Easy Ways To Appreciate Your Customers


When a retailer or e-commerce business puts minimal effort into customer appreciation, it shows!  Negative reviews can be determentional to not reputation, but sales as well. Even if a customer isn’t wholly pleased, showing appreciation for them in some form can often deter displeased customers from taking their complaints public. Appreciating customers isn’t difficult, and by including a few easy extras can even be very lucrative in the future.

Stick Out

Sticker collecting is nothing new, but with online customization you can make collecting stickers an enticing way to attract repeat business. Custom die-cut stickers are easy and affordable to create online, and can be cut into unique shapes, sizes, and printed with vibrant colours.  Including limited run stickers in packages, and assuring customers they’ll receive a surprise one with their next order can be a great way to get people talking positively about your packaging, and influence repeat business.

Shine The Spotlight

Sometimes the easiest way to appreciate customers is to just let them know. Nowadays, both retailers and consumers alike can be incredibly active on social media. Ask customers in confirmation emails to post on their feeds with relevant hashtags and scroll for posts of customer’s using your product or service (some may even send you links directly) and highlight them in a customer appreciation post. This let’s customer’s feel like their order matters to the vendor and that their purchase has value.

Celebrate Birthdays

An easy way to show appreciation to customers is to make them feel good on their favourite day – their birthday!  When customers make an order or set up a profile with a retailer online or instore, simply ask them when their birthday is. Many programs are available that send automated birthday messages to newsletter subscribers on or around their birthday.  Include a coupon code or birthday discount to easily let customers know you’re thinking about them.

Magnetize Means
Another collectable that currently trending is the humble fridge magnet.  Magnets are becoming super popular because they’re being utilized in many different ways. Appliances, some furniture, and modes of transportation are being adorned with magnets (because they can be easily rearranged). Create custom magnets with your contact info, hours of operation, or customer service info and include them in orders. It’ll be a fun freebie that customer’s aren’t expecting and are also great reminders of important information.

Be Eventful

Maybe your company already does pop-ups, or participates in networking or business events.  A great way to show appreciation to customers is to invite them!  Let them know that your business wants to get to know their audience, and send out invites or RSVP’s (bonus points if you let them know they’re getting the details before anyone else). This not only makes customers feel appreciated, but that they’re a part of something as well.  Being invited to anything makes one feel they’re included and an important part of a community.

Appreciating your customers doesn’t have to difficult, or even expensive.  A small token showing customer’s purchasing hasn’t gone unnoticed can mean great repeat business and bodes well for enriching your brand’s professional reputation.