How to assemble the perfect gaming computer


Gaming is something that is becoming increasingly popular. Once it was the domain of nerds and recluses who were seen as anti-social basement dwellers. But that is not the case anymore. Gaming has gone mainstream and it is now not just an activity that people participate in, it has become a spectator sport and a social activity as well. One of the keys to enjoying the whole gaming experience is having a powerful computer with high processing speeds and good graphics. You want to be able to compete based on your skills and acumen in the game, if your PC is too old or slow then you won’t stand a chance from eth outset – unless you think gaming is playing Tetris or Solitaire. Here are some key elements to the package that will help ensure that you can compete.

Power Supply

A great computer needs to be powered according to what it will be used for. In this instance, we are talking about gaming and you should look to install a 500w power supply for gaming. An average, shop-fitted machine will usually run on a 300w supply so the upgrade to 500w is a big boost. Yes, you can even go higher than this, but for most machines the 500w unit should be more than sufficient.


Ask any gamer and he will tell you that the most important element of a gaming set-up is graphics. This is an area where you should not compromise. Do your research and invest in a top of the range graphics card. The benefits will be there for you to see and you will be the envy of your gaming mates.


This stands for the central processing unit and this is another critical element in the whole set-up. Because you want to be fast and avoid lag or bottlenecking as it is sometimes called. The CPU is the nerve-centre of the machine and it processes all the computer’s operations. Make sure that yours has enough capacity.


This stands for Random Access Memory and it is something that can be added to a machine. Most gamers will tell you that they can never have enough RAM, but the truth is around 8GB should be sufficient for most people. If you are low in eth Ram department you can buy more. And the reality is you will know if you need more or not – you will be able to tell quite easily.

Keep it cool

By adding all these components to the mix, the whole system can get very hot. And when it is hot then it doesn’t function as well as it should. So, you need to find ways to ensure that it stays cool. A fan is a good start as it helps to blow out the heat and circulate the air. A good computer case can also help facilitate the cooling process – and it can also look good and add an element of flair to the whole set-up.