Reasons Why Translation is Important to Businesses

Is English your first language? Unless you are part of the 360 million native English speakers in the world, your answer is No. Even if your answer is Yes, for the majority of the world’s population, English isn’t their first language. 

What language do you prefer to have communication in? If you were given a choice between your native language and some language which you might or might not speak or read. Obviously, people will choose languages they are comfortable with. When it is about using websites, almost 90 per cent of people preferred to use it in their native language. These statistics alone prove that people look for comfort and familiarity through language. 

How many languages do you speak? One? Two? Three? More? Why do you think language is important? Well, for starters, language is a medium of communication, right? Is it just that? if you think of language as just a communication tool, then you might have to rethink it again. Language is an expression of one’s own culture, the society they belong to, the belief systems they have, and many more things that are specific to the people that speak a particular language. 

Have you ever watched a Korean movie or a TV series, or the recent Korean blockbuster Parasite, or the polish movie Corpus Christi, which was shortlisted in the Oscars? If you did, then how were you able to understand the plot? Maybe you watched them with subtitles or a dubbed version of the movies or the series.

If not for the subtitles or the dubbed version of the movie you would have missed out on watching a movie that was praised by the whole world. But how can you understand a different kind of information that is in a language that you don’t know, obviously there won’t be subtitles available for everything, nor will you be able to learn all the languages just for the purpose of understanding or reading a specific novel or a document. Thanks to the translation we can now access any kind of information that people are interested in, even though they don’t know the language. The translation is a bridge that lets you walk through different languages. 

However, translation can’t be done by just anyone, having a basic understanding of the language isn’t enough to translate text from one language to the other. The translator needs to have proper knowledge of the language semantics and the structure of the language too. Otherwise, you might end up with a completely different version of the text. Worry not, you now have a lot of professional translation services at your disposal. A professional translator would analyze the text that needs to be translated and relate them with the language patterns of the language that you are going to translate the text into. And then structure the text so that it won’t lose the essence and meaning of the original text and will convert the message that was meant by the author.

What benefits does translation have to offer to the businesses?

Are you a business owner? Have plans to expand your business globally? But are you really ready and prepared for that? You have plans to open a branch in some country, but how would you communicate with the people there? If you think that you can communicate with them in English, you are limiting your chances of your business getting global exposure. English is the 3rd most spoken language in the world, there are only about 360 million native English speakers. And a lot of words and expressions are specific to each language and without proper translation, you’ll end up with some different versions of them. 

For example, when KFC’s famous tagline “ Finger-Lickin’ Good” was translated in China to “we’ll eat your fingers off”.  Do you understand the difference proper translation can make in communication?

But how does translation benefit the businesses? Let us find out by sticking till the end of the article.

Better Business Communication

When you are expanding your business to other countries or when you partner with global clients, having a professional translator by your side is a must if you want your business to reach the heights of success. This helps you communicate better with your clients and customers overseas

Communication is the most important factor in running a business. The better and clearer you communicate more is the more chances for you to gain your customers’ trust. Translation breaks the barriers of language in the way of your business expansion and success. While you are dealing with global clients it is important that the message is communicated properly. Worry not, there are many professional translation services available at your service with reasonable translation rates.

Enhancing Brand Visibility

In the global market, it is important that you expand your business and reach out to people if you want to succeed. You can’t just limit your business to one region or just to one language. Marketing your business across different nations needs you to market in their local language. How would you do that? Again translation comes to your rescue. With the proper translation of your marketing content, your business can achieve maximum reach and can bring you more clients and customers.

Avoid Bad Reputation

One more reason you need translation is to save your reputation or avoid a bad reputation. Without proper translation of the information, you sometimes might have to face a lot of awkward situations. And in businesses, these will be considered as mistakes and can get you a bad reputation. Like the example of KFC we have mentioned above, a bad translation can also ruin your reputation badly, no matter if it was done knowingly or unknowingly. So using professional translation services can help you save your reputation.

Drafting legal documents

When it comes to legal documents, we read them ‘n’ number of times before you actually become sure of their content, even if the documents are in the language that you knew since you were kids. Imagine if the documents are in a foreign language, the whole thing gets a lot more complicated. One tiny mistake, you have to face legal consequences or heavy losses. In such cases when you have to deal with legal documents, having a professional translator on your side saves you the trouble.

Wrapping up

Every single thing that you know of in the global economy, has few things in common, and one most important thing is foreign relations. Every business looks for expansion of its market and as they cross the barriers of the lands and seas in between them to expand their businesses, more barriers like language add up. Translation builds a bridge over the barrier of language for you to pass through to the other side and make your business a success. But be careful in choosing, and pick a professional translation service to reduce the risks that come otherwise.