Must Have Apps for your Apple Watch for Enhanced Performance

apple watch

The Apple Watch is the new face of technology which brings all the magic of Apple to the wrist of your hands in the form of a sleek, well crafted and elegant watch which is so much more than just a watch. Needless to say the Apple Watch runs on the iOS and can be paired with any iPhone 5 or above model to give you great performance which is true to the Apple spirit.

Download these amazing apps for your Apple Watch which will surely streamline it and make your experience with the smart watch all the more enjoyable:

Yahoo Weather                  

This is a simple yet effective app to inform you and give you all the weather updates you need. The app has a nice and stylish neon look that tells you the exact weather in your locality and has amazing graphics that will leave you stunned. You can set your current location and get to know all the weather updates regarding it be it temperature, humidity, precipitation or even wind estimates for the upcoming hours. This surely is an amazing weather app your Watch can easily integrate with.

Nike+ Running


This is another amazing app allowing you to monitor your health on the go. Just wear the watch and take a walk, run or jog and find out the distance you covered in the time frame and also find out the calories you burnt. You can also view a past history of your previous goals so you can keep challenging yourself to push yourself further. With Bluetooth headphones, you can easily plug into music while you give your body a good work out to keep fit. This is a great way to stay in shape and you can buy the Apple Watch using shopclues coupons to help you earn great deals and get this amazing device to simplify life.



This is your tour guide around the city to help you find out the quickest possible routes to reach your destination. It tracks your current location and gives you a step by step break down of the nearest bus or train you could catch and you can easily plan your trip and time it accordingly. The app is so well integrated that it also gives you a small nudge to inform you you’ve reached your destination.



This is an amazing app to help you organize daily affairs as you can dictate notes quickly to never miss any detail be it grocery shopping or be it making a check list for the day. You can easily access recent notes as well as find out when you have upcoming meetings and events to attend. Make shopping notes and remind yourself to use flipkart coupons to earn discounts as well as remind yourself about upcoming events, ticket bookings, trips you need to take and much more through this simple yet effective app.

Green Kitchen


If you’re a health nut, this is a great app for you helping you stay fit and active as it suggests a variety of healthy and organic recipes you can cook to perfection with the help of the app. You can easily set the timer on the watch to make sure you boil, steam or cook the ingredients for the right amount of time to get perfect results. It also gives you suggestions and notifications such as “your eggs should have boiled by now” so that you know you’re on the right track.

Get these amazing and mind blowing apps for your Apple Watch to help you discover so much more when it comes to technology and what you can accomplish just with a simple device like a watch. Then again it’s not just any watch- it’s an Apple Watch!