How email verification works and why you need it


If your email marketing reports aren’t looking right, your email list is clearly in need of some scrubbing. Luckily, there are online tools that will analyze the email addresses in your database and remove the invalid, fake and abandoned ones, in a matter of minutes. How does an email verification system help you?

The email verification tool is designed in such a way that it can check all the emails in your list and remove the ones you don’t need or that will hurt your reputation. An email verifier will check theformat and domain of an address and determine whether it’s a valid, useful contact or if it’s a bot that signed up on your mailing list with malicious intentions.

Verifying email addresses in bulk

With an email verifier, you cancheck email addresses in a bulk rather than one by one. A software like this is very helpful when you have a long email list. You justupload the file in the dashboard and the email verification tool will start the validationfor email address. There are various things to be checked to validate an email address, and only an email verification tool will help you do that.

Whether you own a company and you send out email marketing campaigns, or you’re a freelance real estate agent that works on growing a healthy email list, email verification is there to make sure you are reaching your leads. An email validation system is a crucial tool for any email marketer, as it removes invalid and risky contacts and protects your sender reputation.

Verifying email addresses in real time

Yes, there is a piece of software that can do that, as well! An email validation API is a tool you can install on your website and it will prevent incorrect email addresses from signing up on your list. Most of the time, people have the best intentions – they want to subscribe to your newsletter, but when they type in their email address, they make a mistake and misspell it. The API won’t let that incorrect email address sign up, thereby protecting your email hygiene and making sure you are only collecting valuable contacts for your email marketing campaigns.