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Workpuls helps your business with employee monitoring and time tracking

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Being a business owner isn’t an easy task. It comes with several responsibilities, planning and organisational skills. You will always have ample things on your plate that you need to take care of. You might already have done a lot of things to bring your business to how it is this present day. But the thing with businesses is that things keep coming up and taking rest from these is something you can’t afford to do if you want your business to succeed. You need to be cautious of every decision you make and every employee you hire, to ensure the progression of your business. read more

Tips to Improve UX Design for SEO

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Agreed, quality backlinks and powerful keywords are still important SEO factors. But what is more important for Google is user experience. According to search engines like Google SEO is far beyond just link building and keywords. Many significant evolutions have happened since the beginning of SEO. One of the most crucial ones is UX (User Experience). The search engine giant, Google has started to rank websites that provide better user experience on top a long time ago. So, improving your site’s UX is the most important step you should take in case you haven’t worked on it yet. read more

Understanding APIs For Beginners

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If you use applications such as Facebook, Spotify, or Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly interacted with the ability to connect to another app, while on another application. For example, Facebook is a popular way to sign into different apps and websites. You can also share your location on WhatsApp and Uber. These connections between software are possible thanks to APIs. read more

Points to Consider Before Purchasing CRM Software

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Customer satisfaction tops the list of crucial factors for the success of a business. It is, therefore, important to deliver a flawless product suiting the unique needs of your target audience.

Irrespective your Company’s size, the right Customer Relationship Management software can help you in maintaining strong customer relationship, increasing sales, finding new prospects and improving communication between marketing & sales teams.

Web based CRM software can scale up your Company considerably, given you use the tool in the right way. In order to get the best out of CRM solutions, it is important to keep the basic factors in mind before you purchase one for your business. Here is the list of top factors that’ll help you in purchasing the right CRM software –

  • Create a checklist of functionality and features your business needs

Every business has its growth dynamics, customer base, and sales processes. It is not wise to commit to a set of inflexible or basic functions. Know that your CRM needs will change with the growth of your business. So make sure the CRM software is easily upgradable. Defining your preferences beforehand will save you from investing in extra features/functions which are of no use to you. There is no point in paying an extra amount for the functions that aren’t needed.

You should also consider the particular needs of your company’s employees when purchasing CRM. For example – the sales department of your business may need software inclusive of high-end sales set, while you’re the ones belonging to the communication team might need a web based CRM Software with marketing-related features and functionality. So consider all these points before investing your money in the software.

  • Invest in a Scalable Software

The main intention of investing in CRM software is the growth of your business. Make sure the software you purchase is efficient enough to handle the load of operations that’ll arise with your business’s growth prospects. It should be scalable so that upgrades can be made as and when needed.

Also, determine the cost of scaling the software. Measure the depth of the software’s features to determine its scalability and the cost. Investigate the Web-based CRM software from every aspect.

  • Checkmark the approval process for task management

Project management is one of the core elements of web based CRM software. Advanced CRM solutions have in-built style and workflows approvals that help users with the organization of data and management of tasks. However, not all the project management tools can be customized in a similar manner. It a particular workflow and varies according to the products used by the Company.

Make sure your software features an easy approval process so that you can achieve your targets without any hassles.

  • Interaction of software with other applications

It’s the next important thing to consider when purchasing a CRM for your business. The software won’t be yet another work item in the huge collection of existing systems. The purpose is to streamline the operations and achieve better results in a short span of time.  Web-based CRM software you purchase should integrate easily with the current applications used by your Company.

Don’t ignore the importance of your existing system with CRM purchase. Your new ‘work item’ should integrate seamlessly HR software, ERP, accounting software and others so that business operations can be performed smoothly. Web based CRM software, you’ve purchased, should allow your website to bring in new leads and register transactions easily.

  • Purchase easy to use software

It’s one of the most important and most ignored points when it comes to purchasing CRM software.  Only feature-rich software can bring the desired results to your business. Your new tool should not only be efficient enough to meet the unique needs of your business, but at the same time, it should be easy to use. If your sales rep face trouble in navigating/dealing with the software chances are the whole process will down. The system’s features should be easy to understand.

