you plan on achieving them, and the timeline you predict. You should discuss your vision and plan with others to make sure your goals are realistic, plus, sharing your plan with others will help keep you accountable. Creating a vision should excite you; if you feel that your plan doesn’t fit with your “why” then you should make some modifications.

3.How Will I Start?

Thinking of a business idea and how you’d make it work is one thing, but making that idea come to life is entirely different. Why? Because it requires money. Starting a business is not a cheap endeavor. Websites, office/retail space, and product manufacturing all cost money. You should never cut corners, but when you are first starting and can’t afford some necessities, make a list of the funds you will need to start. If you are selling a product, you might consider selling it online or at outdoor markets before you decide to rent a space. This can save you start-up costs and can help build a client/customer base.

 4.How Will I Manufacture My Product?

If you want your business to manufacture and sell a certain product, then you’ll need to research different factories and businesses that can help. Besides researching, try asking other businesses for referrals. Once you decide on a manufacturer, you’ll need to develop a contract that protects your intellectual property and prepares your prototype. Manufacturers like use these prototypes, along with a detailed description to design your product.

 5.What’s My Competition?

Know your competition before you start. Even those with a really unique business idea may be surprised to see there is already a market for it. Research your competition and try to learn what weaknesses they seem to have so that you can avoid them. Being aware of your competition allows you to make differences in branding, advertising, and your product.

Before you jump into the exciting chaos of starting a business, consider your answer to these questions.





Blockchain Technology Launches a Revolution in Online Gambling

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The potential of blockchain technology makes it possible to change many industries and areas of life. But in none of them, these changes are more pronounced than in the online gambling industry. And if you want to check it yourself, make sure to visit

Online Gambling will Become Better

In simple terms, a blockchain is an ever-growing list of records called blocks that are connected, protected and control each other’s authenticity. Its introduction into the gambling industry gives it countless advantages.

The simplest application of blockchain is to increase the speed of transactions between an institution and its customers. In some cases, the withdrawal of funds from the online casino site can take from 3 to 5 days, and the blockchain can make such operations instant. The problem of high costs during transactions is also solved since operations with cryptocurrencies are much cheaper than working with fiat money through banks.

The online gambling industry is experiencing a lack of trust. Due to centralization, customers cannot be sure that a casino or poker room does not work against them and does not change the odds of winning in their favor. Institutions, in turn, are not sure that the client does not use cheats and other methods of unfair play. Blockchain allows you to make the work of gambling sites transparent so that each side can make sure the gameplay is clean.

Access to gaming services is limited by the ability to use banking services, so people who do not have access to banks or live in countries where financial institutions do not work with gaming transactions cannot participate in online gambling. Using cryptocurrencies allows the gambling industry to reach new customers and gives people the freedom to participate in gambling.

The Implementation of Blockchain Technology is Gaining Momentum

Despite all the advantages, distributed technologies are still poorly used in online gambling. But in the future, the industry will not do without them. Further distribution will be facilitated by the creation of specialized tokens, which will be created taking into account the needs of game operators, their customers, and partners.

Now, the deeper penetration of cryptocurrencies into gambling is hindered by the regulation of the gambling business, which is not synchronized with the regulation of digital currencies. Some casinos operate outside the legal field or with licenses issued by dubious organizations, which creates a threat to customers. This problem can also be solved with blockchain.

Technology can protect the institutions themselves, which often become platforms for laundering money obtained by criminal means. The potential of cryptocurrency technologies can even help people with gaming addiction problems, effectively limiting their access to games.


The gambling industry is known for its ups and downs. In most cases, this causes suspicions among the players regarding the honesty of the organizers or institutions in general. However, the ultimate transparency that blockchain technology offers us can finally break this circle of mistrust and lay a new foundation for ideas about gambling.

 Creative Pins and Badges for Company Branding

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Marketing your company is an essential part of promoting your brand. It ensures that people know more about your company, which is a great thing. The use of promotional materials to brand your company requires creativity and consistency in distributing the materials so that as many people as possible can see them. If you are planning to use pins and badges, then we will guide you on how to make them stand out once they are distributed. With this, they will definitely yield positive results for your company.

Important Considerations with Pins and Badges

Before you can embark on designing and making the badges and pins for branding your company, there are several things to keep in mind. But first, it is important to brainstorm with your marketing and IT department to know how trending marketing strategies are working. All in all, consider these things before you prepare your pins and badges for branding purposes.

