How new technologies making gambling most fascinating


Gambling has been an age-old game in the world and one of the favourite pastimes for many. It has been here for thousands of years. The process of playing a game for real money and involves placing bets, hoping to win the game is gambling. In the era of smartphones, gambling is incredibly popular as you can play at any place and any time. From playing cards to dice rolling,land-based casinos, now the trend is all about the touch screen kiosks. It is evidential proof that technology has changed the gamblers game. 

With many alterations that took place, casino online industries are focusing on developing new ideas and creating online trials more fascinating to play. These technological improvements allowed gambling operators to implement the strategies better and smoother. 

Online casinos are now evolving with captivating graphics and sound effects. This creates an authentic feeling. Along with the other fun factors and gamblers experience, online gambling centres pay considerable attention to security throughout the play-time. 

Want to know what new technological improvements influenced the gambling industry. Then dive into the article till the end. 

Face recognition technology

Do you agree with the statement – gambling involves many financial transactions? Yes!. Then you also need to agree where there is money involved then there is a fraud. These are very common in regards to the casino. Often cheaters wear hats and glasses and infiltrate the casino. This problem has reduced through the innovation of facial recognition technology. Regardless of the player’s dress code, cameras can easily recognize the face from distance itself. Its effectively used in all the casinos where the scammers cannot hide from this robust technology. 

This helps in having greater trust and allows fans to play their favourite games safely by feeling calm. These are expensive but not at the cost of earning more profits. 

RNGs and their importance in Online gambling

With all the flashy games and juicy bonuses offered to you at every casino and brick-mortar games, credibility is a big doubt among players. Hence, to have smoother transactions and eliminate any suspicious activities and enjoy, slot extravaganza casinos are offering RNGs(Random number generators). As the name signifies, RNGs is a software that generates numbers randomly. Slot machines processes and there will be no scope for any alterations and totally unpredictable. 

It spawns new numbers every millisecond by using algorithms. The last digits with mathematical operations (like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are used to create a random outcome. 

Operators are investing their time, effort and money in developing flawless RNG machines technologically. This helps in instantly process the payments safely and quickly.  Moreover, RNGs are verified by third-party independent authorities like eCOGRA, iTech, and TST(technical system testing). Thus providing peace of mind to players while playing. 

Wide variety of choices

Back then they were only limited games and support system was through phone or fax. With the change of time, there are thousands of games available. It is, of course, your choice to play what you want. You can install many gaming apps from your mobile phones and play them. They are new themes, mobile-friendly features and various ways to win the odds. Play it on-the-go where there is data connection and gain additional features like

  • Secured and quick payments
  • Excellent customer care
  • Latest games like video slots, and progressive jackpots
  • Playing realistic games with dealers through the webcam at the comfort of your home. 

If you face any problem in the middle of the game you can have a live chat which is free. Customer service is offered round the clock. New technologies have affected the habits of people, in that gambling has to gain potentiality in driving these changes. 

Playing creative and innovative games have become the norm of today’s players. Hence software developers are making changes according to the needs, tastes, interests and budget without getting compromised. 

Upgraded software -AR and VR

In the modern-day world, where changes are in every sphere, a new addition has been added to the repertoire of casino software. Virtual reality games are making their mark in the new era of online casino. AR and VR are integrating a virtual world into online casinos and offering players with all the new opportunities.

You can wear the VR glasses and handle the controllers and intersect with the real environmental object. Move around the floor and have drinks and talk with the dealer just you do it in a land-based casino. How exciting right? 

For creating excitement in players, Boyd Gaming has come up with a new VR product allowing a player to compete with multi-players and win prizes. 

Imagine yourself playing roulette at the comfort of your room and placing bets at a table with dealers. It is a personalized feeling in the virtual world. Thus with these casinos are offering ample experiences to their users. It may be playing gambling or VR gambling. 

In places where gambling is legal, a VR experience can be more desirable and interactive than merely playing on the desktop sitting at home. You can escape from the real world and get the benefits of alternative choices. 

Wearable technology

The advent of wearable technology has become a part of your daily fitness lives. Isn’t it? Google Glass has promised to bring a whole new world of information in front of your eyeballs. It is a fantastic potential. Developers are taking every possibility of taking users to encounter the virtual world. Casinos are also adapting themselves to the changes and providing resources to play games like poker, slots through wearable technology.

One such example is Myo gaming armband – wear this around your arms and play by controlling actions via gestures. In fact, there is also an application developed by the gambling industry where it can be used by Apple smartwatch. With this, the casino games have come as close to the players as possible. 

At present, with these potential applications, there are many casinos who are taking a step forward and undertaking tremendous research. Various casino software developers are deploying these games which are compatible with these wearable devices along with mobile and desktops. 


You know that gambling is a very profitable game. With the advent of cryptocurrency, it provides the highest degree of convenience. Choosing blockchain while playing casino 

Can offer more new opportunities. With blockchain technology, developers are putting their creative ideas and inventing innovative games. Now you can play with peers realistically. This opens the door for decentralized and mutual betting. 

It provides complete transparency. It improves trust among various players and dealers. Every game you play and the rules and codes underlying it can be verifiable. 

Hope for winning more by using cryptocurrencies and lowering the operational costs. 

Blockchain has modified the concept of payments and currecy exchange. Many top gambling portals use bitcoins as their payment gateways. 

The future of gambling

So, where does the gambling future go? If you look into the aforementioned changes, don’t you think the industry is heading towards the promised land? Yes, technology is continuously upgrading through software and hardware devices. Though the future is unpredictable, an online casino is adapting itself quickly to the changes and coming closer to the gamblers like a jet flight. Hope the future is fine, this industry will attract more players and make the industry fascinating and alluring. 

Investors are also venturing out more into casino games and downloading gambling apps on smartphones. These innovations are favourable as approx. 80% of adults have mobiles by 2020 and 70% of millennials will be owning a cellphone. This creates a golden opportunity to widen the market base. The transformation is taking place already in some parts of the world. In fact, more regions are becoming legalized to play gambling. Hence, developers and casinos are joining hands to make their sites compatible with mobile phones and wearable devices.