How The Future of Gaming Will Look


Gaming has continued to improve over the last decade. Other industries have started taking these tremendous changes in gaming as a threat. For example, in 2019, Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, didn’t consider Amazon, Disney, or HBO competitors. In other words, it wasn’t movie theatres nor cable television that presented a threat to Netflix. But the biggest threat was video game entertainment like Fortnite. 

Today, most people are not focused on what to watch. They want to play a new game. So, instead of getting a TV remote, they want a game controller. The gaming industry has also continued to generate a lot of revenue each year. 

This has been experienced with the rise of various gaming technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mobile gaming. It now shows gaming has hit all corners of the world; therefore,it will continue becoming more mainstream. 

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That said, let’s now explore how the future of gaming will look; read on: 

High-Fidelity Graphics

If you checked at those games you used to love when young, their graphics were only incredible at that time and not today. Now, modern games are different; they have ultra-realistic graphics. 

Recently, the Nvidia company created graphics enabling ray tracing. This is a technique that enables light in the game to behave naturally. Years ago, these used to be reflections and shadows. 

Ray racing technology is still in nascent stages, but it will be a game-changer in the future. But graphics can only get better when companies decide to pursue it. The future games will look realistic and better.

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Artificial Intelligence 

Today, artificial intelligence isn’t about science fiction. Technology has lodged into everyday lives. The technology is now used in various ways – driving cars, Gmail’s Smart Compose, facial recognition software, and more. However, with artificial intelligence, video games aren’t exceptional. 

  • Non-Player Characters & Artificial Intelligence 

The idea of artificial intelligence is being expressed in gaming and, most likely, with non-player characters. These characters are programmed using a “finite state machine” – particularly those available in Pac-Man and Grand Theft Auto video games.

Gamemakers are now taking a sophisticated approach to NPCs. They are programming other characters with tree behaviors such that they can perform complex decision-making. In some games, such as Halo 2, the enemies can work together like in a cheesy action movie. 

That said, in the future, we expect to see advanced artificial intelligence appearing in commercial games. The experts are claiming it is possible, and soon it will be available. 

  • Content Generation & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer part of the gameplay experience alone. This technology is part of the game that makes the experience. For many years, designers have been using artificial intelligence in creating games.

The technology helps to generate game assets through a technique known as a procedural content generation. This new technology in gaming is helping make game levels for gamers to enjoy a fresh experience. 

In the future, there may be no artificial intelligence systems designing a complete video game from scratch. This is because game designers and academics are looking for ways to control the game, offering much fun to the player. 

  • Analytics & Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence may no longer create top-notch games from scratch. However, it provides valuable feedback to the designers who fine-tune their creations. 

Therefore, future games will be created to bring a compelling experience to gamers for them to keep coming back. 

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality has tantalized players with an immersive experience. However, this technology is yet to deliver as expected, and tech companies are looking for ways to do it. Some huge firms such as Microsoft, Sony, Google, and Facebook are investing much in developing virtual reality games and hardware. With this technology, it is still at the early stages of the promise.