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Best Practices for Investing in Cryptocurrencies in 2019

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If you are a typical American looking to grow your savings portfolio, chances are you may be ill equipped to begin the next step in this financial journey. The Federal Reserve Board has found that about half of Americans are investing in even the standard stock market. Beyond that, younger Americans are avoiding potentially lucrative investment opportunities in the market altogether at an alarming rate, with the 2008 crash cited as the largest motivating factor for their wariness. read more

5 Tips to Make You a Better Freelance Writer

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Writing is one of the most popular gigs for freelancers. There are millions of freelance writers across the globe. However, most of them are lost in the statistics; only a few ever rise to the top and make the most of the industry.

Freelance writing is convenient, and it can be even more lucrative if you start doing some things differently. Thus, here are five tips that will make you better at freelance writing jobs. read more

Improve Employees’ Energy at Work in Four Easy Ways

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Work can get the best of everyone, regardless of their position in the company. It is not good when you get burned out, which is a serious matter that most still shrug off. Whether you are an owner of a start-up business or a high-ranking employee, use your position to make some positive changes in the office. Here are four ways to make employees the best version of themselves in the office. read more

5 Tips to Finding the Best Courier Service

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courier service

Local courier services are of course today’s go-to method for shipping off packages and documents to local addresses. Over the years, couriers have come to refine the process to be very cost-efficient and time-bound, and sometimes even going toe to toe with the service of more established carriers. read more

 Top 10 Essay Writing Tips For Students

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Writing is always fun, be it fictional or non-fictional. It allows you to express yourself better and sometimes provides you with a way to let your emotions. But what about formal or official writings like research papers are essays. Students face the most difficulty while writing an essay.

Students feel burdened because of essay’s as they are time-consuming and really demand your complete attention, and if that particular essay is for exam, contest or a class it gets even more daunting. While chasing the perfection of essay, students miss the fun and purpose of writing the essay. read more

10 Tips To Use Digital Signage Software In Customer Retention

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More and more companies embrace digital signage and find it to be a highly effective tool for customer retention. Keeping loyal customers on board is always less costly, than acquiring new ones. Research and find digital signage software partner that’ll work for you, and then give our list of 10 Tips to Use Digital Signage Software in Customer Retention a read. read more

10 Tips To Write An Effective Email Sequence

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Writing efficient emails can be a provocation. Someone has written an necessary message that user knows their audience could accept. But people seem to overlook the emails. It may be the extent to move up user game. Here the user goes through the expert email writing process from start to end. There are several helpful tips to write an effective email. The e-mail writer should start by learning to recognize the intention for their effective email. An e-mail writer ends it by learning the appropriate closing and the greatness of an email subscription template. The e-mail writer should also know the use of animations and images in an email, essentially the email should be sent in a right time. read more

Top 8 Checklists to Setup a Call Centre or Customer Service

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As a big enterprise, you really need to get closer to your customers and give an easy access to your customers when they need some help from you. The only choice if you want to build more credibility toward your business value is to set up a customer service to help answer your customer’s questions related to your products and services they use. So, how to set up a call center correctly? If you want to set up a call center service, you may consider these following top 8 checklists so that you can create a successful customer service. read more

How to Implement Scrum in Few Easy Steps?

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Agile can be quite simplistic, at the same time quite a complex concept to grasp. There are a ton of different approaches, methods, principles and terms which together form the concept of Agile. However, Scrum Agile is far simpler and can help you manage your development software in a far more methodical approach.

If you are interest in learning more about Scrum and how you can implement it at your own workplace, the good news is, it is not compulsory for you to implement it only after learning about all the different underlying principles of Scrum. In a few easy steps, you can implement Scrum, and this is how:

Step 1: Create your scrum team

This is not just the first step, but also one of the most important steps to implementing scrum. Ideally, your scrum team should consist of 5 to 9 members, each member having their own set of skills, talents, and competencies. This team should consist of testers, supporters, developers, business analysts, etc. With each member of the team working together in harmony, the team will be able to successfully ship their products at the end of each sprint.

Step 2: Estimate your product backlog

Estimating your product backlogs will help you prioritize your items. However, you will need to understand the backlog first. This should be first done in units, and not in a measure of time. This will help estimate the relative size of a feature to its product owner. You can also use a points system for doing this. The backlog will describe a feature, and each backlog item is like a report, describing various features. Finally, you will also need to estimate your backlog as a team. Once this is done, the product owner will have a fair idea about his priorities; moving the items on the backlog as per their priority to complete the important ones first.

Step 3: Who is going to be the scrum master?

The next biggest step is to appoint a scrum master for your team. This scrum master is the main catalyst of your scrum team, ensuring that everything is in its correct order. The Scrum master resolves any issues in the team, ensures that everything is going according to schedule and will also help assist the team for any upcoming sprints.

Step 4: Planning your sprint

In order to plan your sprint methodically, you will need to ensure that every single member of the team is present during the sprint meeting. This ensures that every member of the team is up to date about the planning. The first step of planning your sprint is to decide upon the sprint duration. The ideal sprint duration depends on many factors, although typically, it should last 30 days. Planning, testing, deployment and review are part of the smooth cycle of sprint planning. Once the sprint duration is decided, set a goal for the duration.

Step 5: Make a product backlog

The product backlog should consist of a wish list of the stories which are to be completed in the project. The backlog is ranked according to priority of stories so that the most important ones are completed first. These stories are broken down into smaller parts so that the team can tackle each story in a methodical and strategic manner.

Step 6: Plan the first sprint

Now that the product backlog is created, the team is able to view the top priority tasks in an easier manner. Due to the simple process of creating a backlog, it has become easier for team members to pick out the items of top priority and complete them first, slowly completing the entire task at hand. Once the entire team has agreed on this, they can start working on the stories one by one.

Step 7: Decide about the next sprint

It is possible that some items might be remaining from the previous sprint. Ideally, all the backlog should be complete, but in case it is not, it can be taken over to the next sprint, or even be put in the backlog again.

Decide this plan of action with the entire team about what should be done for the next sprint, and any ways in which this can be improved for the next sprint.

If sprints are set on a deadline of a budget or time, then there are limits imposed. However, if there are no deadlines, you can have limitless sprints.

After all of this is completed, the sprint is reviewed each time, which should feature a live demonstration. A retrospective meeting occurs after this sprint review, and this meeting is crucial, where all members of the team have to attend.

This meeting goes over all the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the previous sprint, and what can be done to improve it the next time. Scrum is a good solution for almost any kind of project in an organization. This is the reason why CSM certification is getting so popular these days. With these simple steps, you too can implement scrum immediately!