Easy Tracking of any parcels from any postal services and carriers with help of PostTrack

Ordered something online? Then waiting for your parcel delivery must be exciting and sometimes anxious. You want to put your hands on your package soon, see what’s inside and try the product, right? However, you are not alone. The majority of people have pre-parcel excitement, and this is not unnatural.

As there are chances for a lot to happen between ‘purchased’ and ‘delivered’, pre-parcel excitement is normal. However, thanks to tracking systems, you can know the whereabouts and status of your package. Fortunately, tracking has become easier than ever before. You need not do numerous phone calls or frequent visits to the post office anymore. Post Track, a universal online parcel tracking system has come into the picture. 

Online shopping has evolved and many technologies came into existence to ease people’s lives. With Post Track by your side, tracking becomes easy. Within a couple of clicks, you can track your shipment from and postal services and carriers and relax knowing the exact delivery time.

Never heard of Post Track before? Then it’s high time to learn about it, especially, if you have a parcel to receive soon.

What is Post Track?

Post Track is an online parcel tracking system started by an ambitious young team. Their mission is to create the best package system and gladly they have achieved outstanding results. Although there are a few online tracking systems available on the internet today, Post Track is uniquely different from those. What makes it stand out among its competitors is its functions that focus on customer experience.

The best part is that Post Track allows users to track packages from any postal service and any carrier. You can even track your package even if you don’t know who the courier service provider is.

Okay now, enough said. Let us quickly see what makes Post Track different from others. We shall also see how to track your parcels easily with the help of Post Track. Let’s get started…

Outstanding Features of Post Track

Real-Time Parcel Tracking

Of course, parcel tracking is imperative for parcel companies. However, Post Track is the most efficient parcel tracking system as it streamlines tracking to ease your job. The best part with PostTrack’s Parcel Tracking is it helps you track the shipment even if you don’t know your delivery service provider’s name. All you need to do is to provide your tracking number, that’s it. Post Track automatically detects the carrier and retrieves the status of your package.

Have multiple packages on your receiving list? Relax! Post Track lets you save up to 40 orders in your Parcel Manager so that you can track all your packages without any fuss. With all your tracking numbers saved in the Parcel Manager, you can easily manage and track each of the packages and you can’t miss receiving any. Sounds, cool?

Efficient Parcel Manager

PostTrack enables you to know the status of the delivery process or where your package is. After all, the platform aims to make the tracking process much easier for both individuals and businesses.

The website has a neat and simple user interface that helps users in finding their shipments easily and quickly. It’s Parcel Manager clearly shows you whether the package is picked up or about to get delivered or already delivered. The best part is it notifies you of the real-time status of your shipment via alerts. You can add, delete, edit, update or archive the tracking numbers of your packages from Parcel Manager with ease.

Numerous Carriers

Post Track is a universal parcel tracking system that lets you track packages from international carriers and postal services. As said, you just need to enter your tracking number. Or if you know your delivery partner already, you can click on the carrier logo available on the Carrier page. The most frequently used international carriers and postal services are Yanwen Express, SunYou Logistics, Wish Post, DHL Global, Global Cainiao, UPS. United Parcel, Newgistics, Universal Postal Union, China Post, United States Postal Service, Canada Post etc.

Technology is at the heart of Post tracks’ innovative features, hence it provides tracking information even with minimal information within a matter of seconds.

Reliable Customer Support

The customer experience has become a vital part of modern businesses. Hence, businesses take utmost care about customer satisfaction and implement well-trained support staff in their business. However, most businesses fail in providing an excellent customer experience due to various reasons. But that’s not the case with PostTrack. The company has an outstanding support staff who are responsible for resolving customer’s queries. Moreover, its IT team constantly checks for potential problems in the supply chain and solves them practically.

Their team is available 24/7 to answer questions. You can also find Post Track on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Post Track supports 3 languages and you can create an account via Facebook or Google or email for free.

Seamless Accessibility

PostTrack lets you access their tracking system both on websites and mobile apps. You can download the Post Track app on Android or iOS to make your tracking process much easier. If you are someone who regularly receives orders, then having Post Track handy saves you a lot of time and effort. Set up automatic alerts and your job is almost done.

You can also track your parcels using Post Track browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Online Shopping Websites

This is one of the underrated features that lets you track your shipment easily by selecting the eCommerce site you’ve ordered the products from. This way you can neatly manage your package tracking if you have multiple orders from different stores.

Above all, you can access these brilliant features for free. Again, you can access some of the features like multiple tracking, saving tracking numbers, etc without registering yourself. However, you can access all of its features by simply creating an account with your email, Facebook, or Google, which costs you nothing but a couple of seconds. Impressive, right? So, what are you waiting for? Start using PostTrack to easily track your parcels no matter what the postal service or carrier is.

Wrapping Up

So, as you can see, with its innovative features, Post Track eases the tracking process and makes it much simpler. Moreover, it makes multiple tracking also simple. Tracking was never easy before until the real-time online tracking systems such as Post Track arrived, thanks to technology. However, hope by now you have understood how easy it is to easily track your parcels with PostTrack. Get the tracking number of your parcel and head to Post Track, and you are all set to see the status and whereabouts of your parcel.