Computer Hardware Safety Tips and Techniques

The term Computer is used generally for any kind of Computing device. The word Computer which means to calculate. In fact, the purpose of inventing the Computer was to create a fast calculating device. Today’s more than 80% jobs performed by Computer.

The Computer is an electronic device, which technically a complex in shape but a very helping device.A Computer cannot think and decide on its own. Its need data and information for processing meaningful information. Data fed into the Computer through input devices like Keyboard and Mouse.  It can perform a mathematical and logical operation and as well as sorting data at very high speed.

The process data can be reprived as a soft copy and hard copy through output devices like Printer and Monitor.

Nowadays Computer is widely being used in business, education, manufacturing, designing, and communication field.


Computer deployment is Installing, setting up, testing and running. This military term, which means the placement of troops and equipment in the field, is widely used with computers as an alternative to the word “implementation”.



Physical parts or component and other attached input, output and processing devices which we can touch or feel are called Hardware.

It is also the collection of physical parts of a Computer system. This includes the computer case, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It also includes all the parts inside the computer case, such as the hard disk drive, motherboard, video card, and many others.


The Mother Board is the main component located inside of the Computer. It connects all of the different pieces of the computer to one other.


The Sound Card lets the computer produce sound in any way needed. It is also located inside of the computer.


The Power Supply of a computer is the computer is the computers source of power. This piece of hardware converts electricity to low-voltage power for the computer components.


When Installing/removing Computer hardware and other peripherals:

  • First of all Shut Down the Computer.
  • Unplug all Power Cables whose attached with power board before opening the covering case.
  • Replace all cases or coverings after inspections or installations.
  • Check all the circuits and installations with the instructor before power is supplied.
  • Do not force components into a computer port.
  • Keep your work area clean and well lit.
  • Wear proper apparel.Avoid acrylic or wool sweaters when working with electronic parts.Do not wear loose
  • Retain all screw during disassembly in containers such as film canisters for proper reassembly.
  • Electronic components should never become hot.Hot components mean that there is a problem with the circuit. Disconnect any power immediately.

(Hardware Installation Guide):

Step 1:

Discharge any static electricity build-up by touching a grounded metal object before handling the USB2connect adapter.

WARNING:TURN OFF power to the computer and disconnect the power cord.

Step 2:

After you turn off your computer and unplug the power cord, open the computer cabinet.

NOTE:See your computer documentation for specific instructions on opening your computer cabinet.

Step 3:

Locate an unused 32 – or  64 – bit PCI expansion slot and remove the expansion slot cover.

Step 4:

Insert the USB connector into the PCI expansion slot.Press down firmly until the cards click into place.

Step 5:

Replace the slot screw cover. When installed properly, the card should be level with the expansion slot.

NOTE: Some PCI slots may need considerable force to insert the card completely.

Step 6:

Close the Computer cabinet and reattach the power cord.


  • A Physical device that provides a layer of security.
  • Protects data from unwanted access.
  • Helps prevent exploits of specific vulnerabilities.
  • Provide some advantages over security via software.


  • Cryptoprocessors
  • Hardware Security Modules


  • Dedicated processor for cryptographic operations.
  • Has some degree of tamper resistance.
  • Limits the amount of physical security needed via compartmentalizing secure portions of the system.

Hardware Security Modules:

  • HSM’s provide both logical and physical protection of data.
  • Posses tools to protect against tampering.
  • Contains one or more Cryptoprocessors.
  • Can have multiple levels of security.
  • Often operates within a lock safe or chest to further prevent hardware tampering.


Tips For Computer Repair:

To learn the tips for Computer repair and maintenance, you should start from how to repair the simple errors that your computer may have.


The first common error that computers usually have is blue screen error. For this matter, people should:

A harder time will come when your PC refuses to load any data. These data will get access to your PC through loopholes in the operating system or in application software. For fixing your PC and eliminating these programs, you should scan with a proper anti-virus program.


Recovering the computer overall system will help to restore your computer to an earlier point of the stage. You can perform this action while getting sudden system crashes or a Blue Screen error. Backing up your data is a way to make sure that your data is totally safe.


One of the simplest tips for computer repair and maintenance to get electrocuted is to work around a high voltage device like a power supply with metal rings, watches, or bracelets on. So remove anything conductive from your hands before working on your computer, especially if you’re doing something like testing your power supply.


In my mind dictionary, there is the last tip of Computer repair and maintenance is that you should defrag your disk and hardware for more space and wider PC size.

Defragmentation is the fragmentation reducing process in the file systems. Whenever you uninstall or delete files or software from your system, they will not be removed completely. The remnants will be holding random memory spaces with no proper order. This is called fragmentation.

Defragmentation will help to reduce the amount of fragmentation.the hard disk will now find your files and submit easily within a short period of time.

That’s it!