Top 5 Best File Transfer Apps For Android Devices


Android, one of the most popular mobile operating system from Google, along with iOS and Windows Phone. And there are many users are using at least an Android device. If you are own an Android smartphone or tablet, and want to share files between them, there are a few solutions you can apply to speed up the transfer speeds.

There are a few file transfer apps that you can install and use on your Android devices to speed up transfer speeds. You can easy to find a lot of these apps on the internet with many reviews, but selecting a reliable app is a challenging task. So to help your task simpler, I have collected a few best file transfer apps for Android and make the list.

  1. Fast File Transfer

It’s one of the most popular apps that will help you transfer files easier and faster without any network connection. It allows you to send multiple files, compress a folder and send as a .zip file, not required for any network connection.

It’s not required to install any app on the receiver, and you can use this app to send large files to any devices on any platforms, including mobile, tablets or computers (must have Wi-Fi to connect to the device and receive the file).

  1. Bluetooth File Transfer

Not like the Fast File Transfer app, this app is using Bluetooth to transfer files between devices. It comes with a friendly user interface, and compatible to most old cell phones like Nokia, Samsung, LG or Sony. In fact, you can send and receive files from any device that use Bluetooth.

  1. Xender

In the first, this app is only developed for Chinese users, but it’s now available for all users around the world. The app supports cross platform file transfer, allows you to transfer files between Android and iOS, or with Windows computers, Mac OS X. In case you want to transfer between an Android device and a computer with a cable, I would suggest you use Android File Transfer, it’s better and faster.

  1. SuperBeam

It’s one of the best and fastest file transfer apps for Android. If you have any plan to transfer large files, I would suggest you use SuperBeam. It’s using Wi-Fi direct to transfer files between devices, quick pair devices by using NFC or QR code.

If the receiver does not have SuperBeam installed, the file will be shared through a web interface.

  1. Send

NFC is a new technology that has been used recently to communicate between devices. And you can use this technology to transfer files also. Based on the NFC technology, the Send app will help you transfer files between two devices that have NFC-enabled.

It also allows you to send multiple files like photos, videos, music at once. And not required any internet connection to do so.

I hope this small guide and list will help you find an appropriate app to transfer files on your Android devices. If you have any other app that better than these apps on the list, tell me about them.