How To Encourage Word Of Mouth Growth


As true as it has ever been, word of mouth has always been an extremely valuable tool in growing your business, however word of mouth has managed to become much bigger as the platforms that support us spreading the message have grown – social media for the written word has grown exponentially but is no match for how quickly video media has grown through platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, but also live streaming platforms such as Twitch – but how can you capitalize on your business being spread through these platforms and why are many missing these opportunities

Singing praises – A genuine reaction is always the most beneficial – whether you’ve reached out to a figure on these platforms or somebody has just stumbled across your business or content and love it they may sing praises of what you’re offering – make sure to retweek, like, or spread these videos. Whilst it may be obvious, many opportunities can be missed by simple taking the praise and moving on – engagement is key here.

Reviews are key – User reviews have always been a big part of why some services succeed or fail – this has been seen recently in the gaming market for mobile – we’ve all seen the ads for the latest hero strategy game, or jackpot charm casino review – and they’re done for a reason, a good review is more than enough to encourage new players to jump on to something, especially if coming from a place of influence. Reach out, get some reviews, and your name will spread – make sure to incorporate these reviews in a visible place too, and display good reviews proudly.

Monitor your platforms – The sites mentioned above are just a small number of services that make up the hyper-connected world we now live in, a good word of mouth mention may come from the most unlikeliest of places because of this – keep an eye on as many social platforms as possible, and make sure that you have a presence here – much like those singing praises of your product, reaching out to those who may have had a bad experience can be just as beneficial, but if you’re unable to see these – both good and bad – then it’s difficult to encourage growth from the mention, keep your eye on the ball, however far it may spread, and you can reap the rewards of the hard work. 

It has been suggested that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising showing just how important promoting word of mouth growth – whether the more traditional and natural way, or through new tools – is, trust plays such a significant role in influencing usefulness and as such is too big an opportunity to be missed or ignored. It may sound obvious but as mentioned, many an opportunity has been missed – engage and you get your name out there, if your product or service is good, the good word will spread alongside it.