Dazzle Your Friends with a Colorful Decal

Dazzle Your Friends with a Colorful Decal

The PlayStation 3 has been sold over 80 million times all around the world, and is still very popular due to its outstanding exclusive games like The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, and the Uncharted series. In the past, there were many bundles that included some of the best games for the system, but very rarely did these combos include an upgrade to the DualShock 3 controller, making almost all of the systems look exactly the same. Now you can finally change that, and make your PS3 controller look and feel unique with some PS3 controller decals.

When looking for decals, you want options – as many as possible so that you can truly express yourself through your controller.You want to be able to have the choice between carbon fibre, matte, metal, leather, true colour, and wood. With choice, you have the best chance of making your controller look so much different from your friend’s, forcing them to ask where you got such a controller.

While looks are important, there is an added benefit to using PS3 controller decals. Decals add an extra layer of protection to your controller, making it highly resistant to scratches, and if you do manage to scratch it, it will result in you damaging only the decal which can easily be replaced for a new one.

Now let’s talk quality. dbrand uses only authentic 3M vinyl on their PS3 controller decals. What this means for you is that the material is very scratch resistant and, if by any chance you want to change your decal for a different one, it leaves behind no sticky residue. A perfect fit is also very important which is why dbrand has measured each of the cut-outs on the decals for the controller over a thousand times, down to the micro millimetre. The Playstation 3 decals online on their website provide unprecedented fit, quality, and selection.

Getting a decal is a great way to make your controller more unique and more personal. With the added protection and grip it can actually improve your gameplay. The decals are very fairly priced at $12 for a full PS3 controller decal. The price will feel like nothing when your friends ask “Dude, where did you get that controller?” thinking it a special addition DualShock. That is how good and authentic Dbrand decals work. Don’t believe it? Give them a try.