  • Incorporating your company logo – the most important thing when making pins and badges is the company logo. Actually, enamel  pins, metal badges or any other type that is printed with the company logo is enough to market it if their size does not allow any other form of printing. Ensure that the logo fits and that it is visible from a distance. Remember that people do not just wear the pins and badges and stand for people to notice them; thus, the logo should be visible even when someone is passing.
  • The colors – the logo, background color, and any other printing or writing on the badge or the pin should be associated with your company.     Avoid too many colors that will cause confusion or make your pin unattractive. With this, you can try as much as possible to choose a few of the vibrant colors in your company logo or marketing to use.
  • The material – uses material that is durable and that will give users a reason to wear the pins and badges. Their purpose can dictate the type of material to be used. For instance, pins and badges to be used by kids can be made of hardened plastic or light metal. But those to be used in corporate functions should be made of high-quality metal like steel or aluminum to give more value. After all, they will come out looking more premium as opposed to cheap plastic badges.
  • The cost – when making these products, the cost should be factored in for them to make marketing sense. Beginners may decide to produce a few high-quality badges and pins to reduce their costs within the set budget. Alternatively, they can order many cheaper badges and pins within the same budget. When other factors are considered, one should know which direction to take.
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    RAPID PROTOTYPING SERVICE Strategies For Beginners

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     It is a tough job to convert ideas to actual end products. Prototyping the idea, followed by getting feedback and implementing the same are some of the skills that you being a product manufacturer should possess. In this article we would talk all about rapid prototyping, so that if you are a beginner, then things would get really clear for you.

    What is rapid prototyping all about?

     Rapid prototyping is basically an iterative process that is used to visualize the outcomes of a website or application, so as to take feedback from the users and other stakeholders. Then adhering to the same, the designer would be able to make necessary changes in the overall designing process. Rapid prototyping basically enhances the quality of design by enhancing the communication between different parties. This also reduces the risks of producing low quality and irrelevant products that no one would want.

    What is the need of rapid prototyping process?

     As mentioned earlier, rapid prototyping helps to visualize how the end product would actually be. Any product that you would want to manufacture can have a prototype. Some of the features that can be

    • Adding new functionalities can be done conveniently when you use rapid prototyping
    • Workflow changes can be done conveniently
    • New technology can be introduced
    • New interface can be added

    With prototypes, the designers would be able to understand whether the stakeholders would really find it helpful to use and execute the newly added features of the product.

     How does the rapid prototyping process work?       

     The rapid prototyping service basically involves three-steps:

  • In the first one, you would create a physical mock product
  • Then you would share it with the users so as to get their reviews and feedback. They would evaluate the same and share their views stating whether the product is really effective for them or not.
  • Finally, based on the feedback you would need to make all the necessary changes and create a product that would satisfy the needs of the customer.
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    Video Marketing Trends: What To Expect From 2020

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    As video grows and becomes so widely used in online marketing, the competition is only going to get more fierce. Brands need to keep up with trends and stand out from the crowd, if they want their video strategies to generate an impressive ROI. Video can be used for all kinds of purposes, meaning trends tend to occur as brands catch onto this.

    Here are some of the top video trends that will be taking the online world by storm in 2020…

    Live streaming

     Live video has already taken off and being used by both individuals and businesses to connect with audiences. It’s now a highly accessible form of video to create, with the main social channels now offering users the ability to go live at the click of a button.

    Live streams are popular as a way for brands or professionals to create a feeling of closeness with their audience and establish trust by putting a face to their products/services. What’s more, the real time nature of live streaming hugely encourages engagement and allows those in front of the lens to respond to their viewers there and then.

    For brands that haven’t tried their hand at live streaming, all you need is a decent camera or webcam, encoding software and a reliable streaming platform to share your content. Zidivo offer a video streaming and hosting platform aimed at professionals looking to implement live video campaigns. Users can go live on any webpage from any device and customise players to suit their brand. They pride themselves on their unlimited customer support and affordable prices, allowing brands to use their platform for as little as £20 per month.

     Video podcasts

     Podcasts have taken off in recent years, with many brands now utilising them as a way to educate their audience and build communities. One video trend set to increase in 2020 is the filming of podcasts. To encourage more engagement, why not film the studio recording of your podcasts? People will feel even more familiar and trusting of your brand if you’re willing to show a ‘behind the scenes’ and more intimate view of your company.

    By filming your podcasts and turning them into videos, you can embed these onto your business’ site and provide browsers valuable insight into your brand and what you have to offer. The more people feel as though they can trust your company, the more likely they are to make a purchase – embedding plenty of videos on your site is an ideal way to establish trust. Zidivo’s platform is adaptable to suit businesses of any size, whether a brand is looking to embed a few videos on their site, or a business is looking to implement a large scale campaign and needs unlimited storage.

     Long-form videos

     It’s long been said that shorter videos perform better online due to the short attention spans of humans. Actually though, this may not always be the case. In 2020, brands should consider producing longer form videos that play on their audiences emotions and keep them hooked, rather than solely focusing on creating short and snappy clips that will have no lasting effect.

    When creating a video marketing strategy for the new year, it’s best to mix up the lengths of your videos. Shorter videos are great for accompanying content on social feeds, but longer feeds can be far more effective in instances where a brand wants to portray emotion and authenticity.


