How to Attract More Followers on Instagram than Your Competitors Do?


Our world is a competitive place. If you start to argue with me, that means you are living in an ivory tower. Even such a positive oriented platform as Instagram is not an exception anymore. Today, the Instagram population is celebrities, brands, and small businesses, bloggers, influencers, and micro-influencers. All of them are ready to fight for users’ attention to get more fans, more clients, to expand their influence.

So many of us have asked ourselves whether there are some tricky methods of how to get more followers than others, especially Instagram free followers.

You are lucky enough, my friend, cause in this article I will disclose all the darkest secrets of Instagram promotion. You will learn how to choose not trivial tags, how to apply automation services (like Ingramer), and what additional tools to use.

  • Use intriguing profile photo and easy to remember the nickname

Your profile picture makes the first impression. If this is a personal acc, then a face photo is the right choice, as it allows people to find out who you are. If this is your business acc, use your logo to demonstrate the brand.

If you use a short username that is easy to remember, then it will be easier for people to find you in the future. The best choice is the name of your brand.

  • Share links to your account on other social media

Despite the fact that many social networks are not as strongly associated with Instagram as Facebook, you can still reach out to audiences on other platforms. If you find it challenging to transfer people from another network to your IG profile, try making an exciting suggestion as an incentive.

  • Like, comment and follow

Find your TA and just show some interest. Likes and follows are great to attract your audience, to make them stay and follow, leave a comment. Comments are a more personal way to interact with other accounts.

You can automate these processes with the help of Instagram automation tools. They are capable of defining your target audience by tags and usernames and direct all their power towards attracting it.

  • Share BTS photos

One of the most significant benefits of social media is establishing communication with users. Lots of brands post them to draw attention to celebrities or businesses. In order to benefit from this reception, give your followers a look at your business behind the scenes. For example, they can look at the photos of new products or you can show how an ordinary day in an office looks like. It will be interesting to people, they will become more engaged.

  • Publish more photos of people

Photos with people tend to attract a broader audience. When you take photos of your product, try to show followers how to use it. With time, you will see that these photos are perceived by IG users much better.

  • Use hashtags

Hashtags on IG are more efficient than anywhere else. The correct hashtag is thousands of potential clients. That’s why the relevance and not extreme popularity of a tag is a mandatory condition.

Use hashtags generator to come up with the most suitable tags. It compiles a list of hashtags according to a photo, a keyword or a post’s URL provided by you.

Then just copy them and paste.

  • Post Stories

If you are serious about your Instagram strategy, periodically add Stories with exciting news or new products. To increase engagement, consider introducing discounts for a limited period for publication in your Stories.

  • ¬†Tag people in your photos

If you are trying to expand your reach, try to tag not only people but also powerful brands in your photos. This will not only inform them of your picture but will actually result in the photo appearing in the “tagged photos” section of these profiles, which allows their followers to find your photos.

  • Post a photo regularly (at least once per day)

After analyzing more than 5,000 profiles, experts said that on average, IG users post at least one photo per day.

They also found out that the more popular an account is, the more often it makes publications, on average 2-3 photos per day. So take a clue and provide your followers with a fresh batch of quality content.

You can use services of scheduled posting, which will help you to plan and prepare your posts in advance and then automatically post it on the fixed time.

  • Held marathons

This direction of attracting new followers has been actively used by bloggers recently. Marathon is a club of interests, sometimes participation in it is not for free. Bloggers unite, give a lot of useful information, give tasks, and participants share the results in their accs. You can make yourself the organizer of the marathon or sponsor other users’ initiatives.

That’s all that I’ve prepared for you, I hope you find my tips useful! Stay lucky!