Top 10 PAID Arcade Games for Android 2015

Top 10 PAID Arcade Games for Android 2015

Arcade games has been the top pick of many for a long time. Leave the job of finding the best of the best to us and enjoy the must have list of Top 10 Paid Arcade games for Android 2014.


  • Geometry Dash (Rs. 132.75)

    Endless fun and precision are the words best to describe Geometry Dash. Jump and Fly with your perfect musical skills is what this game is all about. The perfect timing and full focus into the games takes you to another level of gaming.Buy it from here:


  • Fruit Ninja (Rs. 55.20)

    Authentic and best slicer game of all time. Indulge yourself in slicing the fruits in various modes. Your adventure is endless and new features are added such as blades, power-ups and background. Fun is filled with knowledge as there are fun facts about fruits included in the game.Buy it from here:


  • The Walking Dead Pinball (Rs. 119.60)

    The games lives up to the expectations of the TV Series. It is scary, the characters are designed well, and adaptation into Pinball game is undoubtedly the best of all. The game is taking you through some of the iconic locations from the series. Must have for a Walking Dead and Zombie fan.Buy it from here:


  • ePSXe for Android (Rs. 209.13)

    ePSXe for Android is great news for all the Playstation fans. The wait is over for playing playstation games on your android smartphones. It runs the game file on your phone. You must have or download the game file in order to play.Buy it from here:

  • THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 (Rs. 190.00)

    The original King of Fighters ’98 is finally here on Android! The long wait is over and the masterpiece can be played easily here. The controls are very well places on the screen allowing you to play smoothly. The vintage all time popular is not to be missed!Buy it from here: