How to Get More Customers for Your Lawn Care Business


To succeed in the lawn care business, you should have a solid marketing plan to help you get customers. Potential customers will not be able to buy from you if they do not hear about your products and services. There are several ways to get your business out there. From the traditional in-person sales to online marketing, there is no limit to the methods you can use to market your lawn care business and get as many clients as you want. Here’s how to get more customers for your lawn care business.

  1. Have a marketing plan

Perhaps the first thing to do is craft a solid marketing plan to give your business a direction. With a marketing plan, you can define a budget and select only initiatives that will give you a good return on your investment without spending ridiculous amounts of money on marketing tactics that might not work for you. Your marketing plan should have a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) goal, with a realistic budget to ensure you don’t overspend on marketing.

  1. Build a business website and optimize for SEO

Many people prefer to search for products and services online before they make their purchase decision. Chances are that your potential customers will find you online when searching for lawn care services. So, ensure you build a business website and optimize it for SEO so that they can easily find and contact you when they need your services. A great website to model after is

These tips will help you get more customers for your lawn care business. Just ensure you do them consistently and watch your business grow. Don’t be afraid of asking for professional help when needed, such as optimizing your site for SEO and building a company logo.

  1. Postcards and flyers

When it comes to marketing for the first time, casting a wider net can increase your chances of getting customers. This includes using postcards and flyers to let your audience know the kind of services you offer. However, they should contain your brand, including relevant logos and trademarks so that potential customers can easily identify your services. You can hire a professional graphics designer if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

  1. Try digital marketing

While traditional marketing techniques are still effective, modern marketing tools offered by social networks allow you to reach a larger audience without spending too much on marketing. Digital ads, such as Google Ads and Facebook ads, allow you to target a specific market niche within a particular location and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You can also use the free tools provided by social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to market your services to your target audience. Making a business page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and updating posts and content allows you to reach a large audience without spending much. However, remember that consistency is key if you want to have a large audience.

  1. Email marketing

While this digital marketing method has been used for a while, it is still very effective. You can build an email list and periodically send your potential and existing customers some emails with attractive offers and discounts they can’t afford to ignore. Just pick effective email software to help you.