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mobile apps

Mobile applications will give a great experience

There are quite a number of mobile games are available in the market nowadays. After the launch of android operating system, suddenly there is a flood of mobile games in the market. Though there are so many available, most of them vanish without a trace. It is only some that stand the test of times. Some of them only capture a special place in the heart of gamers. Here are some of them that are bound to capture a place in your heart too.

Sector Strike

  • Sector strike is one of the newly launched games which has changed the vocabulary of gaming shooters.  This game is specially designed for those who like shooting games and for all those who are confident about their reflexes. In this game, various deadly missiles are available using which you can destroy your enemies completely. As well as that there are different skins available for your aircraft which are designed for those who love to play in style.

Cricket World Cup Fever

  • Cricket World Cup Fever is a specially designed game for all the cricket lovers. Cricket fans are increasing rapidly all over the world. So for entertaining those cricket lovers this cricketing app has launched in the market. The cricket world cup fever gives you all the functionalities which you require to play a game of full fledged cricket. In this game you are having full control to create batting orders and bowling orders. The graphics of this game are just simply superb. Do not hold your horses. Just download this game and start playing.


Asphalt & Heat

  • Do you love speed? If the answer is yes, then this is the game for you. This racing game has a collection of 60 new cars from the top manufacturers of the industry like Ferrari, Mercedes etc. The racing game has some of real city laps which you have to cross for wining this virtual racing game. A game that is a dream come true for the racing and speed loving spirit.

Tank Battle

  • Tank Battle fairly easy game then the above mentioned games but a full on strategy game in which you need to make a good strategy to complete the levels and then to taste the victory. In this you are having a huge variety of weapons and ammo which you can use accordingly. This game is available in both the single player segment as well as multiplayer segment so if you get bored by playing with a computer you can invite your friends to fight against.

Into The Dead

  • Do you love zombies?  Even if your answer is yes or a no, it does not matter. If you like them, you will love them. If you don’t, then you will fall in love with them. The creators of this app have used such realistic sounds and graphics which make you spell bound. In this game you have to play for survival and to help you out, there are weapons with which you can beat the zombies.
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