There is no point in investing in software that’ll make you lose both time and money. At the same proper training of your employees is compulsory to get the best out of CRM or else they may abandon it. Weigh the different features and functionality of Web-based CRM software and purchase accordingly.

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How To Choose The Right MRP System For A Small Business

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MRP is a system of production planning and stock management that answers the questions: “what?”, “how much?”, and “when?” in relation to manufacturing a product. In case you’re still asking what Is MRP, its main objective is to provide a more effective, sensitive and disciplined approach to determining the material requirements of a company, whether small or big size business.

The MRP Procedure Is Based On Two Main Ideas:

The demand for most items is not independent, only the finished products.

The needs of each item and the time when these needs must be met can be calculated from some simple data:

The structure of the product

The independent demands

Therefore, the MRP consists essentially of a calculation of the net demand of the articles, introducing a new factor that is not taken into account in the traditional methods of management of inventory, called inventory management Produce or buy each item, which ultimately leads to the need to modulate the needs over time, since it indicates the possibility of producing the components with the appropriate planning for use in the next stage of manufacture.

On the basis of the birth of MRP systems, a distinction is made between independent demand and dependent demand.

So You Can Choose The MRP Software For Your Small Business

There are a variety of MRP software options available for your small business, but each has a specialty that sets it apart from its competitors. Below are the steps:

Identify Your Business Well

Identify the type of company in which you operate and the industry in which you into. This makes it easier to narrow down the search for the correct MRP software out there. If your business is not limited to a single specialty, choose the most solid one by which your small business is known.

Check Your Budget

The second is to determine how much your budget is. Typical manufacturing software for small businesses, such as the MRP software can vary from $ 500 to $ 50,000 or even more, depending on the needs of the business.

Search For MRP Software

Search the Internet for MRP software that can increase your productivity in your business, so you can focus more on making money, not on administration, but on software that does tedious work for your small business.

Form a team with your team and calculate what you can or can afford, but do not limit yourself to the dollar signs. This can be the worst case if you are looking for good MRP software.

If your business requires more investment in MRP software for your small business, but you may not have the money, ask yourself: Will this investment save me hundreds, if not thousands, of long-term dollars?  Will the investments in this software reduced Loss of unnecessary hours and also enable me make more cash?

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5 Reasons To Switch Your PCB Design Software

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pcb software

In any business, finding the right software is really important to ensure that the project goes well. With PCB design, this is no different as you need to make sure that you are using all of the tools at your disposal. Some of the software packages available for download don’t have as many features as others on the market right now. This is why we are going to give you some reasons why you should switch your PCB design software to one of the better packages. Keep reading to find out more.

3D Design

Does your current software package offer the ability to design in 3D? If not, then you might want to think about switching your design package and using one of the better options. When you design in 3D, you are giving yourself the opportunity to see your product at many different angles and create a better PCB overall. Consider this when making the switch.


Another reason why you should think about switching your PCB design software is that some packages have a lot more support than others. If you are every struggling with something on a package like Altium, you will be able to check forums for information and the guides on the Altium site. This is really important if you are someone who struggles with picking up software so make sure to consider this.

Component Management

If you struggle to keep track of the different components that you are using in your PCB design, then you should think about switching to a new software package. In some of the best packages, you’ll find that there is a component management system and an extensive library that can help you to find the right parts and get all of the information you need. If you want to know more about this then check out the Altium Evaluation Guide for PADS users.

All In One

Another thing to think about if you are considering switching your PCB design software package is the fact that some software offers an all in one package. It can be difficult to switch things between different elements of software but with some of the better packages like Altium, you can easily do this. Never again will you lose valuable files through a transfer as everything will take place in the one package.

Easy To Switch

The final reason that you should think about switching to a more up to date package for your PCB design is that it is really easy to do. Some of the better software packages allow you to transfer your files over to the new package and you won’t have to worry about using your old package ever again. Many people put off switching to better software because they think it will be difficult, but this is not the case.

Make sure to switch over to a better PCB design software if you want to take advantage of all of the great features and create a great PCB.