Online Casino Games: What Computer Hardware Do You Need?


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It’s no secret that there’s been an explosion in the number of online casino games sites these days. We find it more convenient and fun to play roulette, slots or blackjack from the comfort of our homes. Plus, those websites are open 24/7.

As you can imagine, playing online casino games is something of a time-sensitive pastime. It’s important that you perform your actions in a timely way. Did you know that the computer you use could be hampering your efforts?

Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that we seldom realise our systems have become “old”! In today’s blog post, I will share with you some handy tips to improve your chances of winning by beefing up your PC! Here is what you need to know:

Four cores are better than one

Most of today’s entry-level systems have single or dual-core processors. To speed up your system, you should invest in a quad-core CPU such as the Intel Core i5. In layman’s terms, a “core” is the computer equivalent of a highway lane.

The more cores or “lanes” you have, the more information your computer can process at the same time. If you’re running several apps as well as your Web browser, your PC needs to do many things at once. A quad-core CPU will help speed up what it can do. As a result, this reduces any lag or jerkiness from playing online casino games.

8GB RAM or more is ideal

Even if you’re running the latest Windows 10 operating system, you should have no less than 8GB RAM. The thing about computer memory is that it’s cheap to buy these days. There isn’t an excuse to increase your system’s RAM.

It’s unlikely you will benefit from having more than 8GB of RAM installed on your system. But, if you’ve got the cash spare and your motherboard supports it, the more RAM, the better!

Install a dedicated video card

Stop using the motherboard’s built-in graphics and fit a video card! Sites like Maria Casino will work fine with an integrated graphics module. But, other websites can be quite graphic-intensive.

It makes sense to upgrade to a PCI-e video card that boasts at least 2GB RAM. When shopping around for a display card, choose one that gets good reviews by gamers.

Why? Because they are the kind of people that use graphic-intensive apps and games the most! You can rely on a gamer to tell you if a video card is any good or not.

A solid-state drive will supercharge your system

Do you have a mechanical hard drive installed on your computer? If so, it’s time to upgrade to an SSD. In a nutshell, a solid-state drive is a large-capacity flash device, just like a USB memory stick. The only difference is, you can get SSDs that match the capacity of conventional drives.

Prices have come down a lot in recent years, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade. This is an upgrade that you will notice a difference in immediately. For example, it’ll take less than ten seconds to boot into Windows rather than a minute!