Is There Something Challenging about Being an Esports Athlete?


There are jobs of low and high-end classes, though each profession is necessary and valuable in this or that way. Luckily, this business situation is gradually changing, and less prejudice is forwarded to occupations of today. Once becoming an esports athlete was considered a waste of time and nonsense, but now there are student programs and scholarships around the globe, including Canada and the United States, offering their unique services to willing parties. 

Still, the profession under consideration provokes some individuals to underestimate its potential and challenges. It won’t be surprising to hear that it is as simple as ABC to play computer games, unlike being a software developer or a teacher. Every sphere has its challenges, and it is high time to bust some myths about esportsmanship.

Similar Esports and Sports Challenges

In several aspects, these two industries have lots in common — apart from showing excellent results and setting new goals, everything is about your abilities to work with people and analyze your path. Both fields require a participant genuine strategic thinking and to choose the right winning strategy, taking into account the current trends and standards he or she should comply with. Even this short list of dos for athletes in classic and non-traditional disciplines approves how much effort is put in the process.

When a lot of energy is spent by people, the emptiness that occurs should be fulfilled again. The inability to recharge batteries and withstand the pressure of expectations is an alarm sign that serious problems are about to start. Here are some parameters which worsen the situation:

  • Achieving the planned results makes players spend more and more time in front of their computer screens. Even if they use gambling and try to earn funds through esports bets, they still experience disappointments in their life. All of this leads to difficulties in separating reality and gaming.
  • Harassment in social media and the lack of support from relatives and friends usually have negative consequences.
  • If analyzing global statistics, there are more successful individual players than teams. But such esports disciplines like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 are built on teamwork largely. The lack of the squad’s development put many souls under pressure. The inability to win and get Dota 2 jackpot has its own drawback on the results and self-perception too.

The Case of the Stigma

Numerous aspects lead to the stigma experienced by esports athletes. Confidence issues and surrounding challenges make the case even worse. Apart from families, giant enterprises and organizations play on the evil side. Though esports specialists are considered athletes, there are many doubts and arguments that prevent esports from being included in the list of Olympics Games disciplines. It is just a sample that shows how underestimated esports sportsmen and tournaments are.

The combination of minor and major factors may lead to problems that aren’t solved by CS GO money received as prizes for participating in matches and winning. When it comes to the stigma, it provokes other serious diseases and issues — from sleep disruption to poor social and academic performance.

It is not long to experience exhaustion too. To reduce the degree of pressure, vulnerable parties can implement a couple of working practices in their gaming routine:

  • If negative comments affect you seriously and you can’t separate your life from them, just limit your access to that source of information. Avoiding it doesn’t mean you give up — you just gain powers to regain self-confidence. Wins and losses in esports are stressful and emotional themselves, so it is always better to load your nerve system only to the extent it can carry.
  • By creating more friendly connections and sharing your views on esports with like-minded individuals, it is much easier to compete again myths and mistrust in the industry’s potential.
  • Guiding less experienced players and motivating them will come in handy for your own performance in the field. It is a rule of thumb to explain areas of knowledge that aren’t your best cup of tea to someone else to break the barrier of uncertainty in your own strength.

Wrap It Up

Professional teams usually hire specialized psychologists to keep them in the mood and help them perform better, using the maximum of their skills and talents. Psychological consultations in esports are now more available and affordable for average gamers too. So if you think the challenges you have to overcome are too difficult, seeking help won’t be a mistake.