Meaningful gifts for your loved ones.


2020 has been particularly hard on the human race. Especially for people staying away from home and their loved ones. This pandemic has given all of us a tough time mixed with panic, stress and gloom. Many of us have also lost some of our close ones due to the ongoing disease. What we crave right now is a warm hug from our friend, family and significant other but that too has become a luxury due to social distancing. And all we want is to tell our beloved that they are important and we are there for them. With all the events coming up, we being bound to our houses won’t be getting enough time to shop for gifts and stuff and its okay, here are some ideas to surprise your loved ones with these meaningful gifts that you can DIY or order online.

1.    Hand knitted scarves

Sounds cliché, but it is the best gift you can give to anyone; be it your grandparents or significant others. The scarf signifies that you contain a warmth for the other person in your heart and you want them to have a token of your love and appreciation.

2.    Handmade cards

There are some old souls that still love the handwritten words over emails and chats, and if you know someone who is an old soul then go ahead and make a card with some eloquent text from your heart and gift it to them.

3.    Meaningful jewelry

There is nothing as precious as jewelry especially if you’re gifting it to a woman. Be it for your mother, sister or lover; find a piece that signifies your love for them and get some quote or words that are special to you engraved on it. Or you can go for zodiac styled jewelry too. If you are away from the person you want to gift it to, then you can try buying from an online store such as, Nano jewelry online gift store and send it directly to them.

4.    Book

Yes, a book. If you’re close to someone who is a bibliophile, then there is no doubt that a book will bring a smile on their face. Especially if you give them a book you love with your favorite quotes highlighted. Or you can simply gift them a diary along with some books to record their favorite text and quotes.

5.    A foot massager

Sound silly but it works. For a person, like your wife or your mother who are home maker and are constantly on their feet trying to maintain the house, this might be a good choice for a gift. It signifies that you appreciate their care and you in turn want to take care of them too.

6.    A framed photograph

Frame the photograph that denotes your best memory with that person and gift it to them. You can easily DIY the photo frame and take out the photo album that contains all your memories. A DIY gift will look much more meaningful than a store bought.

7.    Embroidered handkerchief

If your anniversary if coming up and you don’t know what to gift to your husband then customize a handkerchief by embroidering his initials on it. Or you can embroider your wedding date on it too. Make it special in whichever way you want.

8.    Candles

It has been proven that a familiar smell bring out the memories associated with it. Therefore, scented candles would make a perfect gift for your significant other. Just choose a scent that he/she or you usually wear and gift it to them, so whenever they light up the candle, they are reminded of you.

Wrapping up.

You can come up with other ideas too based on what the recipient likes/dislike. When you love someone, you pay attention to the tiniest detail. Therefore it may not be hard to choose a gift for them. Sometimes a home cooked meal could win the heart and express your gratitude towards other. A simple day out or taking them to watch their favorite game or movie could be a deal maker. You don’t have to go all out and spend loads of cash to make someone smile. The little things matter.