Top 3 Technological Trends That Casino Should Watch Out For In 2019


The world is evolving at a very high rate and while at it, the consumers are becoming more curious impatient and demanding. They expect brands to keep improving themselves to deliver the best services to them.

In the gaming industry, guests’ demands are also increasing as they expect the services and answers to be instant. This has pushed casinos towards applying technology towards the improvement of the ultimate experience of the player.

Casinos have to improve their overall services on and off the gaming floor to ensure that their guests keep coming back to the premises. Whether you bet with mobile at LeoVegas or play your cards at the casino, new trends will always affect the kind of experience you get. Some of the top trends that will help out casinos in 2019 are as follows:-

  • Hyper-Personalization

This refers to the use of human interaction and technology to make the guest experience better. Nowadays data is collected from consumers from browsing history and searches. Most people kind of find this a bit intrusive and in most times it is not even effective because you end up getting irrelevant ads and suggestions.

For places that have unlimited customer interactions like casinos, better ways of data collection and utilization can be applied. With hyper-personalization, casinos can refine the customer experience. Technology has enabled simultaneous management of millions of hyper-personalized guest interactions within a second.

Things like language, housekeeping requirements, spa bookings, and other guest preferences can be customized to each guest through the use of smart technology. Rapid responses can, therefore, be generated by systems to make sure that every guest feels appreciated in the casino.

  • Omnichannel Communication

When a company is able to create a unified brand experience across all communication platforms, then the consumer is bound to enjoy their services and probably give them his/her loyalty. Casinos are some of the places that have many guests who determine whether to come back to the place by the quality of services offered there.

Most casinos have apps and many other communication platforms but in most times the guests are not interested in those apps. For the casino to maximize revenue collection from guests, they have to find more seamless ways of bringing instant answers and services to their guests.

With Omni channel communication, all forms of communication are brought into a simple and easy two-way platform that takes services to the guest. Download-free communication solution will improve the customer’s experience and their loyalty.

  • Business Intelligence

In a place where the clientele is huge and has different motivations, it is not easy to know what’s working and what’s not working. Casinos have multiple data sources and it becomes hard to use all that information collected to make meaningful responses.

Technology has presented business intelligence which involves machine learning and providing real-time intelligent insights on the guests. This is totally an easy way to analyze data and maximize on that information to provide the best services to guests.

In 2019, this is a technological trend that will see casinos improve their service delivery by far. This will, in turn, make the players’ regular customers meaning more money for the casinos.

Finally, technology keeps changing and only the businesses that keep up with the trends make it to the next successful step. Casinos should always look out for these trends to ensure they give a refined and improved experience to the players.