How to Hold a Successful Online Event


As virtual events become more and more popular, you want to think about how you can make your upcoming ones the most successful they can possibly be. Online events require planning a bit differently than they would if you were hosting them live, so you will need to consider this when you are going to promote it and consider which kind of attendees will join.

Here’s a few tips to help you put together everything you need in order to hold a successful event.

Create a sales page on your website

One of the best ways to encourage people to head to your virtual event is to create a page on your website that lists out the details and information attendees need in order to book tickets. Instead of just placing it on a number of event platforms, you’ll want to also create a page for both SEO purposes and to invite people who will be more likely to attend. You can even use a WordPress event registration plugin to encourage people to buy directly on your page.

Promote beforehand

Take the time to consider which social media platforms are likely to be best for your event and how you want to promote them. Maybe you want to come up with some posts featuring the people who will presenting or performing at your event. Or, you might want to consider running some ads on the platforms for your ideal attendees are most likely to show up. Social media can be your best friend when you are promoting your online event, and you will want to come up with a dedicated strategy in order to reach the right people.

Follow up

Once your attendees have signed up, you’re going to want to make sure that you remind them a few days (and sometimes even a few hours) before the event so you can  make sure that they know the details of how to attend. Send them a link a few times so they know exactly where to go, and consider creating a Facebook event so that they get notifications of when it is about to start. Because it is online, it can be a lot easier to forget commitments that you have signed up for, which is why it is always good to remind someone more than you think might be necessary.

Test out links

Of course, you’re going to want to check out the links to make sure they work properly and to have a test run so you can see whether or not you are missing anything or they aren’t leading to broken pages. You might want to test it on a number of browsers to see if they work, as well. Have someone run through the process with you so you don’t have any difficulties when the actual day comes.

In summary

An online event doesn’t have to be more challenging than a live one. All it takes is a little bit of preparation in order to make sure you are reaching the right people and that things will run smoothly when it comes time to go live.