Interesting Uses of RFID Tags


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the next step forward for Barcode technology. It can be defined as an identification system that utilizes very small radio frequency identification tags in order to identify items and track them. An RFID tag is a minute electronic device that sends data to a reader via radio waves.

RFID tags (otherwise known as RFID chips) consist of two main parts. Firstly, they have an antenna which is the part that picks up the radio waves. Secondly, there is an integrated circuit (IC). This is utilized to process and store information. RFID tags are so versatile. In the early days, they were utilized to track a huge range of items ranging from keys to cows. These days, RFID tags are popping up all over the place and are being used for an even larger variety of different uses. This blog is all about the amazing ways that RFID tags are being used in modern day society.

1.RFID tags in Fitting Rooms

More and more retailers are using RFID tags in their fitting rooms. The way this works is that the customer scans the RFID tag in order to access any data relating to the item such as the price, the style, the origin as well as giving the customer an opportunity to give feedback, very much the same as product barcodes but more in depth information is able to be provided.   This increases the likelihood that the customer will find what they are searching for and thus increase the retailer’s profit. RFID tags also help to prevent shoplifting.

2.RFID tags in Amusement Parks

RFID tags can be used to restrict access to amusement parks. RFID chips have been integrated into the amusement park tickets. This makes the amusement park a smoother and more fun experience by eliminating long waits in queues. It lowers the cost of hiring staff and gives the amusement park unlimited data on the movements of the customers through the grounds. This will help them to be able to decide on which is the favourite ride in the park, what area can be improved on, etc.

3.RFID tags in Casinos

RFID tags are used in casinos to prevent theft as well as to provide a more enriched gambling experience. There have been many robberies that have been prevented or stopped by embedding RFID tags in the poker chips. RFID tags also provide indispensable information regarding the movement of the gamblers, the amount of money spent, the areas they spent the money, etc

4.RFID tags in Sports

RFID tags are being used to track golf balls on Golf Courses throughout the world. By embedding RFID chips in the balls, RFID technology allows us to track exactly where each ball is at all times.

5.RFID tags in Gun Control.

By embedding RFID chips in guns, this gives the government and gun control authorities the much needed ability to identify and track each and every gun. This leads to a much safer use and control of weapons in general, thus protecting society at large.

6.RFID tags in Car Rental

Managing car rentals can be a tricky, complicated business. Using RFID tags enables car rental companies to track and monitor each of their car rentals. In addition to this, RFID technology enables customers to just park the car in the parking lot and leave – without having to wait for the car to be checked back in. This has enhanced the level of customer service which means many more return customers for the car rental company.

7.RFID tags in Health Care.

The opportunities for the use of RFID tags in the Health Care industry are vast. They can be used to track and monitor patients, medication, instruments and other equipment.   In this way, RFID tags enhance the level of patient care in hospitals throughout the world.

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