The Four Wonderful Startup Ideas


Today we have four interesting ideas waiting to be disrupted by your curiosity. Startups, whose innovation and creativity have won our interest have a lot to do with kids education, kids prevention or planning, dress open source and a chocolate bar to construct apps for everyday life. Enjoy the list!


Received $595k in Seed funding


Ever met a girl indifferent to dresses? Sounds like hard to imagine. Another thing in woman-dress relationship is that one and the same dress cannot be worn forever. It just starts being a bore. Buying clothes requires spending money, as we all know. But in the girls case, it often turns out to be a waste, not a spend, because if a girl isn’t happy with the dress she bought, she just gives it away to the swallow up closet swirl. But there is 99dresses!

The idea of this startup is trade. You upload the dress that you are tired of and offer it to the users in need. 99dresses don’t use actual currency, but they do have button money. Girls earn buttons when they list items on the app, which they can use to claim items that other girls are giving away, but they’ll also need to pay for shipping (unless picking up locally) and a 99dresses service fee (which is 7% of the item’s original price). 

The idea is dress-only website looks absolutely great, but with US-based iOS app 99dresses have already expanded into other women’s clothing categories.


Received $1M in Seed funding


I remember, news wasn’t the best thing to read when I was a kid, but what if articles were specially adapted for children? Press4Kids can make even the most difficult article easy and concise for the sake of young learners’ education. It is a publisher of news for elementary and middle school kids. News-O-Matic app’s editorial issues five new stories a day covering the news all over the world and bringing interactive element into the learning experience.

The app combines nonfiction literacy, fun news games, interactive maps and other features to make children interested and educated. With News-O-Matic it is possible to rate the articles, ask questions, submit drawings that relate to the news.

The app can be used in the classroom by teachers as it provides them with what they need to teach kids: reading level per article, CCSS correlations, assessment questions and graphic organizer. If you’re thinking of creating your own reading app, we recommend to read this article:



Dreaming about having a baby? OR Trying as hard as you can to prevent pregnancy until the right time comes? NaturalCycles works for both cases. Depending on the subscription you choose (Prevent or Plan), NaturalCycles will get your fertility statuses with predictions on the screen of your mobile device. All you have to do is measure the temperature each day and enter the data into the app.

NaturalCycles was originally founded by two physicists and bases its predictions of pregnancy on analytics and statistics. With this great app you can stay healthy and natural without any need to use chemicals, hormones, drugs or surgical procedures. This way you get to know your own body and let NaturalCycles pinpoint your fertility better by accumulating and analyzing your data.

If this all sounds interesting, you can get started tracking your fertility with 3 months free trial, after which there is $59.90 subscription per year which is still less that buying contraceptives + they ship you a basal thermometer for free.


Received $322k (€250k) in Seed funding


Relayr is a startup known for the hardware kit for developers called WunderBar. WunderBar is a chocolate bar that helps to build apps for the Internet of things. The data from the physical world, like temperature, proximity, light, color, humidity and movement can be monitored by powerful smart modules with sensors and accessed with WunderBar’s SDK and REST API.

Apart from the sensors the 3 WunderBar modules include, there is also one module to control your home entertainment system with an infrared transmitter and the other two, whose destiny will be defined by a vote as long as the crowdfunding campaign lasts.

Data transfer and upload is made possible through Bluetooth Low energy and Wi-Fi which offers hardware world a simple to use wireless alternative. So apps that can notify you when someone opens the office beer fridge, or when you need to change your baby’s diapers and what not, are soon to be thrown into development phase through WunderBar connection.