QR Codes On Father’s Day: Techy Gift Ideas For The Best Dads

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There are just some people that can be difficult to find the right gifts for. One of them would be our dads. And with Father’s day nearing, the pressures in finding the perfect gift for them increases daily. 

As you think about the best gift for the best dad, you can think of adding a modern twist to the traditional gift-giving ideas using QR codes. 

By incorporating the use of a QR code generator online, you’re sure to step up the game in bringing a memorable Father’s Day gift for your dad.

QR Code gift ideas for Father’s Day

Add your voice in your Father’s Day card

Using QR codes, you can add your voice on your Father’s day card. You can leave a short yet meaningful audio greeting for your dad, and let him scan it. 

Showcase your videography skills

If your dad is the type that cherishes moments caught on film, you can try and compile short clips of your bonding moments with your dad and create a video QR code to be placed in your Father’s Day card. 

Your dad can then scan the code and watch the video you created for him. This way, you can showcase your videography skills and make him be more proud of what he receives as a gift for Father’s Day. 

Place in jewelries or watches

QR codes in jewelries nowadays are the technological version of lockets in necklaces and watches. As pictures placed in the locket or watch can easily be damaged, using QR codes to store digital copies of the files can help you avoid damages and better preserve the memories. 

Why use QR codes in your Father’s Day gift?

It makes your gift unique

Planning to give a unique gift for your dad? Including QR codes in your gifts can make it happen. You can do this by simply attaching one or more multimedia files that your dad can relate to. 

Adding a techy twist to your gift is one simple way that you can impress your dad and make it unique. 

QR codes can match your other gifts

Using a QR code generator with logo software online, the QR codes you create can match the objects you will give to your dad. You can configure its design or add your family seal in the code and attach it into your gifts. 

QR codes are user-friendly

If you have explored the different technologies that you can incorporate in your father’s day gifts, QR codes are one of the easiest techs that you can create and integrate.

Your dad will simply have to scan the code with his phone. It should be easy to show him how to do it. It’s also a nice and familiar touch, as QR codes are one of the most used mobile operations during the pandemic. 


Did you know, creating a QR code costs from zero to just a few dollars? Depending on the type of QR code you use and create, you can save more on the gift you plan to give for your dad while giving a more sophisticated, modern yet appreciative gift. 

Memories last longer

People use QR codes to seamlessly store information or files that are needed for easy access. And while they integrate its use, another reason for them to use this is because it keeps the information embedded longer than other data-storing technologies. 

As Father’s Day nears, the struggle in finding the perfect gift is getting real. Since the men usually provide the needs for their family, making them feel appreciated is a serious yet rewarding task.

Because of that, many Father’s Day gift-givers resort to scouring the web to look for the perfect gift to give their dads. If you are looking forward to modernize the way you give gifts for your dads, you can try to use QR codes and add in some of your cool gifting ideas.