    The Power of Explainer Video in Branding your Business

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    Studies show that in 2019, 88% businesses used at least one explainer video to engage their audience. Given the ever-growing popularity of YouTube, with more than a billion subscribers, it is safe to say that people love watching videos more than reading text. Custom videos that communicate your brand message and values can therefore be a useful way to connect you’re your target audience, says Austin Visuals, the leading explainer video company, known for its 3D Animation VR Studio. Seeing is believing and when a video tells the story of your company well, people believe it better.

    How Explainer Videos Help Promote Your Brand

    Video is one of the most effective and quick marketing tools to create brand awareness across various platforms. In fact, 71% consumers agree that a video is the best way to demonstrate product features. No wonder, webpages containing videos are known to generate 4 to 7 times higher audience engagement than pages with just text. Here are a few ways in which explainer video companies can help to drive sales.

    Ø  Better SEO Ranking

    Did you know that videos increase the chances of ranking higher on Google’s search results pages by 53%? A digital marketing study revealed that all the websites containing videos are cranked higher in Google Search than text-only sites. This is because in the Google search rank algorithm, the number of times people visit your website is the key factor to determining whether your website is useful or not.

    Ø  Explains Your Products in an Interesting Way

    Training and e-learning animated videos are full of demonstrations, speeches, instructions and text, offering detailed insight into your business. These videos mostly use very straightforward content, which facilitates better understanding of the products and services. The retention rate of information acquired through audio-visual representation can reach up to 65%, which is significantly higher than the 10% retention rate for text-only content.

    Ø  Better Audience Engagement

    With killer content, great music and the right visuals, it isn’t difficult to catch and hold on to the attention of your audience till the very end. Austin Visuals 3D Animation VR Studio is one of the leading explainer video companies, producing quality videos for top brands for more than 25 years. They have found that a simple animation video can increase curiosity for your brand among your target audience and keep them hooked on to your page.

    Ø  Increase Conversion Rates

    When you are explaining your brand and its offerings in a fun and interesting way, chances are that your audience will be more convinced to make a buying decision. Explainer videos have a credible individual talking to your customers about your products in the easiest language possible. They also come up with problems your customers are likely to be facing or might face in the future and how your product/services can help. This way, your customers know from the very beginning that you understand that needs and problems. This builds trust, which is great for driving up the conversion rate.

    Almost 74% of top retailers are using product videos to generate revenue. What are you waiting for?

    Most Useful Tools for Your Online Business

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    Are you running your own business? Then you need to stay on top of the latest tools accessible for the success of your small business. That’s true, especially in the world where entrepreneurship is so massive and getting bigger. After the advent of the internet, more and more companies have made billions customizing their business solutions to boost productivity.

    You suffer in comparison as your competitors adopt such tools. After all, your objective is to work smarter, not harder. Therefore, you must understand the best tools accessible to keep your efficiency up and let yourself to concentrate on the tasks vital to your business.

    Below is our list of top and most useful tools you can use for your online business:

    1. Google Analytics

    Consider this online business tool as your online marketing GPS. If done properly, this will enable you to obtain data to plug into your spreadsheet, allowing you to check where you are in connection to your online marketing goals.

    It’s recommended that you also set up your own Google AdWords account. You can achieve this by logging into your AdWords account. Choose Google Analytics from the Reporting and Tools drop-down menu. You simply follow the prompts and utilize your current account details.

    1. Telzio

    This business tool enables you to set up your own office phone system all through the internet. Your team can easily deal with messages and calls across their devices from any location. Telzio provides a simpler way for small businesses to build, operate, and keep a phone system for their own staff.

    1. GSuite

    Did you know that GSuite was designed by Google to act like a total range of functionality for small businesses? You can buy your track analytics, set-up an email, domain, and track the analytics for your site. Not to mention that you can launch and manage your ad campaigns.

    Maintaining all the needs of your business centered on your branded domain and around Google will offer you comfort knowing all things are located in one place.

    1. SalesLoft

    This online business tool will help you win more patrons, particularly if those consumers are other businesses. This program boosts the efficacy of sales reps with a built-in email, sales dialers, and deep integrations. In short, SalesLoft will help you establish customer conversion and retention.

    1. AidaForm

    This form builder is a wonderful tool if you want to create an online form for all your customers. In fact, it’s one of the most efficient form of building platforms accessible today. It’s ready-made and loaded with countless of pre-customized online forms. This is where you can make your own forms for your site. You don’t need to utilize any cumbersome coding methods to create one. The platform will help you easily.

    Begin using these online business tools at your own disposal, and your results are certain to enhance. These five are only the tip of the iceberg. You must look into platforms and apps for social media management, file sharing, appointment scheduling, and more if you aren’t already.