The history of MQL and how it conquered the financial industry

Today, with the development of Internet technologies, new opportunities have appeared in many fields of activity. A personal computer, smartphone, tablet, the smartwatch does not surprise anyone. As early as 15-20 years ago, securities trading was available only to special institutions and only to rich people. Today, anyone can easily open an account and start earning.

All this was possible due to the development of trading platforms and MQL, which is a programming language, played an important role. Basically, the most popular Forex trading platform, MetaTrader 4 is the product of this language. The platform is used by more than 200 thousand traders around the world, and it has turned the whole Forex world upside down.

MQL and its origin

MQL is a programming language from MetaQuotes. Using MQL, you can create expert advisors and indicators that will make trading automated. The programming language is very popular among Algo traders. This application program allows you to make your advisor or script for your trading technique. Also, with MQL, you can make a robot that will work on the programmed system around the clock, it will be enough just to turn on the computer. You can create an adviser for any currency pair, and it will even send SMS to a smartphone or a letter to mail. 

MQL has a lot of possibilities. It can carry out all trading operations according to the algorithm that the user sets.

The creator of the programming language is MetaQuotes Software Corp. Its main product is the most popular Metatrader4 information and trading platform. MetaQutes was established in 2000, just in the era of the new century. The firm’s first trading platform was the FX Charts program. With its help, you could use only forex tools (currencies). 

In 2002, the famous MetaTrader platform was created. This is the third trading platform from MetaQoutes. In the summer of 2005, the company announced MetaTrader 4. After some time MetaTrader 5 was released, and a list of Forex brokers that use MT5 has increased significantly. It introduced the opportunity to trade all Forex, CFD and futures instruments. 

Why MQL conquered the financial world?

With the development of the Forex industry, MQL has become prominent in the world. There are several reasons for MQL’s prevalence.

  • Popularity. Due to it, the trading terminal is constantly growing. Every three months, the company updates the product version, and creates new indicators and oscillators;
  • Ease of use. When compared with other trading programs, MetaTrader 4 is very convenient and simple;
  • Programming in MQL is similar to the C++ language;
  • The ability to create an indicator or advisor to your taste.

Typically, brokerage houses and dealing centres provide for the presence of several sites, thereby allowing customers to choose. The foreign exchange trader chooses the optimal trading platform based on his or her own goals, the method of trading and trading instruments that he or she prefers to work with.

We cannot discuss the popularity of MQL without MT4 terminal because these two are strongly intertwined with each other. The success of MQL is a success of MetaTrader 4 and vice versa. Thus we should also mention the main features of MT4.

MetaTrader 4 platform, includes many functions of other trading platforms. Thus, we can conclude that on Forex MT4 found a response in the hearts of most users. And this is not surprising since this trading terminal has wide functional capabilities, it is safe and convenient to use.

The functionality of such a trading program as Metatrader 4 is really amazing. In addition to the fact that a trader using this terminal has the ability to trade a large number of currency pairs, he can also try his hand at trading stocks and futures contracts.

There are more than enough analytical tools embedded in this terminal. Various charts, indicators, advisers and experts, an economic calendar, and up-to-date news feed, as well as the ability to use free and paid analytics from professionals – all this can be used by the MetaTrader 4 user when trading on the currency market.

In addition to an impressive arsenal of analytical tools, this trading platform allows the trader to place both market and pending orders, choose the most convenient time frame for trading, and much more.

MT 4 is also compatible with various operating systems; this platform is mobile and safe, which makes it popular among participants in the foreign exchange market.


The popularity of MQL in the financial world was primarily due to the MetaTrader 4 platform, but without the language, it would be impossible to create this platform; thus, both are interconnected.