latest Top 10 paid action games for iphone 2014

 Check out the latest Top 10 paid action games for iphone 2014

Games have been capable of delivering people with a blissful experience for generations. Their presence helps people to stay calm and relaxed in combination with hours and hours of enjoyment. Not only that but also mental development is also a benefit that a few might not know about them. The Game industries are also flourishing which ensures that there are going to be a lot of games coming up to keep the people busy for the upcoming years.

You can find numerous consoles available in the market, but nowadays the portability and quality of the games have become so advanced that you can find them in your phones as well. For instance, you Iphone has a variety of games to play with; and numerous genres to choose from makes it hard for you to select the one that you can find worth paying for. If you prefer action genre then this list can help you figure out the top paid games suitable for your standards in the present year i.e. 2014.

So our countdown list for the top paid action games for Iphone 2014 is:

Angry Birds:

It has been a few years now since its arrival and still it has been a fan favourite. Angry Birds is one such games that truly defined the smart phone games present today.


The game is an open world action-adventure games which comprises of a variety of elements similar to the popular game Minecraft but setup in a 2D world.


For action RPG lovers, the game provides with the perfect tools to have hours and hours of fun in the open world of the game. With a multitude of weapons and armoury to choose from, it delivers the same RPG experience as preferred by all.

Buddyman Kick 2

We all loved the first, now the developers have brought up the second in the franchise giving you another fun filled, action-packed game play that you will surely love.

GTA San Andreas/ Vice City:

Your favourite console games have been brought to the small screen as well. Get the same action-adventure drama that you loved on your console systems, ready to be enjoyed on your iphones.

Plants vs. Zombies:

The game delivers an addictive approach towards protecting your territory against hordes of zombies. It has been quite popular among gamers and now is available at a lower price to give you a wonderful action filled experience

Bloons TD 5:

Tower defence games have been quite popular among fans, and that is exactly what this latest part of Bloon is capable of exhibiting to the audience. The game delivers better gameplay and features than its predecessor ensuring a mesmerizing experience defending your region.

Minecraft Pocket Edition:

The game was so popular that, it has now been released in this pocket version. People love Minecraft and are still into it. Its childish graphics might have fooled you to until you played the game yourself and realized how brilliant it was. This pocket edition delivers a similar experience like you had on your PCs.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Get ready for some spook filled action as you keep track of the horrors of the Freddy Frazbear’s Pizza shop. You play as a guard and survive the five nights facing those monstrosity in the area.

Goblin Sword:

No doubt RPGs have something in them to deliver to all ages. You can have PVP action or fight to level up for performing better with a plethora of weapons and armours. Stay connected with your friends in this open world game full of action and a commendable story-line.