The Pros and Cons of Playing Games on Different Platforms


It’s a good time to be a gamer. The industry is growing, and new technology is promising to revolutionize the way you game. Virtual reality headsets are hitting the market, and fiber optic broadband is more available to consumers than ever before. Fiber optic broadband promises a stronger Internet connection (no more freezing during crucial battles), which should increase the amount of online games people are playing. With all these advancements, the only real question is how will you choose to play? The following are some pros and cons for playing games on different platforms.

The Pros and Cons of Computer Gaming

Computer gaming is awesome, and it will remain a leading way to play games. Computers are more sophisticated with better graphics and more data storage. Consoles will never be able to match a computer’s movement and precision, especially when it comes to first-person shooters. Another obvious pro is the amount of games available to computer gamers. Computers have everything from shooters to casual games, such as the ever-popular The Sims.

Computers are one of only a couple ways to visit an online casino; you could use your cell phone to download an app, or get a more immersive experience by playing on your computer or laptop. Overall, it’s this versatility that makes computer gaming the best way to game, but it’s not all roses. Here’s a few of the cons of online gaming:

  • Computers can quickly become outdated and are expensive to replace
  • Graphics cards are expensive
  • Computers don’t always come with the specs needed to play popular new titles

The Pros and Cons of Console Gaming

Consoles are awesome, and each next-gen console is better than the last. Games can be both physical (PS Move, Xbox Kinect, etc.) and stationary (used with a controller only). This has resulted in many new types of games, such as games that promote fitness (Dance Central, for example). Overall, consoles are great – not as great as computers – but, great none the less.

One of the more obvious pros of console gaming is versatility. You can easily pack up your system and bring it to a friend’s house. You have the benefit of improved hand/eye coordination when you play fast-action games with a controller, and games are increasingly becoming more social.

Unfortunately, console games can suck up a lot of your time, and the games aren’t exactly interchangeable. Some games are made specifically for Xbox while others are PlayStation only, etc. The result is not always being able to play the games you want because you don’t own the necessary console.

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is awesome and everyone is doing it. Sure it doesn’t have the graphics or memory capabilities of computers and consoles, but it is accessible to everyone, which makes it insanely popular. Even online casinos are available in app form, and there’s a valuation in mobile games you won’t find on other platforms; meaning, there’s more opportunities for free and low-cost games. With simple controls and multiplayer opportunities, the mobile platform is as good as any other.

The cons of mobile gaming are obvious. Games aren’t as sophisticated or detailed as computer and console games. Moreover, bugs and touchscreen issues have ruined some games for gamers.

Overall, it doesn’t matter how you play. All that matters is that you have fun.