How gamers can benefit from a VPN

Online gaming has proved its existence in a very short span of time. Before it is like playing with friends or with the spare controllers but now, the players can’t be in the same country. Future is the place where players live. Online gaming is a video game which is played primarily through the internet. They are Numerous modern gaming platforms, which includes personal computers, mobile devices or any other devices. By playing this there are many cyber technicalities involved, of course not anymore with VPN.

But what is VPN? Virtual private networking abbreviated as VPN stands as a technology which allows computers to connect privately and securely over the internet as if they were part of the local network. The connection to the VPN makes all the ingoing and outgoing connections to the internet through the server in one particular country, maintained and owned by the VPN provider.

Gamers can also take advantage of using VPN gaming online. By going through the site there is always an advantage of knowing how VPN helps. Moreover, there are numerous benefits of using VPN which are listed below.

Protects from Bandwidth Throttling

If the player wants to play online games the whole weekend, but on the next day the speed of the internet will no longer remain the same. Why will this happen? The whole weekend gets ruined by bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth throttling is the process of limiting the internet speed internationally which slows down the bandwidth also called internet speed through ISP. Consequently, ISPs will monitor the activities online and they choose to cap the bandwidth when they watch that the user is working on something extra of a particular thing like playing online games.

A VPN for online games can help the gamer to overcome this through encrypting the online traffic. This way, the ISP cannot watch what the gamer is doing online, so ISP will not have a better reason to cap the bandwidth.


First, play new games

Everyone wants to try their hands on the newest games, but the launched dates can irritate. Regularly, games are published at various time zones around the globe. They may even release in the same week, but even a few days difference impacts a long-term performance. With a paid VPN installed on the router, PC or console, the gamer can connect to a game server from one country via a server in the same region. This simple feature can make a lot of difference in playing a new game today vs. waiting for a week.


Play Online games from any region

Multiplayer games are always a fun, but not so when blocked by geo-blocks, while trying to play in specific regions especially when the partners are playing in that particular region. This will generally happen when the title is not launched when the gamer is online or the multiplayer servers are not arranged according to the language. Even the PS4 games are not geo-locked and they need to match the location with the account. However, Xbox One is region-free now, but Xbox Live still has its limitations in few countries.

VPN can solve this problem by creating the real IP address and replacing it with a different address. When this happens, gamers will have access to any region they want, no matter from which part of the world they are connecting.


Play region-restricted games

Many countries ban all kinds of video games for numerous reasons. For instance, Australia has banned different games for a long time. That’s difficult for every user. Just that the government has an issue with the themes of a particular game does not mean that the gamer is restricted to play even if they want to.

However, VPN can reduce the IP address with a different address and makes it directly bypass the censorship easily. Thus, depending on the online capabilities the game can be kept active using VPN. It can also make games available readily by connecting the gaming servers located in various regions where they have already released.


Purchase games cheaper

Even if the online games are launched as similar versions in various countries, it makes sense to buy games in the same country. It is surprising that there are significant differences in the pricing structure of different countries.

For instance, US games are generally cheaper than in different parts of the country. While in Australia they are expensive. In such situations, VPN can save money and gamers opt to purchase the game from abroad. With the help of VPN, even the flight charges have gone down drastically. The same implies for games.

With the help of VPN, and with a change in IP address or region there is a possibility of cheaper prices for in-game purchases. Several people who already have a VPN reduced their flight prices or the shopping bills.


No censorship

Another reason for freely selecting the IP address with a VPN is in few countries games are only made available in stripped-down or censored versions. This is in concern with the legal formalities in that particular countries. In some of the cases game studio plans for not releasing a title as to avoid the hassles which come from the legal environment. In such cases, there is no legal way to purchase the game from such countries. However, these games are still allowed, only that the sales and marketing the title are prohibited.


Play safely on any device

Gaming has evolved into numerous sprawling experiences set in mysterious worlds on distant planets. Modern players can play with anyone, at any given time or place. It is pretty amazing. Just that they need to have a robust internet connectivity.

Gaming does not pertain only to the personal computer or laptop. With iOS and Android evolution, gamers can enjoy better playing on the go and making it safe with the internet connection which is protected while playing at home. Gamers can even play their favourite games on tablets or phone. Whether it may be an office or home or any public transport there is no need to worry. VPN is there to ensure the safety without even worrying about DDoS attacks.



As gamers can observe, the reasons for using VPN for online gaming is pretty compelling. A VPN can even be considered as fast and vital, uninterrupted gaming. While one can feel confident about using the VPN for online games, multiplayer is another subject. Amidst the above benefits, VPN can cut latency by giving access to gaming networks exclusively. VPN protects the data with an encryption and avoids the DDoS attacks. Moreover, a gamer can stop being the victim of data throttling.

Nevertheless, sign up and use this app in the background, without any complicated setup configuration or procedures. Just download and run the app even on mobile device.