On Smartphones and Innovation

smart phones

Some Time Ago

Today’s smartphones have become little computers, able to do everything from surfing the internet, playing games to taking pictures and communicating with others. This past decade, smartphones have been advancing at a rapid pace but as time progressed, innovations seemed to be slowing down.

The first smartphone ever created was the IBM Simon back in 1992 and it is considered the first smartphone to ever be produced. Technically the device is a PDA with included telephony features. It was bulky and the battery lasted for about an hour which was a major downside.  During the same time, flip phones where gaining popularity, dus led to the IBM Simon’s demise, just a few months after being released.

Technology has come a long way from then and it was Steve jobs who reignited the public’s interest in smartphones with the release of the first iPhone back in 2007. After that, this new trend in mobile design has drawn the attention of many other tech brands which led to the constant innovation in mobile hardware capabilities.

Modern Day

However, the last few years have been very poor in the innovation department. Many new smartphones releases have been fairly similar with the only features that stand out being larger screens, better camera and the most important, hardware improvements with little strides being made to their design.

When it comes to hardware, smartphones have been improving each year and today, games that can be played on console could also be played on a medium to high-end smartphone. When it comes to developing games, developing for mobile phones is an obvious choice, as there are more people today who use mobile phones instead of desktops.

Casino brands are also making their online games available on smartphones and in recent years these games have become more streamlined and easily accessible through an app.

Developing for mobile has become a top priority for casino brands, and make constant efforts to provide players with a seamless and enjoyable experience. With the help of user reviews, tips and feedback, casino games have been improving each and every year.

There are, however, some casino games which are bit harder to convert to mobile. Games like poker for example are a bit of a “hit and miss” because of the many elements needed to incorporate in a poker game and there is only so much that one can fit on a tiny screen. However, major strides are being made to find new ways in which poker could be more streamlined and easily playable on smaller screens. Online slots on the other hand are effectively using the smartphone screen with no compromises. Since slot games were introduced on mobile, they have become the most played casino games found on the internet and newer ones continue to be released and improved.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, there is the possibility of incorporating virtual reality and augmented reality into the mobile experience. AR has gained awareness in the mainstream with the release of Pokemon GO, a game which cleverly uses augmented reality with the device’s GPS to locate, capture and do battle with creatures found in the Pokemon universe. This has opened new horizons for mobile gaming and while AR is still in its early stages, one could only imagine what they will be capable in the near future.