The Many Ways in Which People Use Their Mobile Phones for Entertainment

mobile phones

The convenience of the mobile phone is making the device become more and more like our non-existent “fifth limb”. In just the last 10 years alone, smartphone use has grown exponentially year on year. Many studies have suggested the average person in America might be checking their phones at around 90 times a day. Moreover, that figure is growing.

But, of course, we all knew this anyway. A short walk in the town or a ride on the bus will reveal that every other person – and often more – will have their head buried in the phone as if they are watching a major sporting event, a cliff-hanger moment in a drama or a video phone call with a loved one.

However, many are simply engaging in some form of gaming, reading the news, checking text messages, updating statuses on social media or just reading what their friends have been up to.

Others might be watching a football match, checking the latest video releases of their favorite band that they are subscribed to on YouTube or just going online to buy lottery tickets. What is so great about our mobile phones is that we can do practically anything we want to do on them, and more.
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Social Media Still Entertaining Us

Thanks to an array of functions, social media still entertains us in many ways. There are always new features being added to social media platforms that make these among the most used apps on our mobile phones.

Emoticons, watching a video, selling or updates on friends ensures entertainment is always on hand when it comes to our mobile phones. But it was the leap from internet access on our desktops to World Wide Web available on our mobile phones that really restructured the usage on our smartphones.

Just 15 years ago, there were very few Wi-Fi spots beyond our living room or a position within the home. Now, they are everywhere: at pubs, restaurants, shopping centres, planes, trains and soon to be embedded in the roads.